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Oklahoma US   Feb 2011

Artist Bio

Influences:   Too many to list, mostly red-dirt grungy psychedelic noise rock though I suppose

So I guess this will be year 10 since I joined this site. My takeaway........this place has ruined my songwriting skills how can I ever dwell incessantly over words/phrases/syllables/notes/noises and that "perfect" recording for months/years or decades ever again.

My deepest sympathies to those that still do.

he/him/it/hey you whatever works, I've probably been called worse.

I prefer his excellency 😉 but no one seems to be on board with that

(just kidding about the last one)

PSA: Everything will be mixed in and for headphones(mostly because I'm lazy), but will be toying with a lot of low frequencies. So use a subwoofer and listen at your own risk. I'm not responsible for blown speakers, or any loosening of bowels.

Songs (56)

#1 Desecrate 35
Feb 1
#2 Quivering Lows 22
Feb 1
#3 Box of Wine at the End of TIme 30
Feb 2
#4 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (fakeit) 17
Feb 2
#5 This must be it. @apolez3 14
Feb 3
Feb 3
#7 Hold Onto Your Butts 28
Feb 4
#8 What're You Lookin At? 17
Feb 6
#9 Minus 30 Lyrics 12
Feb 6
#10 Clothes are Overrated 23
Feb 6
#11 Silence Calls 14
Feb 6
#12 Mischief @sunfire 17
Feb 7
#13 Let Sleeping Sloths Lie 18
Feb 8
#14 All Apathetic and Stuff @anaezia 20
Feb 9
#15 Sweet&Sour(but mostly sour) 13
Feb 10
#16 Gonorrhea is Mighty @anaezia 15
Feb 12
#17 NoListenNoCry 15
Feb 13
#18 EvollovE 21
Feb 14
#19 The Truth is Out There 21
Feb 15
#20 Midnight Child @wacha  26
Feb 16
#21 Can You Hear Me Now 8
Feb 16
#22 Confessions of Blood...........and Doubt @corpsecorps 12
Feb 17
#23 Werehuman @candle  16
Feb 18
#24 Breakfast & the late night radio(Anything Goes Exquisite Corpse) @corpsecorps 3
Feb 20
#25 Ice Breaker's Demise 14
Feb 20
#26 Smokey Miracles 11
Feb 20
#27 Falling Behind 10
Feb 20
#28 Blizzafloodnadoquake 11
Feb 20
#29 Fish Food is Yummy 18
Feb 20
#30 Can't Stop the Crack 11
Feb 20
#31 Change of Pace 11
Feb 21
#32 Pennyroyal Queens 9
Feb 21
#33 10x10 Collab @rwhosings  5
Feb 21
#34 Sit and Whine 10
Feb 21
#35 Bigrēkō jarā ko sāga sabjīharū @anaezia 11
Feb 21
#36 Space Pirates on a Diet(Exquisite Corpse) @corpsecorps 3
Feb 22
#37 One of These Things 8
Feb 22
#38 Clapity Snapity 13
Feb 24
#39 Another One of Those Things 11
Feb 26
#40 Milk Carton Boy-Collab @estebanlartigue  6
Feb 26
#41 Words are Hard 11
Feb 27
#42 Ignite 13
Feb 27
#43 Hungry Moon 10
Feb 27
#44 Impulse Buy 9
Feb 27
#45 Betty's Corpse @corpsecorps 2
Feb 27
#46 4 Way Video Collab @ampersandman  14
Feb 27
#47 Snakehate 19
Feb 27
#48 The Castle Dragondreams Not Quite Annual House Party (LINK ONLY) @castledragondreams 4
Feb 28
#49 Wind&Water 11
Feb 28
#50 Late for Tea 12
Feb 28
#51 Midnight 10
Feb 28
#52 Not the Midnight Train to Georgia @nahlej381  16
Feb 28
#53 The Best Thing 18
Feb 28
#54 Not So Exquisite Corpse 4
Mar 1
#55 The Light At The End Of The Tunnel @candle  7
Mar 1
#56 August Sky @jeustan  12
Mar 1


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  • @quork  3 weeks

    I upgraded from 20 year old technology, and haven’t used analog pedals before, so I may not be the best person to ask. And I’ve only used the presets, and I haven’t used the looper. Having said that, I’ve really enjoyed it. The presets have 4 or 5 different pedals/effects you can turn on or off and adjust parameters. It’s rock solid, works with guitar and bass (and mandolin, I’m sure), and people who know about these that Ng’s praise the quality of the effects and amp models. It also seems pretty straightforward to set up your own pedal chains, and if you’re running it through an amp you can turn off the amp/preamp models. Fun stuff all around.

