ewharris 9


Brooklyn US   Feb 1


Artist Bio

Influences:   Anime mainly, but also books and Bjork

FAWM first timer. I was thinking for this challenge Iā€™d like to set two rules for myself.

1. Try and write a tune on a different device every day.
2. Write tunes only in a post apocalyptic sci-fi AU I like to call The Altered States of America.

Anybody want to collaborate?


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  • @negasi  Feb 20

    Just have to say I totally dig the post apocalyptic sci-fi AU idea you got going on and I plan to listen to every single song you have up here! šŸ˜

  • @safred Feb 2

    Thanks a lot for the comment and feedback, yes the Deckards Dream is a lovely synth, closest Ill ever come to a hardware CS80! šŸ˜€

  • @andygetch  Feb 2

    Hello and welcome. As a heads-up, your question for collaboration is more likely to be seen if you post it either as a new topic or as a response on a Collaboration topic of the forum here: https://fawm.org/forums/collaboration/