Luca 4

Artist Bio

Influences:   Imperative Reaction, Covenant, Suicide Commando, Hocico, Mylene Farmer

I'm a solo artist from Chicago with a dark electro project called Imperfect Trust and a cutesy side project called Perfect Love. I love sounds inspired by dark underground genres like industrial, ebm, darkwave, and dark electro, but I'm attracted to synths in general.

I released my first "official" single on bandcamp in 2018 and am hoping to release my first album in spring of 2019.


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  • @audrey  Mar 1

    Thank you so much for the kind words about my song Stepping Down.

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    Thanks so much for thoughtfully listening to Coleoid! I really apprecaite it! 😀

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    welcome to fawm!

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    yas, let's genderf**k our way to the completion of this challenge! o/ have a great FAWM

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    Welcome to FAWM!

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    Hello! Have a great FAWM

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    Hey! Welcome to FAWM, there aren't many of us rivetheads here, so it's always great to see another

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