    If I don’t talk with you again I hope you have a happy and healthy year.

  • @fuzzy  3 weeks

    The Incontinents lol

  • @nadine 6 weeks

    While reading through the comments on "Fight for you" I had so smirk. We've re-recorded all instruments exept for the drums. Hell yes, it sounds sooo different with real instruments! This track has never existed, if I didn't come up with my VST sketch.

  • @wolfkier 6 weeks

    care to help a little?

  • @ustaknow 7 weeks

    Okay, your next challenge:

    ref: gear and other

    Screw quadraphenia, - Hexasonic!! baby 😀 yeehaw!!

  • @ustaknow Mar 16

    Great SpinTunes track! 😀 Might as well tell yah again!

  • @lennie  Mar 15

    Hi, so you're 'thinking about getting a super cheap cello'.
    By all means buy cheap, but avoid the cheapest as they can be unreliable (not stay in tune, have an ugly sound, age badly...).

    Also, get the right size so you can sit comfortably with it. And if you want to play standing, make sure the spike is long enough.

    Sometimes luthiers import cheap factory-built instruments and improve them (adding a tailpiece with tuners, changing the bridge, etc.), which can be a good option.

    If you choose to do this yourself, there's something to watch for: inside the cello there is a 'soundpost' between the front and back of the instrument. It's not attached in any way (which lets it freely transfer vibrations) and is partly kept in place by the pressure from the strings pushing down on the bridge. So, if you change the bridge or remove all the strings at the same time for any reason, tread very carefully. If the soundpost falls, the only way to get at it to put it back is through the sound holes, which are really small. If this happens, it's best to take it to a luthier.

  • @lennie  Mar 14

    "I had never used a DAW until about this time last year,"
    I chose to start 'playing' with Garageband this FAWM, knowing that it's fairly basic, but also that my needs are (I previously used Audacity, but never to combine midi and audio).
    I think I'll try something more sophisticated when I start to feel limited by GB and 'StudioOne' seems like a good candidate.

    Garageband was the obvious first choice of me as it came ready-installed on my computer and so it was 'free' and I could expect stability.

    A DAW is a LOT nicer than any four-track I've known. Features apart, I like the way you can see everything that's happening.

  • @mikeb Mar 13

    Thanks for the comment on my week 3 challenge song!

  • @highmountain Mar 13

    Howdy, your excellency! Glad you liked Why Is This Happening? That's one of my own favorites this year.

  • @candle  Mar 12

    Yeah, no replies yet. Might be S.O.L. on that score. Oh well, there were just some reverb presets for the Sonic Verb that I really loved. I might be able to make something work if there aren't any Buzzers with a copy of those old presets.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  Mar 11

    It's a preset pack I'm missing. It was made by the Hamst3r Alliance back in the day & is no longer available on their site. I'm hoping one of the other Buzzers has a copy. I've got all the machines I think I need, it's just that preset pack that I'd like to get my hands on again. Oh, and the Music Calculator program. I just thought of that, but I think I know where I can get it.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @gnashattack  Mar 10

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on so many of my tracks. I'm going to stalk up your work here.

  • @fuzzy  Mar 9

    I look forward to hearing what you do with your new Harpomatic (tm)!!

  • @fuzzy  Mar 9

    Well hey, you're totally welcome!! 😀
    I just call em like I see em!!
    I'm a big fan of your twisty tunes!
    Thank you for all of your comments, as well!!
    (Still holding on to that percussion track; I usually just warehouse stuff and wait for the perfect opportunity to present itself. For example, the "Duck Head" collab used a clarinet track @Adnama17 sent me two years ago. We have lots of storage space here at Fuzzy Sound Labs after we stole that Cray supercomputer a few years ago.)

  • @nadine Mar 8

    Thanks for your comment on "All Hallows Eve". I appreciate your feedback very much.

    I can totally relate on your trouble with electronic music. It is the reason why I can't listen to techno, tech house and most progressive trance or house. I like the melodies and sounds but these tiny blips are too less to keep me going. But also ambient and chill out are too repetitive and calm for me.

    In the previous years I worked a lot with arrangement. Either shortening the songs or making the second part not sound exactly the same. But somehow my heart doesn't enjoy electro that much as 5 years ago. I finish my harsh stuff and try to go on with Pop and Rock having more room for interesting chord shifts and arrangement.

  • @wylddandelyon Mar 8

    I got the demo up for The Time Guardian (finally):

  • @kathym  Mar 8

    Hi and thank you for your input on "A...A...B...B..." It was fun to write and share the skirmish with lots of great writers. This also reminded me of jumping rope (which probably isn't something I'd do very well these days, but still ...). I LOVE accordion music!

