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Hartford US   Feb 2019

Artist Bio

Influences:   The Jayhawks, Soul Asylum, Arlo Guthrie, Jeff Rosenstock, Chris Farren

***FEB22: I'm SUPER excited that I completed 14 songs!!!! this is my First Full FAWM !! ****

Still fairly new at songwriting. 2020 is my second year participating in FAWM
i'm counting a song as done 'enough' for FAWM if it has at least one verse one chorus, vocal melody, and chords defined. most of my demos will be short and unfinished 😀


Songs (14)

#1 Dream song 3
Feb 1
#2 In Theory (restless)(Restless Energy) 4
Feb 1
Feb 2
#4 Just the Way You Are 3
Feb 2
#5 The Art Of The Negative Space 5
Feb 6
#6 QuoteUnquoteRecords 1
Feb 8
#7 Get the F*** out 3
Feb 8
#8 In Band Love 1
Feb 9
#9 Looking For Friends in All the wrong places 2
Feb 16
#10 Trouble 4
Feb 16
#11 I can hear 2
Feb 16
#12 candace 1
Feb 16
#13 Fake It 3
Feb 18
#14 you're the screensaver of my brain 4
Feb 22


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  • @dzd  Feb 28

    twas Collective Soul

    Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid....92ish I think, he doesnt remember either and I hate internet searching hahaha
    Good album if youve not heard its at least a recommended listen!

  • @dzd  Feb 28

    no worries! I tend to keep it the same way...anymore, mostly, usually due to i'm just happier by myself hahah was actually just being lazy and always happy to hear peoples takes on things from just lyrics, regardless of outcome

    ill look.... I have no idea its name, the cover was blue, for all I know I'm thinking of collective soul haha....just dawned on me, could be.

  • @dzd  Feb 28

    funny about the soul asylum reference a buddy of mine has tried to give me a copy of a songbook for their blue album for who knows how many years, he always gets drunk and riffs on it, I love its crept its way in.

    I've tried to get him to do fawm with me for years...hes busy........getting drunk and riffing on soul asylum hahahahah

  • @dzd  Feb 28

    I guess just let me know and ill collaborate you, it's gotten a little stuffy around here since the few years since ive participated, never know anymore I suppose hahaha.

  • @dzd  Feb 28

    Thanks for the listens and comments and hey wanna music up oklahoma man, i dont give a shit I just love and wanna hear good and hey I really mean it, love your stuff, it made me go bang the shit out of my old nylon for hours the other day, I can't give a bigger compliment 😀
    I'll be back to listen more when time is a little friendlier.

  • @lvgd09  Feb 25

    Hi, chordpro format is instead of putting the chords above the lyrics they placed in the lines before and after syllables. I think it works out well because the formatting is off when you paste chords in FAWM above lyrics. I like the extra effort to jot down the chords for the songs...nice.

  • @dzd  Feb 24

    hahaha @ustaknow yeah mom yelling at the kids while recording always priceless

    great stuff here in my picking and choosing at random!
    you've got some soul girl, dont lose it! and just keep on playing!

  • @ustaknow Feb 24

    Kids..., use them in the recordings. Good time optomisation of multiple tasks 😀 "Mom". You'll be the "Partridge Family" one day? 😀 hahhh!

  • @ustaknow Feb 24

    Audacity - it really is hard to beat; believe it 😀 It is all you need and as "pro" level as that can be.

    And, well, -- remember to Archive you work here, (third menu item under your Profile Button, - click that now, "SaveAs" full page, remember where and keep doing that 'till done)..., all that stuff, isn't really that much (what I comment), and in time, -- it'll come. It's like driving ? (you drive) -- lots going on, but a 5 min ride is still a 5 min ride, - add in texting, coffee and finish dressing on the way to work, while driving, 😀 still a 5 min ride.

    -- Overdubs, same thing; not much to it. YouTube and for Audacity only, ignore the rest. And, it may inspire the "other" work, like a new guitar, -- you want to play it; don't need two, but now play more. Same with Recording. Also, you can use your phone, just record another to your first. Email the file, save, and import both into Audacity, -- align, and vwah lah Uber-dubbed 😀 hahhh! Simple.

  • @ustaknow Feb 24

    Your songs, should only have your strum patterns.

    Otherwise, rather than sounding like a painting, it sounds like a collage, -- not bad, but not all your stuff, work, direct hand, so to speak 😀

  • @berni1954  Feb 11

    Ah, thanks for your comment in reply to mine. I see there is method in your madness 😜

  • @berni1954  Feb 11

    Glad you liked my love song "Cool". Returning the favour with a listen here now.

  • @andygetch  Feb 11

    I'm a math geek so the 'how music works' part of music theory is fascinating. I write with vague keys and use 'out-of-key' chords a lot 😀. Sometimes that happens from picking chords randomly, sometimes to get a certain vibe. A fun trick I learned to play more chords is to move a guitar chord shape up the neck to get a different sound and play different chords. I look for sounds that fit the song. BTW I saw Soul Asylum live a couple of times back in the 90's. Great shows!

  • @andygetch  Feb 11

    Hi there! Thx for the comment on my song 'Hey Ama Don't Call Me'. In my head it was actually faster and more punk but my guitar skills aren't quite there. Also I noticed your SC handle 'Loud Fast Rules' was an earlier iteration bandname of Soul Asylum. (EDIT: okay just noticed that is Dave Pirner in the picture) Looking forward to hearing your songs. Let me know if you are interested in a collaboration. Another FAWM'er you may like is @toms a MPLS punk sound kinda guy and a super guitar player.