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  Dec 2015

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Influences:   Behemoth, Burzum, Marduk, Emperor, Immortal, Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Black Metal, Norway, Poland, Satan, Satanism

Another year and I’m still here, standing on my own feet. And this year I am more than ready for FAWM. My life has never been this good. After three decades, I am finally feeling a positive vibe in my life. And it is as scary as it this nice. But this will definetely show in my songwriting...!

I. Will. Fucking. Rock. It.

For those who yet don't know me, I am Wojciech. You can also call me Grom. Or W. I'm a metal musician with polish roots. I like winters and forests. And coffee.


Frequently Asked FAQ:

Q: Grom..waf? What does that even mean?

A: We chose our artist names that resembled our missions as musicians and GROMWAF was the combination of my artist name GROM (it’s polish and means ‘thunder’) and my ex-wife’s artist name WAF (it’s german, shortened from ‘waffe’ which means ‘weapon’...) and its translated as ‘THUNDERWEAPON’ in english.. that is the name we chose to resemble us... as musicians... as artists... as lovers at that time…

Q: What happened to Waf?

A: We divorced and I don’t feel comfortable talking ov it. She let me keep the name GROMWAF (we had an agreement..) and that’s the end ov it...

Q: How do you like your coffee?

A: Like my metal... Black...

Q: How many FAWMs have you done?

A: One 50/90 (that was epic, we made 50 fucking tracks that summer with Waf…!) and two FAWMs...
I hope you all have a nice February..!!

Stay true...

31.1.2018 Wojciech "GROMWAF" Brzezicki

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