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Brooklyn US   Feb 2015


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Influences:   The running list of artists I've been compared to here over the years (many of whom I've hardly or never listened to): David Bowie, Jonathan Richmond, Robyn Hitchcock, "old British psychedelic rock," Ween, Beck, King Crimson, Tom Petty, Duran Duran, Talking Heads, "late 70's early 80's new wave," the Beatles (wow thanks), Talk Talk, Bob Dylan (umm, whoa?), !!!, Massive Attack, Total Giovanni, and finally someone recognized my Thin Lizzy obsession.

This will be my 5th FAWM (wait, what?? How did that happen? I still feel like I'm new here....), and I have to say it's been a life-changing experience. FAWM 1 for me ended up as this cassette release- https://theeargoggle.bandcamp.com/alb... , FAWMs 2 and 3 became this cassette- https://theeargoggle.bandcamp.com/alb... and then last year, since writing a song damn near every day for a month isn't challenging enough (that's sarcasm right there), I attempted a rock opera/concept album, solely because I had never done anything where the songs and narrative were all connected. That one is, um....almost done...in fact I may use this FAWM to finish off the 2 songs I think the story still needs.
This FAWM the only vague challenge I've set for myself is to explore more loop-based songwriting, solely because it's something I haven't done much of. I'm not sure what that means or what will happen with that, and as always, I reserve the right to completely change direction based on...anything.

Excited to be part of this incredible community again and can't wait to hear what we all come up with!

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  • @standup  4 days

    Hope you're around this year, for analog or digital FAWMing about.

  • @guatecoop  1 week

    Hey there.....I look forward to hearing from you again this year. So many cool directions and sounds, not to mention recordings. Best wishes to you this fawm.