P!lot 16


Charleston US   Feb 2019


Artist Bio

Influences:   Fiona Apple, Liz Phair, Madeline Peyroux, Little Joy, Foster the People, the Pixies, Erykah Badu, MotherFeather, The Sundays, Hope Sandoval, My Morning Jacket, Feist, Grizzly Bear, Bobby McFerrin, Jolie Holland, Cake, Belle & Sebastian, David Byrne, Air

P!lot is an indie rock project with a rotating crew. At the helm is Erel Pilo, a singer and songwriter and musician with an ethereal voice, playful melodies, and quirky flavor. She has performed across the US as well as in Paris and Tel Aviv. Tired of playing solo shows, she started recruiting local musicians in each city she visited, hence forming P!lot, an ever-evolving band. Some members of P!lot have included Joanna Schubert, Ronan Conroy, Nic Jenkins and more. The music exists in the indie realm, reminiscent of songstresses like Regina Spektor, Norah Jones and PJ Harvey. The inspiration for the songs comes in many forms, including literature, fashion, science, relationships and life’s glorious mundanities.

2020 is my 2nd FAWM. Hoping to knock out some new songs and make new friendships.


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  • @msculli1  Mar 4

    Thanks for the comment on Will I Ever See The Sun Shine Again. It is much appreciated.

  • @oddbod  Feb 29

    On Loop - can you make this downloadable or better still, if you can send me just your vocal track, it'd be fun to create a whole new backing track and I'll post a place-holder song

  • @oddbod  Feb 29

    The tempo on Casio's tends waver and to drift a bit, so I usually start by recording a couple of bars of the Casio into my DAW (Studio One). I set the BPM of Studio One to roughly the right BPM by tapping along to the Casio. Then after recording the two bars, I fine tune the BPM to exactly match the recording's tempo.
    Then making sure not to alter the Casio's tempo (this is only set by a dial with very crude calibration) , I just record other bars and copy and paste these as required in Studio One. Does that make sense?
    There are probably more sophisticated ways of doing it - i.e.you can quantize audio in Studio One and then presumably if you alter Studio One's BPM, the tempo of the audio also changes to match. I haven't yet tried it this way though - I need to read up on this.

  • @amelea Feb 29

    Oh yeah Daria!! I haven't seen it yet but she was a character in Beavis and Butt-head. Just followed you on instagram, the facebook link said page not found. Super cool website!

  • @kraftec Feb 29

    Hey! I'd love for you to take a shot at vocals for my song 😀 Send my the isolated track when you're done 😀

  • @rayboneor  Feb 29

    My Destroyer thing is kind of strange. I listen to different music, but I'm a fan of Destroyer, and only Destroyer, with all the odd obsessiveness that entails. Anyway, Kaputt was Pitchfork's number 2 album of 2011, right after Bon Iver. Dang, time flies. The gateway song on that album is probably Kaputt, but I like it all. (Apologies, I won't bring the subject up again, probably)

  • @oddbod  Feb 28

    Nope, never come across Glockabelle before but I have now - cheers

  • @rayboneor  Feb 28

    Ha...I don't think you want me to explain the Al Stewart song. I "won" fawm several days ago, so now I'm just fooling around. Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat" was a massive hit in the 70s. It amused me to think that Nic Cage might find that his singing voice was reminiscent of Al Stewart's. And who is this fawm version of Nicolas Cage? Don't bother asking for explanations...he'll just tell you he came in the year of the twat. My wife tells me I amuse no one but myself. Someone has to do it!

  • @drdude Feb 24

    Would love to collab if you're still into it/there is still time left. I'm mostly recovered. Sorry I was off the grid for a while.

  • @sbs2018 Feb 21

    Thanks for the nice comments on “Galaxy’s Edge.” GB on the iPad has some very clever features that I did not know about until I took the class on Groove3.

  • @skylermf Feb 18

    Thanks so much for your mention on the recommendation thread!

  • @drdude Feb 15

    Thanks for the great tracks and the feedback!

  • @the3queens  Feb 14

    Erel great to see you here!

  • @erelpi10  Feb 14

    Omigosh, loving these candy heart icons. Thanks FAWM!!!! XOXO

  • @rayboneor  Feb 12

    Hey, thanks for the visit! I'm something of a semi-amateur musical enthusiast. Sometimes the pros and semi-pros around here make me nervous, but I do what I can with what I have 😀

  • @bitshred Feb 12

    Yes, definitely. Was just about to ask you for an email. I had a funky idea, was going to see if you were interested in trying to sing to it. My email is on my profile but it's bitshred@gmail.com
    But do send me what you have too.

  • @bitshred Feb 5

    Thanks for the kind comments Erel. I like your stuff. A collaboration would be great! I’ll keep that in mind as I’m plodding along. Still getting used to my new DAW.

  • @fourzeroes Feb 4

    I've got your song On Loop on loop now.

  • @kraftec Feb 2

    Hey. great to hear from you again! Up for another collab this year?