Al3xander 17


  Feb 2014

Artist Bio

Influences:   Type-O-Negative and Death and many others

I have been making music for about 16 years, playing guitar for 15 years. Music has always been my passion. I got my inspiration from my family and the music we listened to. The genres we listened to varied from rock, metal to hip hop, smooth jazz and house music. I have done a lot of self learning when it comes to creating music and I enjoying putting a lot of emotion during the creation process. Music is a way for me to communicate and tell a story without words, it conveys so much human emotion and transcends language barriers.

As a child I would read about music, and how people would play instruments and create beats. My interest grew as I got older and my family was even more involved with music (ex. My uncle was a DJ and would play at local bars as well as family and friend’s parties, my aunt was a pianist and my other uncle a guitar player). My family has truly been a major component in my interest in music. However, I also took it upon myself to learn and explore music theory. As a child I would often play a Playstation game called “MTV Music Generator”, this particular game helped me develop notions of music structure, tempo, and time changes. As time progressed, I became more interested in the technical aspect of music and the way it affected the emotional aspect of the music.

As I previously mentioned, I have been playing guitar for 15 years. My first lessons were the blues. The lessons consisted of learning the pentatonic scale and chord structure as well as how to move scales and chords across the fretboard. This was the only time I received guitar lessons, from there on it was more about being open and studying the way that people would play guitar. My goal became to learn to play the guitar faster and accurately. This included playing fast and not looking at the guitar or my fingers while playing. During this time, I began to use technology for my music. I started looking and studying how pedals changed the sound and effects of music. I also became more intreguided on how music was assembled, and how to compose songs, and collaborate with other musicians.

I became familiar with the Cubase software, this helped me learn how to record and mix my music digitally. This introduction to software led me to explore other music and get into different genres. I am currently researching different styles of music and getting inspiration from both audio and visual mediums. This allows me to better understand the feelings and emotions being projected through the music. I am currently inspired by different genres ranging from techno to jazz and black metal.

Here is a list of the current hardware and software I work with. More projects located in my sound cloud and YouTube.

Boss Katana 100watt head on top of a marshal dual stack
2 Ibanez guitars
1 acoustic guitar
Boss GT-1
Focusrite Scarlete 2i2
Custome built PC
Machine MK3
Akai MPK mini
Maudio Keyboard

Cubase 8 Elements
EZ Drummer 2
Komplete 11 select
Machine 2

Songs (17)

#1 Metal Track 3
Feb 3
#2 Feels Gud 1
Feb 3
#3 Feel The Lies 3
Feb 3
#4 Forgotten 2
Feb 3
#5 Some Times 2
Feb 3
#6 Dark Night 3
Feb 3
#7 Track for 808 Day 2
Feb 3
#8 Cyborg 2
Feb 3
#9 Battle of self doubt 1
Feb 3
#10 Feels like love 2
Feb 3
#11 Loft 1
Feb 3
#12 Flowing 1
Feb 3
#13 Chill Beat 3
Feb 3
#14 Rain in Chicago 4
Feb 6
#15 uplifted 2
Feb 16
#16 Indust 1
Feb 16
#17 Morning Flow 4
Feb 20