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Bodega Bay US   Jan 2016


Artist Bio

Influences:   Tycho, Boards of Canada, Sylvan Esso, Elis Regina, Emancipator, Beatles, Manatee Commune, Ibeyi, Evenings, Vallis Alps, J. S. Bach

I've been making music on-and-off my whole life, and for the past 5 years I started to produce regularly. I like using vintage equipment, open source software and cheap gear in my tracks.

I'm open to collaborations, hit me up!

The Three Laws of Art:

1. Create: the worst it can do is suck.
2. Create again: bad art happens to good artists.
3. Just create: art is cheaper than therapy.

The name Elesimo means 11th in a made up language. I play in a one-person band called "The Fishermen & the Priestess".

Pronouns: they/them

My name is Roberto, but I go by Beto.

My goals for FAWM 2021:

☒ have fun
☒ 32 songs [35/32]
☒ 14 challenges [16/14]
☒ 7 collaborations [10/7]
☒ a video collaboration with 4 people
☐ an epic song with an epic chorus
☐ 4 4-track collaborations [3/4]
☐ comment on every song from my watchlist [344/2056]

If you comment on my songs here, the comment will be automatically copied to my blog (eg, https://blog.taoetc.org/aurora/index.html). Let me know if you don't want your comment to be displayed there.

Songs (36)

#1 Tape 4: Ventriloquist of the Night Sky 1
Feb 1
#2 The 17 saints 7
Feb 2
#3 (unit) 6
Feb 2
#4 Speak seek teardrop 12
Feb 2
#5 I believe in savages 5
Feb 2
#6 Hills of carefree riding 6
Feb 2
#7 Who pulled the chameleon? 3
Feb 2
#8 I call forget 10
Feb 2
#9 Unidentified prologue of horizon 2
Feb 2
#10 Hermit of Wednesday 3
Feb 2
#11 Lovin' for 3
Feb 2
#12 Hi bastard 5
Feb 2
#13 I must go! Fight 4
Feb 2
#14 Tuesday you escape unreleased 10
Feb 2
#15 In the subterranea (kg) 3
Feb 2
#16 If a tree falls in a forest 14
Feb 2
#17 The bird song 11
Feb 3
#18 Sloth karma 23
Feb 4
#19 The long road 11
Feb 5
#20 Freedive 7
Feb 6
#21 Hypersaline estuary 11
Feb 7
#22 Gentle eyes 16
Feb 10
#23 7 miles @phylo  10
Feb 12
#24 Oh my dear 7
Feb 13
#25 Dead silent 12
Feb 15
#26 Discord in Amsterdam @coolparadiso  22
Feb 18
#27 Tape 2 placeholder 1
Feb 23
#28 8 or 80 7
Feb 24
#29 Government Time Travel Policy 12
Feb 24
#30 Unlocking embrace @heuristicsinc  3
Feb 26
#31 Tell me @fourtracktape 7
Feb 26
#32 Tape 6 placeholder ZONG
Feb 26
#33 The compendium of flowers @dpgaspar 4
Feb 27
#34 The Castle Dragondreams Not Quite Annual House Party (link only) 1
Feb 28
#35 At Last (Second collab grouping) @mistermann  1
Feb 28
#36 Follow The Water @carleybaer  20
Feb 28


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  • @candle  3 weeks

    Hey @elesimo, just wanted to let you know that I've been using your Matchering 2.0 to do some mastering on some of my FAWM songs & it's working wonderfully. It's a really awesome tool! Thanks for programming & sharing it 😁

    p.s. I'm slowly getting through listening/rating those Slothcore tracks.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  5 weeks

    Thanks for the link. Yes, I pasted a link to my master in the "Post Your Masters Here" thread.

    See You In Teh Shadows…

  • @candle  7 weeks

    I must be daft or blind this morning, but I can't seem to find the link to the Slothcore Comp spreadsheet. I just posted a link to my final mix & wanted to update the spreadsheet, but I can't seem to find it. Could you post a link on my soundboard or even send it to me via e-mail (darbyspicer at gmail dot com)? Thanks!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @phylo  Mar 11

    Thank you, Beto, for your lovely comments on most of my songs this year. I appreciate you. I hope that next year, we'll be able to get away with a FAWM house experience!

