Chris Malme 14


PE6 8LL GB   Jul 2008

Artist Bio

Amateur musician, my main instruments being acoustic guitar and vocals, although I also play some piano and drums. A lot of my musical efforts over the last decade or more has been with filk - which is a curious genre of music inspired by science fiction sources.

Even when writing more conventional songs, I find a lot of inspiration in the books and films I read and watch. However, I'm not one to try to distil the whole plot into as many verses as chapters. My usual writing method is to take a character and moment in time in the story, and simply use that as a jumping off point; and quite frequently where that leads me ends up being nothing to do with the story that started it!

I am open to offers of collaboration, but please wait to get agreement from me before proceeding. My songwriting process tends to start with lyrics, with the tune following after. However, it is often not in a fully realised form, even though I know what the main hook or chorus is going to be. So just because I have only uploaded lyrics, it doesn't mean I don't yet have a tune. If in doubt, write to me and find out.

Songs (14)

#1 Spoilers 5
Feb 2
#2 Unrestrained 3
Feb 2
#3 The Road 2
Feb 5
#4 Triggers 3
Feb 11
#5 The Famous Travelling Circus Show 2
Feb 16
#6 Blue Lady 3
Feb 20
#7 Broken Ties 2
Feb 20
#8 Centrepiece 3
Feb 20
#9 Rising Sun 6
Feb 21
#10 Your Hand In Mine 6
Feb 23
#11 Marty McFly 3
Feb 23
#12 Terminus 4
Feb 24
#13 PBJ 3
Feb 25
#14 Valediction 5
Feb 27