The Void Which Binds 3


  Feb 2015

Artist Bio

Influences:   Agalloch, Cult of Luna, Sigur RΓ³s, Drudkh, Katatonia, maudlin of the Well, CMX, The Cinematic Orchestra, Dead Congregation, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Mgla, Tool, Emperor.

I've played guitar for several years now, although it probably doesn't show that much in my skills. I'm not really experienced in making home demos, but I hope to learn one day. I play mainly death/black sort of metal with my band, Loputon Suo (

2015: Some form of extreme metal is what almost always comes out when I start to compose. Therefore my intention is to explore a bit different soundscapes and styles with this project. My goal is also to learn to actually finish songs (this has always been really difficult for me) and perhaps lower my self-critisism, too.


2016: As I was awhile back totally and utterly fed up with all the racism, fascism and nationalism, I had an idea that I would like to form a band which would play some sort of hybrid of black metal, death metal and punk, with lyrics being straight up nazi bashing and leftist propaganda. I wanted to claim the music that I love from the hands of all the NSBM and that type of bands.

At the end of January this idea came up again, when I talked with friends about Phil Anselmo's idiotic "white power" statement. Once again, I felt frustrated with racism in metal. And I guess in the world in general. Originally, I had planned to write some atmospheric, peaceful music this FAWM, but I felt that this time my motivation was higher for this type of music. The main idea is to write fairly simple, raw and crushing music which comments on the society around us. I sort of have a vision of Aura Noir, Amebix and Repulsion in a fistfight.


2017: So, my first year I had a goal of trying different things than metal, which I did, but also ended up creating quite a few metal tracks as well. The last FAWM I pursued some sort of hybrid of extreme metal and hardcore punk. Along the way, however, a few tracks differing from that goal came about. This year I think I will not set any goals or themes, since plans seem to fly out of the window at one point or another. I'll just keep true to myself and let the music guide me, in whatever shape it may come out. With my new job and writing my master's thesis, it may be hard to find time for this project, but I still hope to participate as much as I can, for I've really grown to appreciate this community!


2018: Turns out, I'm still in the same point as last year. Working and trying to write my master's thesis at the same time. I had a long break from doing the damn thing, and now that I've found some kind of motivation again after a long while, I really need to get it done with. That might unfortunately mean no FAWMing for me this year, which breaks my heart, to be honest. I'm still hopeful that I could squeeze in a tune or two, but we'll see. I'll try to listen and comment on your stuff either way, really excited once again to hear what people will cook up!


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  • @mmmmarcus  Feb 27

    Yeah he's a great dude. Been hanging a bit through this producer network we're in. What I heard sounded brutal, so I'm sure it'll be a successful release.

  • @mmmmarcus  Feb 25

    Oh I still haven't seen Kung Fury. Must remember to do that. Thank you so much for the compliments on "When A T-Rex Cries". I'm glad you liked the track! I would love love love to play stuff like that live. My current band plays 80s inspired rock but in a more serious way, so I guess my dream of over the top 80s shows will forever just remain a dream, haha.

  • @sapient  Feb 25

    Wow! That's fantastic - thanks man 😁
    \m/ >..< m/

  • @cblack  Feb 22

    Nice. πŸ˜€ And I'm glad my suggestion wasn't off the mark! If your bassist can manage the higher screams, that'd be awesome. πŸ˜€

  • @mmmmarcus  Feb 22

    Thank you very much for the comment on "Devil Take That Woman"! Glad you liked the track, it's been fun experimenting with hybrid genres. I've been jumping quite a bit concerning genres between different songs, but wanted to try to combine stuff in the same songs also πŸ˜€

  • @cblack  Feb 22

    Hey, if you're going to post awesome songs, advertise directly to me all you like! 😁

  • @bri4n  Feb 22

    Thanks for the feedback on my dip into metal πŸ˜‰ I too was concerned about the highs coming through a bit too much - and thanks especially for the referral to Sepultra! Just watched a couple of their vids on youtube - yep, that's pretty much exactly what I was going for. Good luck with the masters!

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 21

    Fuck me...I'm listening to maudlin of the Well's - Secret Song. My god this is beautiful. I can;t thank you enough for recommending these guys.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 21

    I had to google Guitar Pro. Wow're a good example of making it happen with what you got (regarding drums). *tips hat*
    I'm not knocking the software in general by the way. Just that for drums, metal needs something like Jamstix, EZ Drummer etc. and you made no excuses.

  • @sapient  Feb 2018

    Challenge completed! 😁

  • @engebretsen  Feb 2018

    Thx a lot for comments on The Real You! Very kind of you.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 2018

    Never let thy thesis interfere with thy FAWM.
    -Michel De Fawmadamus

  • @sapient  Feb 2018

    Challenge accepted! 😁

  • @sapient  Feb 2018

    Ha, ha! I absolutely love the Preacher! One of the best comic series going.
    Have you read The Boys, also by Garth Ennis? The man's a bloody genius...

  • @cblack  Feb 2018

    Y'know, I felt the same way about synth music - that I'd just be repeating myself. However, in the past few months I've made 11 songs, and they all sound unique. So there's a good chance that will happen with you, too. I mean, even if the rhythm is similar, each synth preset will sound different, and lead you in a different direction. πŸ˜€

    Also, when your EP goes live, post a link on my soundboard (if you remember). I expect I'll be active on the FAWM forums for most of the year. It's the only place I have to discuss music with other musicians, after all. 😁

  • @xfloorpunchx Feb 2018

    "Cult of luna" 😯😯😯😯😯😯

  • @cblack  Feb 2018

    Thanks! And yes, my favourite part of that track is that the layers build up all the way through. That was the core idea of the track. It kind of amazed me at how many layers I was able to stack on top of each other before it got out of hand. πŸ˜€

  • @gromwaf Feb 2018

    Thanks for the comment... I am glad to see you return this year...

    stay true...