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Chicago, I US   Jan 2019

Artist Bio

Influences:   omg BTS & Agust D (and slowly other Kpop artists, too.) Also, queer folk musicians; Old Town School songwriters; people I know from Song School in Lyons, CO; and also, like, the Old 97s, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Patty Griffin, Gillian Welch, Jason Isbell, Tegan and Sara, Fountains of Wayne, Chopin; American, Irish and Swedish fiddle music.

Hey! I’m Ethan Lyn.

My pronouns are they/them.

I’m white, queer, and trans. I live in Chicago with my husband @alyxanderjames, who convinced me to do FAWM. This is my third year!

The end of FAWM basically marks two full years for me of learning fiddle. I’m enjoying it more than any other instrument I’ve learned to play and it’s been an amazing exercise in letting go of perfectionism. I’m intending to write a few fiddle tunes this year and I adore your patience for sitting through my I’ve-only-been-playing-this-for-two-years-but-haven't-practiced-in-SEVERAL-months intonation.

I mostly write songs on guitar, but aside from fiddle, there might be mandolin or uke songs showing up, too. I'm trying out synthesizer-y apps on my phone, but I make no promises.


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  • @wrenarcher  7 weeks


    I did a demo! And I’m really excite because I think I might have figured out my recording issues and I think I might be closer to... I don’t know. Finding my voice?

    So I posted a demo for “It’s High Time” Hope you have time to give it a listen.

    And I hope all is well with you and yours.
    Muah! Wren

  • @mikeskliar  7 weeks

    thanks and good luck getting to 14- you're halfway there @! and thanks for stickin 'round and listening in March- (you might particularly like a song of mine called 'black dress' btw...)

  • @mikeskliar  7 weeks

    welcome back!

  • @cairobraga  Jan 18

    we're gonna have some fiddling this year? HUZZAH! welcome back, QT, let's do this, yeah?

  • @wrenarcher  Jan 16

    Hi Ethan... found you by way of Alyx (@alyxanderjames) and wanted to say hi, that I really like the songs you have on SoundCloud and am looking forward to hearing what you do this year.

  • @yam655  Jan 16

    I wish you luck in writing even more songs this year!

    The fastest way to make any song is to lean in to improvisation. It can be a little scary, but once you get the hang of it everything else just seems so... slow.

    It really redefines what the limits are.

  • @judypie  Jan 15

    Greetings! Looking forward to the fiddle 😁