Supersonic Tartan Death Machine 10

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Influences:   Just about any type of music under the sun... that can somehow be played WITH BAGPIPES!!

Welcome to the world of

Supersonic Tartan Death Machine (STDM) = Bagpipe-Driven Electro-Celtic Fusion. I call it "électrocelte". Recorded @ BearCave Studios Montreal using an iPad + iPhone + a host of awesome iOS apps.

Instruments used include: Great Highland Bagpipe, Border Pipes, John Walsh Shuttle Pipes, Practice Chanter, Irish Whistles, Bombarde, Voice.

Tech Tools used include: iPad, iPhone, Zoom H6, Apogee Jam + , Propellerhead Balance...

Apps used include (amongst others) Animoog, Audacity, Audiobus, AUFX Series, Beatmaker 2, BeatTime, Cyclop, Elastic Drums, Figure, Glitchbreaks, Guitarism, Impaktor, KORG Gadget, Model 15, Patterning, Samplr, SunVox, Synth One, THOR, ThumbJam, Turnado and of course GarageBand for iOS. In the iOS space there are just way too many apps to list, really. And so many good ones.

Music: the music and stylings are widely varied. From traditional tunes to self-composed original bagpipe compositions, to covers of popular Scottish songs, or even rock songs. There really are no limits... new ideas are churning through my mind almost weekly. Some tunes start off with a bagpipe tune. Others start off with a few beatz worked out on an iOS device. I often sing new tunes to myself, record them on my iOS device and then write them down... and the creative process continues...

This is my 6th FAWM in 6 years, and once again, it will be a concept album. 2014's as you may recall was a fantastical tale about Sheep taking over the world. "And The Sheep Inherited The Earth... By Force". 2015 brought the story of "Doppelgänger" to the world, and FAWM 2016 was the massive epic concept album, "Everdawn". FAWM 2017 brought a continuation to that saga called “Everdawn: Journey to The Night Realm”. FAWM 2018 was only around 5-6 tracks because I was starting a new direction in life, and well, let’s just say FAWM doesn’t pay my bills! *But* hey if you would like to help me do that,

All of my albums are available on iTunes & Bandcamp, Apple Music and Spotify, THANKS for your support.

Once again, no one else is really incorporating bagpipes into their music in any real way, so keep your ears right here folks.

Here is a review of my very last album and what I do, in The Montreal Gazette.

My latest release can be found here, as well in all the online places mentioned above 😌 https://supersonictartandeathmachine....

Slainte, and Happy FAWMING... Jeff