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Influences:   Neil Finn, Everything Everything, Third Eye Blind, Iron and Wine, Gravenhurst, the LK.


Short on time, long on excuses. Guess I'll just have to sleep less.
Happy FAWMing, everyone!

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  • @helenseviltwin  32 mins

    I wasn't intending to be quite so stealthy 😝

  • @iwilleatyou 2 hours

    Hmm. Let me think about it..........Ok I thought about it. I'll do it. :-p

  • @iwilleatyou 3 hours

    10x10 4 this year?

  • @tawny249  3 hours

    Oooo. Just listened to a song on your Soundcloud EP. That is some sweet stuff you have there. Watchlist'd! 😁 Hope to hear more from you! Happy FAWMing.

  • @balancelost 3 hours


  • @oddbod  4 hours

    Hi, thanks for popping by. Yes, have a great February.
    I'll be tucking into your ear candy as usual...seeing as you're out of toffees

  • @metalfoot  6 hours

    *waves hello*

  • @chasingandromeda  2 days

    Hope you're back in full force this year! Looking forward to hearing your work!

  • @zecoop  5 days

    Hope all is well with you and you find the time to make some incredible music this year. I say it every year - but I don't care about being a broken record when your music is always so freaking amazing. Maybe a collaboration will happen someday. A guy can dream, right? 😀

  • @valeriecox  5 days

    Hope you're in this year. We all need songs that teach us if we're turning into a dic...I mean parsnip. 😛

  • @cowex 5 days

    EF, I appreciate you. I can't predict how you're going to blow my mind this year (as is the nature of mind-blowing), but I suspect it will happen. Thank you in advance.

  • @mdavisto  6 days


    ... Do I get a toffee or something?