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Greenville USA   Feb 2012  

Artist Bio

Influences:   My influences are John Prine, Paul SImon, Bruce Cockburn and J.D. Souther for starters.

I've lived in Wisconsin my entire life with only a few brief exceptions. I started playing music back in grade school. Violin, cello and bass. Songwriting began much later. I'm trying to get better all the time. Happy FAWM to all!


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  • @bradbrubaker  17 hours

    Hey! What are the chances you could shoot me the vocal only track of "No One Knows" for #morph2? BradLBrubaker at gmail dot com

  • @sunnymae  1 week

    Glad you like my piece of the morph chain. Holy telephone game, when you're done you won't believe how this thing started! That's what I love about this game. Have fun. 😮)

  • @sunnymae  1 week

    Hey Eric
    Just got finished with the morph song. Passing the torch to you. Have fun!

  • @wacha  2 weeks

    Thank you for the kind words on "The Legend of the Snoggin Boggin".

  • @scubed  2 weeks

    Thanks so much for the kind comment!

  • @kahlo2013  2 weeks

    Happy FAWM to you! Maybe we can collaborate on something again!

  • @carleybaer  4 weeks

    You FAWMing this year er noh???

  • @max  5 weeks