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Spokane USA   Feb 2007  

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Influences:   Paul Westerberg, Ellis Paul, Liam Lynch, The Beatles, Scritti Politti, Hall and Oates, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, Elvis Costello, Craig Northey, Guided By Voices, The Dismemberment Plan

A self-described internet geek musician. He was once described (by someone other than himself) as a "Local Stealth Celebrity", and he liked that enough to make it an album title for his FAWM songs from 2016.

Glenn writes and records songs in his basement. He realizes he may never have much of a fanbase, and he's okay with that. He is thankful to live in a day and age where he can make music on his own terms, and release it whenever he feels like doing so. "The trick is that as musicians we're now competing with the entire history of recorded music, movies, video games, television, books, podcasts, and cat videos among other things! People only have so much time every day to be entertained." He's thankful when people choose to take some of that time to listen to his material.

With approximately 12 albums and counting thus far, he hopes to add the albums "Knock Knock" and "Actual Animal" to his discography in 2017. Songs for those albums will be his primary focus this year for February Album Writing Month.


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