kernswood 8


Bozeman US   Jan 2019

Artist Bio

Influences:   raw ideology, renier zonneveld, stantion warriors, ERNESTO

Im just a dude from montana who likes to make music with my computer. i prefer techno and house production, but i will venture out a bit here and there. if you enjoy synth music i think you will enjoy my noise.

this is my third fawm, my first was not very successful. my second i wrote 11 tracks and released an EP with the best 5 tracks from last year. this yea i am so much more comfortable with my production and workflow and dont focus on any post production headaches (mixing mastering etc) until the month is over.

none of these tracks are complete, i didnt write sub bass for alot of them, they arent mixed properly nor mastered. i will take the best half of tracks and go back and add variation etc then mix and master. from there i will take them and release another EP around May.