  • @aeye Mar 11

    Thanks for listening as always! Glad you liked it (I had waaaaaay too much fun with the megamix)

  • @wrenarcher  Mar 5

    Hi Beto! Thank you for taking the time to look at my lyrics for “It’s High Time” and comment with such wonderful compliments. I really appreciate it. I finally got a demo done on it!!! Really excited because I feel like I actually got a pretty decent recording.

    I know I still have work to do in refining my recording techniques, getting over my hang ups about my voice and... you know, “finding” it still. But because of you and others here (especially those from the queer folk thread) who gave me such wonderful encouragement it’s a just a matter of time. Thank you so much for your comment and encouragement. Means the world to me. Muah!!!

  • @nadine Mar 3

    Thanks for your comment! Glad you enjoy my music.

  • @hollowcause Mar 3

    thanks so much for listening to my music! i didnt understand what FAWM was and posted an old piece. Looking forward to next year.

  • @quork  Mar 3

    Lol. Just trying to smooth the waters. No worries, and thanks for the heads up.

  • @candle  Mar 2

    "Live-to-tape" is a hold over term from my time as a TV Producer. "Live-To-Wave-File" is probably more accurate. But thank you for the listen & the comment. Don't worry, you're not the only one to have never heard of Buzz. It's a rather niche piece of software. But I wouldn't make music any other way.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @srcoops  Mar 2

    Thanks for the nice comment on 57 Chevy. I really liked that car. I think i was one of the only people to put seat belts (precurser to safety belts) in my car.

  • @vomvorton  Mar 1

    Thank you for suggesting the video collab idea! It was great fun and a wonderful replacement for the four-track challenge that didn't require any visits to a post office 🙂 hope it returns next year!

  • @heuristicsinc  Mar 1

    Re: missing - this whole track was done with Maschine 2. I think the drums are one of the built-in sample kits... if I remember right it's drumsynths. I can check though when I'm home. I did change out at least one of the sounds from the kit I selected, though.

  • @pipewrench67  Mar 1

    You have amazing patience.

  • @burrsettles  Mar 1

    thanks! if you're being pedantic, i only finished 13 — the 14th is actually our 4-track collab that's still stuck in the mail... but i'm going to let it count! 😀

  • @guatecoop  Feb 28

    I think that this is it....
    Wow, I’m sorry that it hasn’t come! Let me know.

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 28


  • @persaab Feb 27

    Thank you for the comment.

  • @spinhead Feb 26

    Ah, thanks for the kindness on Matild. It was fun, and I'm happy with it.

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 26

    Hey, I sent you an email, regarding the 4-way video challenge, I sent you the piece unchanged, I do not have the time to add a layer in the last few days here.
    I apologize.

  • @phoenixash Feb 25

    P.S.: Just noticed you are too cute for comfort.

  • @nerdjealous  Feb 25

    Just unprivated that vid, oops 😮

  • @carleybaer  Feb 25

    Sure, I can give it a shot. What do I do?

  • @berni1954  Feb 24

    Glad you liked my composition "The Goddess of the Wind"

  • @metalfoot  Feb 24

    Hmmm... I see I have my work cut out for me... 😀 I've got another project on the go for this evening but I'll get working on the Anti tomorrow!

  • @nadine Feb 23

    Thanks for replying to my comment. You should team up with Axis of Awesome, making these damn 4 chords rock!

  • @wobbiewobbit  Feb 23

    thanks 😀 i wasn't meaning last call to you btw! but great you are taking it, sorry for letting it sit there so long. have fun

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 23

    Hey there thx again for the collab we got some really nice comments!

