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Nottingham GB   Jan 2015  

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Influences:   lets not get into that.

FAWM #5 More Intensity

I make music under a bunch of different names. These days I'm usually NINGEN, My band is called DEAFANESE. In the past I've written my best music during fawm while the pressure is on so I'm always excited to see what happens.

Follow for sad electronic music, ambient weird bits, chiptuney blips and occasional math rock. I aim to make the saddest bangers in fawm history.

Last year I was cut short by complete computer death. This year I've entered into a pact that might make this fawm a little different. Alongside my own tracks, a friend will be making modular tracks and I'm going to be mixing and posting them. Lets see how it goes!

P.S. Please, if you want to use my fawm music on your podcast, contact me first!

For the purposes of fawm my soundcloud will be

Year-round soundcloud is

NINGEN Bandcamp: