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Askam GB   Jan 2018

Artist Bio

I play instruments with strings, though not the guitar! (My main instrument is the harp, but you might also hear some piano, viola or cello, perhaps even a uke...)

This will be my third FAWM... (previously @mkd) both previous years I did concept albums (2018 was based around family life, 2019 was based around death and dying). This year I am wondering about trying to write the musical I’ve had in my head for the last few years... I’m nervous about doing that, but FAWM is just the sort of push I need to make me get on with it...

Pronouns: She/Her

Songs (18)

#1 Welcome to the World 23
Feb 1
#2 Instruction Manual 18
Feb 2
#3 Night Feeding 16
Feb 3
#4 Alone 26
Feb 5
#5 These Four Walls 11
Feb 7
#6 Baby Group 13
Feb 11
#7 They Don't See Me 10
Feb 21
#8 An Easy Life (anything for) 6
Feb 22
#9 PlayDate 8
Feb 24
#10 Sheann's Story 8
Feb 24
#11 Hold Them Close 5
Feb 25
#12 9 months on 9 months off 5
Feb 26
#13 We've Got your Back 3
Feb 26
#14 You Just be You 6
Feb 28
#15 Group Chat 9
Feb 28
#16 Finale 8
Feb 29
#17 1st half Overture - Official first track! 6
Feb 29
#18 Entr'acte 4
Feb 29


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  • @scubed  Mar 14

    Thank you for your lovely comments!

  • @bootlegger Mar 12

    The cutoff at the end is on purpose. It's supposed to throw you off. 😀

  • @rosieposy8  Mar 12

    Don't worry! I didnt take the 9 months thing to heart!

  • @nancyrost  Mar 12

    ; )

  • @dragondreams  Mar 6

    Thank you loads for the listen and the kind words! 😀
    I'm coming back tomorrow to take a listen to your harp tunes!

  • @celineellis  Mar 6

    Grew up in Prestatyn on the coast. My mum still lives in a village just up into the hills.

  • @celineellis  Mar 6

    I live down in Towcester, Northants, but originally from north wales, so am familiar with the north west twang

  • @celineellis  Mar 6

    and i have just realised your name isnt Emma!!! (hangs head in shame) sorry!

  • @celineellis  Mar 6

    Superb Emma! please make sure you let us know how it goes because i would really love to see it or at the very least hear about it from you!

  • @billwhite51 Mar 5

    keep in mind these are only first impressions of mine, while your work is the result of much thinking and creating. in the theatre, all points of view are important to consider, but it is especially important for the creator to have a multiplicity of viewpoints. in the staging, everything will appear different to you than it is now. the whole process of staging a theatrical work is one of trying every possible idea until the whole piece works. i spent twenty years in the theatre and every day of rehearsal brought something new into the picture. you are lucky to begin with a strong vision. it is so strong that even i can see something on the stage as i hear the songs...but even the strongest of visions undergoes transformation in the fulfillment of that vision.

  • @audrey  Mar 5

    Thank you for the kind words on my piece Tailing the Suspect. They're appreciated.

  • @musicsongwriter  Mar 4

    Hi Mary, you are very welcome. Thank you for sharing with me your thoughts on your beautiful song and for your kind comment on Blackbird. Your opinion is very special to me.

  • @guatecoop  Mar 4

    Ok, so he’s not THAT kind of guy....he could be. They are out there

  • @guatecoop  Mar 2

    Oh man you’ve been on a roll! I’m back!! I will be listening over the next few days. Congratulations!!

  • @keithcuts  Mar 1

    lol don’t even try haha
    The heart ones ❤️ are my recommends.
    Endless energy to start is my favorite at the moment and could be musical theater imho

  • @keithcuts  Mar 1

    Ah ok so you just winged it? Well brava!

    In regards to ryako yes I have followed her last year and the year before and love her stuff! Also an inspirational source to me for my musical theater itch.

    Your play is super cool and it does what it is trying to do very effectively. Was there anything blatantly missing? No not to my ears. I’m a fan of hamilton and imagine my work will be a rappy type musical. A rappy number could be fun and contemporary as an option. Were this last week I could write one for you.
    Harp is totally unique in a great way

    Again I’ll restate I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the theater this morning:)

  • @hoppiern  Mar 1

    Thank you for your kind comments. Now that I’ll have some time, really looking forward to listening to the rest of your musical!! You’ve done some amazing work here 💜

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 29

    Oh no, I'm definitely done now. Out of puff. Thanks again for all your support.

