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LorainOH US   Feb 2012  

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Influences:   Anything that sounds good to my ears or that I can't get out of my head.

Please feel free to critique, as it helps me to learn.

I play what sounds good to me. FAWM is fun because I have complete control, for better or for worse. My goals this year are to improve on my mic choice and placement, mixing/eq-ing, and hopefully encourage as many of the people around me to be a part of FAWM to any degree, including my wife and son, if possible. I also would enjoy collaborating again with my brother, Zecoop (thank you for getting me into this), as well as others who are interested. Writing another children's song with my son is another goal; I did manage to reach that goal last year and I just love doing it.

I truly admire the creativity in others and am energized when I am fortunate to have a spark myself, too. I also do appreciate collaborations and will do whatever I have time for.

Everything that I record is with a variety of microphones and mic preamps into Reaper, as I want to continue to learn and practice these skills. I am planning to do the same this year, but hopefully better...let me know how I can improve. Advice and constructive criticism is encouraged.

On January 3, we suddenly and unexpectedly lost my oldest brother, Tom. Our family is still in a heavy state of grief and disbelief. He will be deeply missed. I am sure that this loss will affect what I write this year. My brother, @zecoop, and father, @srcoop also participate in FAWM, so go check out what they do and maybe offer them some support.

I DO NOT have any preconceived notions of what the vocals should or could all. I don't write words. I try to focus on the music. So, if you have ideas for vocals on any of my songs, please feel free to do so (just ask). I don't write lyrics, but generally try to write songs that give singers a great opportunity to do what they do best.
Best wishes to you!

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  • @oldlostjohn 21 hours

    Hi there, happy fawming!

  • @axl 1 day

    Greetings back, my friend! 😀
    Have a great FAWM!

  • @slawbleu  2 days

    Once more into the breach!! 😀 Got myself a Rode NT1 for acoustic guitars and (maybe) vocals -- curious to hear how it sounds in my setup. Can't wait to hear what you're up to!

  • @sonicdeatheagle  3 days

    Thanks for the encouragement! Looking forward to hearing some North Coast sounds from you this year.

  • @zackdavid  4 days

    Hey! Nice to hear from you! Looking forward to hearing your magic again this year...and so sorry to hear about your brother. 😞

  • @helenseviltwin  5 days

    Ha! I have limited idea of what I'm doing at any given time, but it's always fun. Shout if you have anything that I should be shouting over. 😝

  • @eargoggle  5 days

    Mr. Guatecoop! Good to hear from you and I can't wait to hear you also! I'll be here in some fashion for as much as I can, wouldn't miss it.

  • @headfirstonly  5 days

    This last month must have been really tough. May music bring you and John and the rest of your clan some solace (I was deeply touched by John's album post tributes on FB.) I'm sure we'll be chatting / nerding out / generally rocking out once February gets under way.
    And thanks for the kind words - I am blushing 😁

  • @majordanby 5 days

    Best of luck to you too! Looking forward to hearing your stuff

  • @yarimurray  6 days

    Hello. Nice to hear from you. So sorry to hear of your loss. We are gearing up for a fun and productive February. I am hoping we can listen and provide feedback during February this year, as we were so inspired in listening after last year's FAWM. Very much looking forward to hearing your stuff again this year.

  • @russiasaturn 6 days

    Hey I would totally love to collab, responding to your reply on my forum post. Would you like to exchange emails?

  • @fearlessflight2014  6 days

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I’m sure your musical tributes as a family will be beautiful and healing for you.

  • @petemurphy 6 days

    Hiya! Thanks for the note. All the best to you, too. I hope your FAWM is spectacular.
    I was really sorry to hear about your brother. I've seen John's tributes to him, and I've been thinking of you guys.

  • @owl  6 days

    Happy FAWM @guatecoop!

  • @bradbrubaker  6 days

    Thank you very much! Happy FAWM, one and all!

  • @carleybaer  1 week

    Happy FAWMing to you too! Thank you for the kind feedback. I wasn't sure my reply was gonna be worth bumping the thread to the top of the forum again, but I felt like I had to say something. I'm glad it was well-received. 😀

  • @phlex 1 week

    Ahh cool! I'm not sure how different the different transformers will be, but it'll be educational to hear them together! It's hard to know with a lot of that stuff - I read constantly how preamps don't really do that much (and there's no reason spend $$$ on them), and yet other people swear the difference is huge.

    I went 500 series for pres - I found a bulk deal for a good price (and the case (Aphex 500 USB) acts as an audio interface). Most of my pres are Neve style - I really wanted a pair of API pres, but never found any for cheap enough. Those Shure M67s look great. I love the idea of modding or DIY pres - it's something I hope I get into. Looking forward to listening to the subtleties of your mixes!

    Yeah family is the best! It'll be nice to get them involved - I'd love to do big choruses of the kids shouting/singing together - can sound pretty powerful.

  • @apertome 1 week

    Yeah, my son was around for FAWM last year, too, so I've been there. Curious what this year will end up looking like.

    Sorry to hear about your brother ... stuff like that is bound to affect your musical output (usually in good ways, I think/) Anyway, have a great FAWM!

  • @bunter  1 week

    Thanks for the welcome. This will be my first go at this challenge but I'm looking forward to it.

  • @boyatheart 1 week

    Thanks for the message. I have no idea what I’m going to do this year. Just the way I like it!
    Hope you have a great FAWM!

