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Innamincka AU   Mar 2016


Artist Bio

Influences:   Benedictine; Wild Turkey; BaiJiu; Chateau Cardboard; Moccona; Robert Timms.


3 March 2021. FAWM started and won in two days, not February. So there.

3 March 2021 This is soooooooooo unfair. @pointlessaccount , wretched lyricist that it is, needs only one day to pen an entire post-FAWM FAWM collection, but poor old @frogspawn, DAW to paw, needs TWO days to come up with the music for them! Why o why @pointlessaccount can't just stick to simplicity and let me do formulaic I-IV-V songs, I don't know...

2 March 2021 Age is troubling me. I can only manage 7 new songs in an afternoon it seems.

2 March 2021 also! Two down, five in prep, the neighbours haven't complained. Yet.

2 March 2021 Oh. Pointless Account woke me up from a well-deserved hibernation. I'd better start FEBRUARY Album Writing Month 2021 now, right?

It isn't easy, being an alter ego's alter ego.

Frogspawn is a time-bending master of the strange and lo-fi, renowned for starting February Album Writing Month in March, and wining it. With help from @pointlessaccount.

Roll on March and watch me start and win FAWM after FAWM finishes!

Albums to date:

The first is FAWM 2020's output, pretty good, done on 1 April 2020 after everyone had left (!)

The debut of post-FAWM 2016 is preserved in aspic, or possibly arsenic, in the second album listed. As a consequence of that, Bandcamp won't now let PointlessFrogspawn publish under its own name now, so we're in exile with Flying Tadpole

(Intervening FAWMs were write-offs, in part the arrant laziness of @pointlessaccount, in part the suicidal desire of @frogspawn to go to sea.)