espae 15


Milwaukee US   Jan 2020

Artist Bio

Influences:   Owl City, Vulfpeck, Samsa

Hey, just a guy that loves dreamy music. I want to make my own. i started making daily songs at the beginning of January and so far there's been hits and misses.


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  • @captainillegible  Feb 18

    That's interesting. I'd never heard of them. She was just a girl from America, which was super exotic to a five-year-old Australian boy.

  • @espae Feb 14

    @captainillegible american girl dolls are a brand of dolls very popular with elementary schoolers in america, their brand is that they use real girls as the designs of the dolls

  • @captainillegible  Feb 14

    It wasn't on purpose - because I don't know what it is!

  • @espae Feb 8

    @moonraccoon u don't have to thank me, it was a good song : )

  • @moonraccoon  Feb 8

    Thank for your comment on Hungry Hungry Caterpillars. Haha, that's a good assessment.