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Gainesville USA   Feb 2018  

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I thought the freebeats guys had a good idea so I thought I'd do the same thing.

Here is a spot to take or contribute backing tracks of any style. Update your song info to reflect your licensing and copyright expectations. You will be allowing others to use your work within your guidelines. Essentially you're granting a non-exclusive license. You still own the intellectual property, but are allowing others to use it. Make sure you're ok with that, and be clear with your expectations.

If you want to make things available, then just collaborate with this profile, and update your copyright details.

It would be nice if you left a message on someones page if you used their song so they could follow along.

If you go to this profiles SoundCloud page you'll find more tracks that were created outside of FAWM. If you'd like me to create something exclusively for you you can reply to this profile or @davidhendricks and I'll let you know if I have enough time, or we can work out the details.

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