  • @phlex 1 week

    Lots of good luck! So sorry to hear of your bro. Looking forward to the jams and the achieving of goals! I'll be trying to get the kids and wife to get some sounds out as well.

    I'll be exploring more of the recording side too, so it'll be great to share notes/inspiration. I've gone mic + preamp crazy! was picking whatever seemed like good value - damaged stuff goes cheap, but doesn't always work. I think i have enough variety to not need too much more (but it never ends). I really like the Cascade ribbon mics. I got them with some cloudlifter type adapters, so don't need too much gain - love them on cymbal sounds. I tried them today on violin, and they mellowed out the harshness - so nice in stereo. Have fun with them!

  • @steffan  1 week

    Yah! One year I did all videos! I might knock out a few this year, too, but I'm also kind of hoping to focus on audio production a little more.

  • @cynthiawolff 1 week

    Welcome home ...
    Looking forward to sharing and listening

  • @aflinner 1 week

    Thanks for the note. 🙂 Sorry for your loss. Hope FAWM is good for you this year, I’m sure you’ll have some things to draw on and work through. I’m looking forward to hearing what you write.

  • @seemanski  1 week

    And a happy fawm to you to. Hope you have a good one 🙂

  • @steffan  1 week

    Oh heck yeah! I'll be watching you back!

  • @theresaj  1 week

    Hello! I’m glad to see you here again! I look forward to your amazing creations.
    So very sorry for your family’s loss.

  • @tamsnumber4  1 week

    I am also happy to see you friend! Have a Wonderful FAWM!!

  • @standup  1 week

    Hope you have a good FAWM. I see Zeecoop's FB feed, so I knew about Tom. Maybe FAWM will be helpful.

  • @looprication  1 week

    I'm so sorry, your brother was on my watchlist. Now you are. Have a great FAWM.

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  1 week

    I'm so sorry for your loss!
    I hope February can be cathartic in some way.

  • @amelea 1 week

    "FAWM is fun because I have complete control, for better or for worse" Right??? Haha

  • @sw1n3flu  1 week

    Hey! Welcome back from another year of FAWM!!! Let’s make some silly, fun, cool tunes! Rock on!!

  • @haim 1 week

    Have fun man. I don't do any preparation or planning, although I might do some object writing to hone my writing juices a bit, last year I did it a month before Fawm together with Larry Wheeler. What I DO have in mind is maybe producing other people's songs, maybe doing some mixes, I wanna get better at producing so I was thinking about mixing/producing half of my songs. So now I'm thinking if I should write 14 songs of my own and produce another 6/7 for people or if I should only write 7 songs, which I don't want. I wanna write 14.. Hahaha.. So I'll see in the next two weeks where I'm heading, gonna see what's going on in the forums a bit, contact some fawm people and have fun! And yeah, I usually write what's on my mind, I don't plan for fawm. Thanks for your notice and friendship!

  • @w1n  2 weeks

    Hi Rob, sad to hear about your loss, hope you'll have nice FAWM this year. Would be nice to do some kind of collab

  • @cts  2 weeks

    Greetings, mate! Happy FAWMing!

  • @atam94 2 weeks

    Hey, thanks for the kind message on my soundboard!! Can't wait for February 😁

  • @mannon 2 weeks

    Hey, thanks for the shout out, really excited to see what you and other fawmers come up with this year! :' D

  • @metalfoot  2 weeks

    Sorry to hear about your big brother (not Ze).

  • @metalfoot  2 weeks

    Hey-- hope you have a great FAWM this year!

  • @fuzzy  2 weeks

    Hey, I noticed that you have gone through the FAWMling list and welcomed many of the new members. Great job with that!
    Have a wonderful FAWM!!!

  • @andrewjtaylor  2 weeks

    The only thing I dislike about SoundCloud is you need a second of silence at the beginning otherwise it starts playing a second into the song. Unfortunately, most of my songs the last 2 FAWMs haven't been "finished" versions. Actually, two songs I finished this last FAWM we ended up using for a band setting. It was helpful "mocking up" the full production. Some of my tracks from last year I just label as "Acoustic." I did intend to go back and re-do a number of them and never did. Now that I've resolved some issues with my recording setup, I'm hoping that'll change. Regardless, getting ready for FAWM!

  • @kovbleu  2 weeks

    Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ready for another?

  • @andrewjtaylor  2 weeks

    I didn’t come up with the Myers-Briggs idea, so feel free to snag it! I had the same reaction you did when I first saw it.

    I prefer SoundCloud hosting as it just seems to function better on the FAWM site. It also allows people to hear other content (if so inclined) in a songwriter’s catalog.

  • @aesthetic72  2 weeks

    Hi there! Looking forward to hearing your work again this year. Maybe we can do another collab?

  • @jacobeverettwallace  2 weeks

    Hey man! Good to see you again too. It was kinda wild and quiet at the same time. But I’m excited for a new year!

  • @unkept 2 weeks

    I mostly just see what happens, but I do practice with Song Skirmishes between December and January. I'll ramp up the practice for the next few weeks I think. 😀

  • @unkept 2 weeks

    Have a great FAWM. 😀

  • @unkept 2 weeks

    Hopefully we can get another collab in this year!

  • @ampersandman  2 weeks

    Thanks for your message(s). Happy to hear that! And wow, a Fugazi AND Blonde Redhead tour ... I envy you quite a bit. Have a great FAWM!

  • @haim 2 weeks

    Hi! Yeah I'm good thanks! nice to see you as well! Any ideas for this year's challenge?