  • @wrenarcher  Feb 22

    Hi Elesimo! Thanks for the kind words on my song “Smoke Follows Beauty”. I’m just getting around to saying thank you’s after losing power and dealing with big Texas deep freeze. Pretty stressful week because of it all.

    Anyway... thank you for the compliment on my song and particularly my voice. I think you’ve probably seen how anxious I was (and still am) about being a transgirl and my voice so the compliment is giving me big-time confidence boost. Thank you so much! Muah!

  • @guatecoop  Feb 19

    Oh, tape 5 is on the way. The first two people sent cds to the next person, so you have a couple coming in the box, too.

  • @heuristicsinc  Feb 19

    I think it would be cool to do a collaboration if you're interested.

  • @bradbrubaker  Feb 18

    I made a song of É Favor Não Parar No Portão. Thank you for the sign!


  • @guatecoop  Feb 18

    That song should work now. Thanks for checking it out!

  • @guatecoop  Feb 17

    Ok cool! I just did my part this afternoon. I’ll send it tomorrow morning. Thanks for letting me know!

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 16

    I sent you a note on your soundboard the day it came out (2 weeks ago) was waiting for music! Do you want lyrics first instead thats no problem! Just let me know!

    @coolparadiso 2 weeks
    Yes just saw that! No rush! If you want to do you musical magic i will have a play and see what i can do. It Feb 1 here so im just gonna eat brekkie and get into song 1! Looking forward to your music!

  • @nahlej381  Feb 15

    Been loving the slothcore tracks! Had to do a shout out. I’m working my way down to sloth territory.

  • @djtjb  Feb 13

    Thank you for your comment! And thank you for the warm welcome to the #slothcore community. Proud to be a part of it! You nailed it too, long ping pong delay on the drums.

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 12

    OK I got the email.

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 12

    Hah! That didn't even dawn on me 😁 I think I talked someone into doing some harmonies, so I'll have to add that when I re-upload it hahaha.

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 12

    I'm sure you won't be at all surprised to learn that I have some Tuefelsberg Tower impulse responses... 😀

  • @jessespillane Feb 12

    Also, how are you so prolific? I'm in awe.

  • @jessespillane Feb 12

    Thanks for stopping by and listening to me humble slothcore song 😀

  • @phylo  Feb 11

    Beto, thanks for your lovely words about Legions Without Adventure. I was actually channeling you I created this.

  • @srcoops  Feb 11

    You have a lot of patience to wade through so many of my lyrics. Thanks!

  • @robynmackenzie  Feb 11

    Thanks for letting me know! I thoroughly enjoyed it! 😀

  • @valeriecox  Feb 11

    Thanks for your comment on my fake band song. It was fun.

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 11

    Yeah I'm on board for that, the charity looks good too and is a great idea. I'm not going to dig too deeply, you open enough doors you'll always find skeletons 😁, and I for one could care less about that... it's at least not just a money laundering front or some tax haven, or claim to be conservationists while just killing them off for the sake of "ethical treatment" 😉 or they're at least smart enough to do some good things with the money, which it isn't like we'll be raking in the big bucks or anything. I'm just always particular about "charities" for the sake of giving to make yourself look better to others if that makes any sense.

  • @shintai  Feb 10

    Hey, thank your for listening to voice ava and your kind comment! 😀
    Yeah the one sample challenge was really hard but also very rewarding in terms on getting to know your daw.

    The percussions were rlly difficult to make. In the end lots of compressions, reverbs and pitching did the trick haha

  • @kahlo2013 Feb 9

    Thank you for your kind comment!

  • @persaab Feb 8

    Thank you for the comment.

  • @celineellis  Feb 8

    Retagged it with the correct one - Thanks for the challenge, i absolutely loved it. the song was written in its electro form and I actually liked it so much i wanted to hear what it would sound like on the guitar so recorded that too.

