Erik Leppen 14


NL   Feb 2018  

Artist Bio

Making music is one of my many hobbies, among game-development, LEGO building, pixelart and portrait drawing.

I started taking synthesizer lessons at age 7, so I know some basic music theory. I discovered composing when my father had a computer with a sound card and a MIDI sequencing program. Currently, I use Reaper + soundfonts + software synths (VSTs). I don't do recording or singing; all my music is digital. Also, I don't have "professional" ambitions - this is purely a hobby.

My music is always instrumental and generally
- happy
- simple
- dancey
- "pop"-like
- with a lot of repetition
I take on FAWM as a personal challenge. 2018 was my first year here. 2019 will be the first year that I'll actually be starting on time.

I have a list of personal challenges laying around, such as
- make a song with exactly 2 instruments
- make a song that doesn't have a clear "scale"
- make a song with "hi-hats" in a central role
- make a song that has 8 or more instruments active at any moment
- make a song that is not "major" or "minor" scale, but something else
- make a song that has less than 250 "keystrokes" (notes)
I hope to experiment with at least some of these challenges. If there's one you like, be free to use it as well 😀

Also I hope to try to listen a good number of other songs, to get a sense of the variety of what's created here, and hopefully, get some inspiration 😀


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  • @andybalham Feb 21

    Thanks for your kind comment on 'Bitcoin Island' and your suggestion for the ending. I shall have a play and see if it works.

  • @bradhoshaw  Feb 2019

    Thanks for your comment. I really love the songs you've posted. The bell sound in my FAWM19-1 song is called "Dreamy Bells". It's a synth preset in Garageband.

  • @nuj4x Jan 2019

  • @max  Jan 2019