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  Jan 2011

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Influences:   Captain Beefheart, Brian Eno, Syd Barrett, The Beatles, Neil Young, Groucho Marx, Buck Owens, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Kraftwerk, Frank Zappa, Robert Wyatt, Van der Graaf Generator, CAN, plus whoever else I can rip off without anyone noticing.

I live out in the woods of Southern Ontario, Canada, near Peterborough.

Some of my songs will be written and played on the ukulele, either acoustic or electric.

And Melodica. Probably lots of Melodica.

Also some piano as well as whatever other instruments I have lying around.

There will be a fair amount of weirdo noise and experimental-type stuff.

This is my ninth FAWM, believe it or not!

And finally, two great quotations that express my attitude toward FAWM and 50/90;

“Musical structure? Frankly, I don't see what you need all those sandbags for, just to keep your river in place.” - Captain Beefheart

"Earlier eras of pop music were characterized not by the search for perfection but by bizarre enthusiasms, small budgets, erratic technique, crummy equipment and wild abandon." - Brian Eno

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  • @nerdy202 1 hour

    Thank you!

  • @pipewrench67  5 hours

    When I saw your fake name they came to mind right away.

  • @max  7 hours

  • @frenchcricket 1 day

    Hi Fuzzy! Always a pleasure x

  • @amusia 2 days

    I'm so glad to hear you like my music! I'm looking forward to hearing your experimental melodica sounds!

  • @bradbrubaker  3 days

    Thanks for restarting the A is for ABBA fake band edition. I was really happy with how it turned out last year.

  • @paulhenry  3 days

    I did the random collab challenge a couple of years back. I got paired with @orbh who at the time was a heavy metal drummer from Finland. We had, on paper, very little in common. But I had a blast working with him, and we came up with a cool collab. I did words and some melody. He did the music.

  • @paulhenry  3 days

    Just saw your post on my soundboard after I saw the forum thread and emailed you. If you can clear it up, swell.

  • @pearlmanhattan  3 days

    Thank you!! I am glad you enjoyed it.

  • @pearlmanhattan  4 days

    Didja catch my louie louie cover? https://youtu.be/Nrq1T135ukk

  • @candle 1 week

    Hey Fuzzy! Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to hearing your stuff this year.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @paulh1237  1 week

    Fawm is so near.. and yet so far away! Looking forward to some more melodica!

  • @headfirstonly  1 week

    Hoorah for bizarre enthusiasms. Let's do this!

  • @zecoop  1 week

    More insanity... Bring it!

  • @standup  1 week

    Hey, I look forward to hearing the weirdness flow.

  • @silvermachine 1 week

    Wotcha Fuzzy. Can a hero have his own hero?
    Think I'd have given up without your support.
    Good to see you're here, mate.

  • @andygetch  1 week

    oooops! and so it begins LOL

  • @ferry0123 1 week

    Hey Fuzzy, I'm already ready for this thing. Can't wait to hear your weirdo stuff!

  • @adnama17 1 week

    Fuzzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's do this thing!

  • @chipwithrow  1 week

    Hi back at you! Here we go again!

  • @klaus  1 week

    Hi Fuzzy. This year I'm going to be more Klaus and less anti. Hope you have a wonderful and weirdful Fawm 2019!

  • @andygetch  1 week

    Hey Gordon. I sense an avant garde electric collab this year.

  • @chandra83  1 week


  • @toms  1 week

    Well. OK. I'll try. I feel like there's a ton of good stuff waiting to be born. 😀 Can we collab?

  • @cts  1 week

    Fuzzy...it’s gonna be colossal fun! Stay by the Batphone.

  • @metalfoot  1 week

    Have a great FAWM yourself! 😀

  • @barbara  1 week

    Hi Fuzzy!! Throw the censor to the curb and have at it!

  • @mosley  1 week


  • @wobbiewobbit  1 week

    thanks fuzzy you too!!

  • @w1n  1 week

    Thanks Fuzzy, looking forward to hearing what you come up with. We have to try to make another collaboration this year.

  • @klaus  1 week

    Thanks, Fuzzy. So nice of you to play Placeholder and Zonging Game. The SCTV clip was hilarious and the similarities were funny.