Andrew Grimm 5


Maryland, USA   Jan 2005  

Artist Bio

Influences:   velvet underground, bill monroe

Virtually a giant on the velvet underground cover band circuit in Maryland, Andrew Grimm has been writing and performing well written songs that he shares with 2 or 3 people at a time. Usually these sharing sessions occur in bars while the 2 or 3 people are talking about their problems.

Songs (5)

#1 Get Out While You Can 12
Feb 1
#2 So Says You 6
Feb 3
#3 Sing along 7
Feb 20
#4 To The West 5
Feb 20
#5 How We See It Now 9
Feb 20


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  • @max  Feb 20

    F**k me, you're back ! Wow.
    I'm going to play me some Adrew songs now. I'm just going to enjoy the listen and skip the commenting if you don't mind. So good to see you back here at FAWM. Thanks for sharing.