  • @unkept Feb 29

    Thanks for the awesome comment on my 10x10. 😀

    Yes it was about David Bowie! 😀 <3

    I had planned, and wrote a lot of lyrics for, a full Bowie tribute type of song but it fell apart. So this is what I could fit into FAWM this year. haha

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 29

    My inner Morten Harket is not something I ever thought I'd be channeling, but yeah, i know what you mean. I'll go back to it with fresh ears in a few days.

  • @zecoop  Feb 28

    I truly cannot wait to hear that one.... Your skills will obviously be revealed since it was basically random timing. I guess the joy of working in a DAW is that you can see what's coming and plan accordingly based on time markers. 😀

  • @zecoop  Feb 28

    Congrats on the awesome FAWM win!! 😀

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 27

    I've responded in the traditional fashion.

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 27

    I'm happy to friend up on any platform 😁.

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 27

    I wondered, but I did work it out (yes, it was the harp that gave you away, (that dratted harp!)). I don't spend a lot of time on there, but happy to hook up.

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 27


  • @ayehahmur  Feb 27

    Yes! You're right. March 1st, because we started at midday on Feb 1st.

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 27

    It's not something I would worry about too much at this stage. More something to look at when you go back revist the thing as a whole. 😀 It's going great.

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 27

    Yay! High tired-but-aced-it five! Well done both of us on getting to this point. [Chants: "ONE MORE TO GO!" Gets told off for chanting in Starbucks]

    With Sarah, aye. It's perhaps a sign of where my narrative brain tends to wander, but when I see a character repeating a line on their own it suggests to me that line has special significance to them that we may not know about yet but hopefully will learn about in due course. Which is great! But if you make a small note to include a stage direction here that hints to the audience what that might be (as per your suggestions), it'll stop me worrying she's also got an incurable disease or anything... which would totally unbalance the wonderful premise and tone of your show.

  • @jeffwhitmire47 Feb 26

    No problem! My musical is a satirical retelling of a rather famous historical event. A lot of Book of Mormom type vibes, I'm hoping

  • @jeffwhitmire47 Feb 25

    Can't wait to hear the rest of the musical! I'm also writing one so I know what a crazy, but fun process it can be! Loving what you've come up with so far!

  • @zecoop  Feb 25

    "You're not the boss of me.... "
    <stomp> <stomp> <stomp>

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 25

    Hey, thanks for your last comment. I was really unsure about how it turned out, so it's great to get a little validation that it's okay.

    Keep going with yours. You're almost there (to the 14 at least)!!

  • @zecoop  Feb 25

    That’s the plan. I was going to listen in the car on the way to work but blue tooth didn’t play nice so I’ll listen once I get to my desk. ❤️

  • @ductapeguy Feb 25

    Thanks for the comment on Butterfly. The vocals and guitar were recorded in one take with vox (and some guitar) on a mic track, and a separate plugged in guitar track through my Roland cube amp with heavy chorus and moderate delay. Then I duplicated the vocal track and panned them hard left and right. I put about 20ms delay and chorus on the right track. This is what leads to the left right vocal movent in the vocals. Thanks again for your interest.

  • @metalfoot  Feb 24

    I love your music.
    You've become my friend through this FAWM stuff.
    Therefore... I listen!

    And there are so many awesome FAWMers I just can't help but listen. FAWM becomes my 'work radio station' during February (though not too much NSFW stuff at the church office. LOL)

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 23

    Those darned characters and their independent thoughts!!!

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 23

    Okay, well, first I don't write for the stage, so this is just me rambling. I definitely had the feeling that each of the mothers were going to have a particular issue to deal with. Whether it was PND, clueless/uninterested partner, no partner at all or grief, and i love that aspect. I don't think I'd be looking for any kind of melodramatic action, but at the end of the first half I'm looking to understand the questions that are going to be answered in the second half. So I'd expect the drama to come from having to resolve each of those situations. Most via cooperation, but perhaps there might confrontation too? I dunno. That's sort of the shape I felt was forming as I listened along, and i don't really want to say much more in case it throws you off doing what you're doing!

  • @judypie  Feb 22

    Hahaha that is fair 😁

  • @zecoop  Feb 22

    You are most welcome. 😀

  • @zecoop  Feb 16

    Drums coming soon... 😀

  • @judypie  Feb 14

    Hahahaha, I love that image 😁

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 14

    Not *actual* church bells, but I've got a good keyboard for samples.
    Also - Cadfael FTW!

  • @zecoop  Feb 13

    Received and sent back! 😀

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 12

    Don't mind if I do!

