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Influences:   Pekka Pohjola, Camel, Ozric Tentacles, Pink Floyd

2019 - This year my plan is to write an album of semi-improvised progressive / psychedelic rock in the style of Camel, Moonwagon and Pekka Pohjola, to name a few. Plan is to play a drum track and continue from that wherever the flow takes me. And as always, plan is only a plan, reality is a completely different thing.

2018 I skipped FAWM because I was traveling.

2017 I made an album of ambient-ish electronic music that turned out as a double album.

2016 I made an album of Berlin school ambient music using Shruthi-1 and Blofeld.

2015 I made a stoner album in the style of Black Sabbath using traditional rock instruments.

2014 I made an album of electronic music using various synthesizers, such as K5000S, Wavestation, Andromeda, DW-8000 and Mopho KB.


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