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Idaho US   Feb 2011

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Influences:   Mae, Fleet Foxes, Cartel, Taylor Swift, Relient K, Ben Rector, Gabe Dixon, Ingrid Michaelson, Keane, Demi Lovato, Dashboard Confessional, The Paper Kites, Kyson Kidd, Keywest

Hello, friends! I promise I’m participating, I’ll just be a bit late as I have to close out the Sundance Film Festival first. Can’t wait to dive in and see your creations though (I've been failing at this and will get on it Post-FAWM)!

Want to collab? Just say the word.

Good luck!

FOR CLARIFICATION PURPOSES: My recording setup is pretty much no setup. I apologize for all butchering of guitar sound qualities, and if it ever sounds like I added effects to anything–ANYTHING–this is either 1) a trick, which should not be trusted. Do not be duped! or 2) an attempt to improve whatever horrible take I got stuck with. Trust me, you're better off with this than the original. Thank you. (This warning has been provided for your convenience.)

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