Erik Leppen 15


NL   Feb 2018  

Artist Bio

- mathematician
- educational writer
- game developer

Hobbies and interests:
- composing
- LEGO building
- pixel art
- portrait drawing
- programming
- roller coasters

My music is instrumental and often
- happy
- simple
- dancey
- "pop"-like
I see FAWM as a personal challenge. My first FAWM was 2018.

Are you a vocalist and want me to try adding instruments to your vocal track? Drop me a message.


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  • @artistunknown Mar 5

    Thanks for the comments! Sorry it took me a week to respond, I was sick pretty much all of February so I was pretty bummed from not being able to finish FAWM that I didn't even think to check if I had any comments lol

    also I left individual responses to your comments on the song pages, just in case you didn't get a notification for that. I'm not entirely sure how these things work lol

  • @cherok40  Feb 29

    Thanks a lot for listening and your nice comments. Much appreciated!

  • @thealphabettisystem  Feb 29

    Thanks for the comment on Fear of Success. It is much appreciated.

  • @boxtape Feb 26

    Thanks for your comments, love the imagery with the fairground ride. It has actually given me an idea for what song I'd put after that one in sequence, thanks!

  • @resonut123 Feb 24

    Thanks for the comment on my song: Some Things.

  • @brandondale72  Feb 3

    I appreciate you calling it like you hear it. My "Fear" title was definitely a post-production title. Might be more appropriate with my state of mind than the feeling of the song. I appreciate you listening and leaving really kind feedback. 😀