Luca 7

Artist Bio

Influences:   Imperative Reaction, Covenant, Suicide Commando, Hocico, Mylene Farmer

I'm a solo artist from Chicago with a dark electro project called Imperfect Trust and a cutesy side project called Perfect Love. I love sounds inspired by dark underground genres like industrial, ebm, darkwave, and dark electro, but I'm attracted to synths in general.

In 2020 I'm just experimenting with my musical process, so I'm not limiting myself to my aforementioned projects. I'll just create anything that comes to mind.

Pronouns: ze/hir if you know them, otherwise any respectful pronouns belonging to a human gender (e.g. not "it").


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  • @katmtl Feb 29

    Hey there! I’m so glad you liked my songs!❤️❤️❤️

  • @spinhead Feb 19

    Glad you liked 'Headlights' 😀

  • @medievil Feb 19

    Thanks for the kind feedback and comment on my track. 😀

  • @brandondale72  Feb 18

    Thanks for checking out "Isolation" and leaving some feedback. Apparently even my electronic music is sad. haha. Sometimes you can't help what comes out.

  • @tesla3090  Jan 30

    Coming back for 2020? We need more industrial music here!

  • @heliosonorous Jan 30

    I liked your music last year and hope you have a great 2020!