  • @zecoop  Feb 12

    Hey, if you want to talk about other songs, feel free to e-mail me at zecoop at yahoo dot com. I might be able to record some more drums if I had an idea of what you were looking for. Or I could just wing it, but if you have a vision, maybe let me know. 😀

  • @zecoop  Feb 12

    And I concur with my brother - I think it would work well on stage. I certainly can picture stage scenes as I listen to your songs. They are very theatrical and compelling.

  • @zecoop  Feb 12

    You are doing an amazing job this FAWM.... wow, what a complex undertaking! So good, though. 😀

  • @judypie  Feb 11

    Awww I’m sorry that you are sick but you got a corker there!

  • @guatecoop  Feb 10

    I think that it would work, yes! The variety is a GOOD thing, as I find it compelling. That’s what you would want on a stage. I kept listening because there was more of the story to discover. In the journey of children there are so many eras and chapters, which is why your theme works so well. Each one follows the next, but are dissimilar in many ways. Crazy how you just realize that you are out of one and in another. I’m not sure how you will address the transitions, but I’m sure you will.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 10

    I didn’t even “get” your comment about your drummer until I listened! Haha

  • @momentegalerie Feb 10

    Thanks for your comment on "Kopf aus" - yeah the “Gedanken wanken” -part came with playing it out lout. Prior it was "gedanken schreien" (screaming thoughts) but that doesn't rhyme. And "wanken" means somehting like not stable.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 10

    Thanks! Yes, we both love the Cocteau Twins. I was originally thinking a sound reminiscent of the Sundays, but more dreamy is what we ended up with. I will be checking out your stuff. My brother says your stuff is great.

  • @gwyn1234  Feb 10

    Thank you so much for your comment re: Thank Goodness For The Goodness...it really moved me and I am sorry for your loss...your Dad was obviously a lovely man...

  • @zecoop  Feb 9

    I’m assuming you might be a fan of Lorena McKennitt? (I am)

  • @zecoop  Feb 9

    Thank you for your very nice comment... Cocteau Twins are one of my favorites. 🎶❤️🎵

  • @tsunamidaily  Feb 8

    thank you for commenting on santo cello. i'm doing a whole series of experimental instrumentals based around my rudimentary cello skills.
    you are doing great! keep doing you, and keep having fun!

  • @zecoop  Feb 8

    Yayyyyy... I’m gonna catch up soon! So glad you are finding them helpful...

  • @thetoop Feb 8

    Ahh, thank you for the feedback and the tip! I'd never even heard that tag before, so it's much appreciated you brought it to my attention. 😁

  • @natalieedelson  Feb 7

    Thanks for your kind words on ‘black sheep sister’ looking forward to hearing you!!! 🙌🏾

  • @bitshred Feb 5

    Oh, guess I should have paid attention to your profile, duh. There’s a harp!

  • @unkept Feb 4

    Ah, thanks! If I ever get a group of humans to play it, I'll be sure to find the best I can. Haha. 😀

  • @unkept Feb 4

    Thanks for the comment on Springtime. 😀

    Maybe it wouldn't be too hard with enough people? It's like six or seven virtual players / instruments... They'd just need to be in time. 😉

    When I said your song reminded me of my favorite Cake songs, I meant the band Cake. I think it's your singing style in Night Feeding that reminds me of them somehow. 😀

  • @tan482 Feb 3

    Hi Mary, so glad you're back too! Thanks for stopping by to listen to my first song. Can't wait to hear some of yours too! Love your profile pic this year 😀

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 3

    Hey, you're welcome. That's one of the great things about FAWM - being able to focus long enough to realise these sorts of ambitions. (Don't tell anyone, but I've got a musical in my somewhere too - maybe next year!)

  • @toms Feb 3

    Um...what is supergrass?

  • @tangle Feb 2

    Thank you so much for your feedback on Sycamore Stars. Keds are sneakers that I wore as a kid in the 80s 😀

  • @scubed  Feb 1

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on “Jupiter is Rising in the Morning”! 😊

  • @mctown Feb 1


  • @steffan  Feb 1

    Hey! I just saw one of those lever harps in action out in the wild for the first time recently. If you haven't heard of Calvin Arsenia, check him out! He put on an amazing show, just him and the harp! Blew my mind when he would modulate keys by flicking some levers mid song, or even just turn his I chord into a I7. Super cool.

  • @metalfoot  Jan 29

    Man, now I have to remember a new username! 😉

  • @judypie  Jan 25

    Well I love a harp! Watchlisted 😀

  • @metalfoot  Jan 13

    Here's hoping you'll be back for 2020! 😀