4-Track Cassettes 17


US   Feb 2017

Artist Bio

We are back for our SEVENTH year!

***This account gathers all of the 4-track songs in one place. Be sure to check out the songs on all of the songwriting contributors pages too!!

A growing number of brave souls go OLD-school each FAWM to write a songs by recording one part onto cassette tape. The physical tape is then mailed through the post, to the next person on the list, who adds one part and sends it on to the next person. The last person mixes the four tracks and uploads the song. The results have been amazing.

If you have a functional 4-track cassette tape player speak up!! Interested in joining the fun? Contact @zecoop

Some additional info:
We try to make it as universal as possible, so all tapes are recorded at standard speed (not 2X, if possible) and without noise-reduction, since not all players have these features. Of course, not all players play at the same speed either, so there are always some unexpected sounds and effects. 😀

Check out the conversation over at the 4-Track forum:

Here are some examples from previous years:

From 2019, a true "band" feel...

This tape from 2018 went around the world, Japan – UK – USA!!!:
This one from 2018 is super fun and crossed the Atlantic:
This one from 2016 is a straight up garage rocker:
This one from 2015 sounded like a legit 80's college radio song:


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    Comment on Tape 2 here? https://fawm.org/songs/109230/

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    Tape 2 - I forgot to put a placeholder in:

    Over a Barrel