The Geeky Soprano 14


Pittsburgh US   Feb 2012

Artist Bio

Influences:   S.J. Tucker, Alexander James Adams, Heather Dale, Pandora Celtica, First Aid Kit, Dar Williams, Tricky Pixie, Loreena McKennitt, Fiona Apple, Amanda Palmer, and a bajillion other folk singers and lady-rockers who write about their lives and worlds through myth and metaphor and inspire me to do the same.

Edited this five days into FAWM when I realized I'm now up to 8 years of participation in this marvelous thing.

I'm aiming to do the majority of the recordings with guitar this year, which has been an exercise in humility. I took lessons for a year about a decade ago, but haven't done much since then, and it really shows. But... I'd like to get back to it, and FAWM's a great way to chuck nerves and embarassment out the window and just play!

Here goes!


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  • @roblincoln  5 weeks

    Thanks for your nice comment on my song, Just A Weed.

  • @berni1954  7 weeks

    Glad you liked my "Spaceship Earth". I really appreciated your insightful comments.

  • @argenstock 7 weeks

    Thank you so much for your comment on Songs of an Ancient Truth! It truly is meditative to play it, too!

  • @tawny249  Jan 13

    *waves* Hope you are back again this year! Would be great to hear and see more of your songs! 😁