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19713 US   Feb 2010


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March 1, 1:17am: I just posted Be Here Now, I like it, I'm done for FAWM this year. 15. P good!

Feb 28: Haha okay well, sure, I win. I really thought that last song was going to turn out better but I'm officially out of steam.

Feb 19: Keeping up with a song a day for four days. In two more days I'll be caught up with where I "should" be at a song every 2 days.

Feb 16: Okay, finally broke the non-writing streak. Plus this always happens, I get to Valentine's Day and I'm like OOOO I HAVEN'T KEPT UP WITH MY WRITING

Feb 12: I'm not dead! More songs this weekend. Can't really quantify why they didn't happen this week. Sometimes you really need to play Stardew Valley with friends or else you just may literally explode. Or, the dishes need to get done and it seems like they take an hour and a half for no reason? Idk. hashtag pandemiclife

Jan 19: Currently preparing my stuff, downloading DAWs, learning how to use new ones, scoring short Creative Commons videos, finding cool plugins. Drop me a link if you have cool ones you like.


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  • @aaronnathans Mar 1

    And congrats to YOU!

  • @honeybadgerfolk Feb 27

    One more song!

  • @hizuvi Feb 17

    First of all, Gray day is amazing!
    For some plugins I can recommend, OTT is my bad bitch, Glitch by dblue for making some glitchy shit, and MT-powerdrumkit for drummsies. If you just want a bunch of samples just go to cymatics and snatch all of their free ones.

  • @jcameron Feb 9

    Ah, I'm a sucker for songs written for Mars rovers. I wrote one in honour of Opportunity when it died, though I don't think I ever got round to doing anything much with it. Just as a point of interest, Perseverence is due to land on the 18th ...

  • @shanepalko Feb 2


  • @matthewhalley Jan 31


  • @ericdistad  Jan 25

    Glad to see you back! Have a great FAWM!

  • @gvgeis Jan 18

    Tell the teacher we're fawwwwwwwwwminnnn' - FAWMin' USA!

  • @gvgeis Jan 12

    Hey hey hey, yay, twenty-twenty-one!!

  • @natrin Jan 11

    FAWM FAWM FAWM yay 2021