  • @candle  Feb 8

    Ahh, it's late. I'm obviously tired LOL

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  Feb 8

    Thanks for the congrats. And congrats on your own win! (I just realized that, sorry)

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  Feb 8

    And thank you for the comments on Voices & Bolest.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  Feb 8

    Oh wow. Thank you so much for the plug on the Recommendations thread for Voices. I don't think, in all the years I've been FAWMing (this is my 11th year) that I've ever made the Recommendations thread. Thank you so much!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @apolez3 Feb 7

    Hey, thanks for your comment on Unbelievably Annoying 😀

  • @pfoo  Feb 7

    Thanks for listening 😀 Congrats on hitting the goal so early! See you on the four tracks 😀

  • @candle  Feb 7

    Thanks for the listen 😁 I did listen to your Sloth Karma & swore I posted a comment, but it doesn't seem to have stuck. Will re-listen soon & re-post. Sorry 'bout that. And wow, thank you for suggesting that charity. That's a great cause for a #slothcore compilation. I can't believe this joking forum post has become a FAWM phenom. Thank you for helping make it what it has become!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @pifie Feb 7

    Congrats on your win!! And thanks for your nice comments.
    I think I added some sleepy spicyness with the odd tempo in my track ... if you didn't catch it, try following the last snare on the drums... mwahahaHHAHAHAHA

    [Sorry for my overuse of the devilish laugh]

    (actually, catching the '1' was the most difficult thing there)

    Life this month has fucked me a little over, so I may be barely trying to follow on your fawm-winning footsteps

  • @wacha  Feb 6

    Congrats on your win so early in the month!

    Thanks for your kind words on "Ones In Instinct", I just started getting into using samples and programming last year so a lot of it is randomly experimenting.

  • @akagitsune89 Feb 6

    Thank you for the warm welcome! I can definitely say I am way out of my comfort zone already!! 😂

  • @candle  Feb 6

    Congrats on your win, BTW!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  Feb 6

    Thanks for the nomination of #slothcore as best new genre for 2021 😆 That's awesome. Now I gotta get my butt in gear & do a #slothcore track.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @itoarazi Feb 6

    Absolutely. In fact, for my first FAWM, I made a song using nothing but the Volca Bass! I recorded one track of the oscillators playing different parts as the core of the track, and had a fast arpeggio, distorted lead and deep bass track each filling out the rest of the song! I'm pretty sure we will get along juuuust fine. ☺️

  • @itoarazi Feb 5

    Thanks for your comment!! For me, it's always a tie between the Keys and the Bass (those three oscillators being able to be sequenced separately is a huge selling point for me!). I'm going to peruse your massive repertoire tomorrow!!

  • @apolez3 Feb 5

    Hey, thanks, will be soon I think.. I even did a few voices.. on 4 lines. wow you got a bunch of songs. I'll go check one out now.

  • @wrenarcher  Feb 5

    Hey Elisimo! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my lyrics-only entry. Wanted to let you know i got a demo recorded and posted if you have time to stop over and take a listen.

    By the way... I listened to your “17 Saints” song on my way to work!

  • @cnidaria Feb 4

    Nice. I'll check some of them out. Have limited access to most of my gear right now, so I'm going to try and stick with simple acoustic stuff I can record on my phone, etc... but we'll see what happens.

    Always nice to hear from you.

  • @cnidaria Feb 4

    Good god man you've already got 18 songs!

    I'm probably not doing a full FAWM this year... but aiming to do some writing and posting this month. 😀

  • @srcoops  Feb 4

    Wow! Thanks for your many nice comments on my stuff. Glad you like them.

  • @atam94  Feb 4

    Yeah, of course! It's all about finding a nice balance for whatever result you're looking for. Typically, if I have higher delay settings, I'll lower reverb a bit or vice versa so it's still clear what's being played, if that's the result I'm going for. Sometimes big washes of sound are cool, too 😆

  • @atam94  Feb 4

    Hey, thanks for checking out First Light! You asked about reverb and delay. I use a few of each, but typically Valhalla Shimmer or Raum for end of chain reverb, and Valhalla Shimmer or Valhalla Room for early chain when I really want to eliminate the guitar's attack. For delay, I'm really enjoying Replika XT but also have Valhalla Delay, which has some great tape delay settings.

