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  Feb 2015

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Influences:   Not sure. I've listened a lot to music by Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, but I tend to be more drawn to a song, rather than the performer, if I like a song I really don't mind who wrote it or performs it.

Live in UK. This is my fourth FAWM, the first year I joined but posted no songs.

This year I'll just write songs and see what happens.

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  • @hornesgiftshop  5 days

    Thanks for the welcome Frances. Hope you're ready to roll (cracks knuckles, trims fingernails). All the best to you.

  • @southcoasting  6 days

    Thanks for your message Frances. I have my rock hands mainly as thanks for last year's FAWM. I've recorded the songs I wrote now and am going to release the album this Sunday under a new band name 'The Family Grave' over here (and also have another FAWM-inspired album to record this year) so whether I have the energy to do FAWM again this year we'll see!

  • @klaus  1 week

    Yes, the placeholders got all demoed and even un-zonged. But it was hard, the pressure, knowing that the site could be reset at any time. But now it's done.

    So let's get back to this years Fawm. Thanks for the message. I wish you a merry February Album Writing Month. I look forward to hearing your new songs.

  • @klaus  1 week

    Thank you, Frances, for the comments on Broken Cookies. It was a crazy weekend for me but now it's done. I'm still planning on doing a Black Midi song sometimes because of Monochrome. Thank you again and I'll see you soon.