  • @monplaisir Feb 4

    Nice !!! I see you are a theymer bingecomposer like me <3
    I did a livestream last year of my Fawm in 4 hours too, it's so hard to do, haha; I was super tired after that, I hope you had some time to rest after that !

  • @yam655  Feb 4

    Thanks for the comment on "Unconditional Love." Yeah, it was definitely partly inspired by the queer thread. It was also inspired by the firstfruits tag, though, and the fact that some religions talk about unconditional love while also putting lots of conditions on it.

  • @katmtl Feb 4

    Hey there! Thank you for listening to Mesmerized! <3 I would love to collaborate this year with you! Let me work on some guitar stuff and I'll send you something.

  • @cblack Feb 4

    Thanks so much for the comments/listens!

    It's my favourite first-fruits too. 😉

    Glad you enjoyed my various tracks. 😀

  • @nerdjealous  Feb 3

    Yeah the sirens are real they happend at a good time so I rolled with it ahha glad you enjoyed it 😁

  • @aeye Feb 3

    The portability is a nice option. (I've got a few music apps I'll use for that when traveling like iMaschine etc but nothing super robust). Definitely don't go down the modular rabbit hole haha. It will definitely end up as "just one more part!"

  • @aeye Feb 3

    No worries, I enjoyed it. I was looking at the OP-Z online. A friend of mine is fully into all the modular stuff ( The Killer Bee Relay team on social media) and he was telling me about their other stuff as well. He's got a fair amount of the that. It's such a neat piece of gear.

  • @aeye Feb 3

    I hope it lives up to you expectations 😀

  • @ablaze Feb 3

    Thank you so much for your kind words

  • @atam94  Feb 3

    thanks a bunch for checking out my song! I see that you have been quite busy haha. I'll be coming back to check a few of them out and leave comments once I settle down for the evening 😀

  • @srcoops  Feb 2

    Thanks for your nice comments on 57. It was a really fun car.

  • @phylo  Feb 2

    Wow, I'm so impressed with you! Well done, Sir!

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 2

    !!!! I've finished in a week before 😁 gratz! you have been busy hahah

  • @cts  Feb 2

    So THAT was the master plan all along, huh? Oooooh, aren't you clever!

  • @cts  Feb 2

    Well, um...congrats on the win. You were like a hurricane with the output. Impressive...most impressive!

  • @standup  Feb 2

    Holy crap! At this rate you’ll end up with 400 songs.

  • @bradbrubaker  Feb 2

    Thank you!

  • @bradbrubaker  Feb 1

    Hi Beto! Any chance you could help me out with pronunciation of the Portuguese?

    Portuguese: "É favor não parar no portão" (please don't park in front of the gate)

  • @frozenlonesome  Feb 1

    Thanks for checking out Out Of This World and for your kind comments. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • @faststrings Feb 1

    Hey Elesimo, many thanks for your comment on Charlie Went Fishing I appreciate it! Kurtis did an awesome job on it!

  • @tjfafterdark Feb 1

    That's cool. Let me know when it's ready.

  • @natalieedelson  Jan 31

    Happy Fawming! 😀

  • @coolparadiso  Jan 31

    Yes just saw that! No rush! If you want to do you musical magic i will have a play and see what i can do. It Feb 1 here so im just gonna eat brekkie and get into song 1! Looking forward to your music!

  • @comath90 Jan 31

    Thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forward to hearing your tunes as well.

  • @cairobraga  Jan 28

    Betuxo, depois posso te pedir ajuda com a cena da compensação pra mixar melhor com fones? Quero me tecnicizar um pouco mais nesta área.

  • @lvgd09  Jan 27

    Hello, I enjoyed your comments in that mixing thread.

  • @ryuu  Jan 27

    Hey there! Thanks for saying hello, and have a great FAWM!

  • @hummingbear  Jan 27

    He11o O Eleventh! I think "having fun" is really the most epic goal for this year. Here's to a good month!