  • @kathym  Mar 8

    Thank you so much for stopping by my skirmish song "Sweet and Sour". It was fun to write and step out of my comfort zone, which we all have to do now and then. I truly appreciate your comments and will be taking them into consideration when I revisit the song in the coming weeks. Your time and support is very much appreciated, dzd!

  • @emkaydeebee  Mar 7

    How goes it today? 🙂

  • @candle  Mar 7

    Nah, you'd just have to learn how to dance 😉

    @dzdandcunfsd: Dancing into Shoegaze!


    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  Mar 7

    I know Behringer gets a bad rap in reviews & on forums, but I've never had a problem with their stuff. Back at the TV station I worked at, our newest Audio gear for our main studio was Behringer (we had a 24 channel mixer and a compressor, for sure. I can't remember what else there was, but I know we had a few) & they always worked phenomenally. So yeah, I got the UMCHD & it's been great, especially paired with the FCB-1010 MIDI foot controller. I'd recommend both (tho if you ever get the FCB, make sure you DL the third party programming software to get it setup. Programming it manually is almost a nightmare!)

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  Mar 7

    I guess it was a bad month for essential gear for both of us LOL Ordered the new laptop yesterday, it shipped today. Should hopefully be here middle of next week. It would be good if I had a couple of days at home with it to get it setup before I have to go back to work on Friday. I was supposed to go back Monday, but I've been given four days bereavement for my Grandma passing away. Unfortunately, I can't go to Winnipeg to help my mom & Aunt with arrangements 'cos you have to self-isolate for 14 days if you're coming from out of province. Oh well, I've been talking to my mom everyday, helping her anyway I can over the phone. It's better than nothing, I guess. At any rate, I'm looking forward to the new laptop. I've got some crazy ideas for a new "Live" Buzz setup that I'm sort of itching to try out.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @ustaknow Mar 7

    😀 - you liked that!? See how it's engaged? Like it's not there 😉 😀 😀 😀 - I love it!

  • @emkaydeebee  Mar 6


  • @emkaydeebee  Mar 6

    I’m getting there lyrically... going quite dark though, should I be worried?!! 😳 I replied to your email, hope it was okay...

  • @candle  Mar 6

    That's why I'm a bit stumped over putting together a "Catharsis" album. The two "styles" are so far apart in a lot of ways. I'm not sure how cohesive an album with both "Usual Candle" & "Acoustic Candle" tracks will work. I might just have to try to re-record some of those acoustic tracks, but I always feel like it isn't the same as the original take (which, really - it isn't). The raw emotion isn't there like it was in the improv. I did just have a bit of an idea tho… might run with it. Make a "Deluxe" album with a "2nd Disc" of the original acoustic songs recorded for FAWM, if I do go & re-record them. Maybe that's the way to go. But first, I need to get my new laptop & get it setup. Can't put the cart before the horse!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  Mar 6

    Yeah I know, right? Should have just left the piano out of the final mix & been done with it 😉

    Thanks for the comments. Glad you're enjoying my crazy acoustic tracks. Whodda thought I could pull stuff like that off…

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @petemurphy  Mar 6

    Hey, no worries. I know what it's like trying to get around to everyone, but they're are so many songs and great artists that it's difficult.
    I'm really enjoying your music. Do you have any albums out there on Bandcamp or anywhere else?

  • @lennie  Mar 6

    Thank you for your most encouraging comment on my song 'Keep me guessing'. This is the track I brought on a migraine with in the last week! And by far the one that took the most energy, so I'm glad you like it.

    Also, thank you for your comment on 'Time, Love you, Hate you'. I really wasn't thinking 'Eastern' when recording it, but on listening to it again I see exactly what you and Bill are getting at. What attracted me to these Oud sounds is they aren't a cliché of the instrument (as is often the danger with 'world' samples) but instead approach the Blues. I'm now wondering, what it would take to play like that.

  • @emkaydeebee  Mar 6

    Wow impressive! Maybe I’m overthinking it! Don’t want to be twee, nor too deep and meaningful! The whole existential crisis of “who am I?” 😬

  • @sapient  Mar 6

    I just watched a demo video for the Red Panda Tensor.
    That's quite some box...
    I'll stay away from it for now, as my pre-FAWM crazy-pedal-purchase was a Montreal Assembly Count-To-Five which I suspect is about as unconventional as the RPT. It's certainly damned hard to understand and get to grips with. I used it twice this FAWM, and the one time I really let it rip was at the start of Seven Minutes of Terror. I just let a loop run and then spent three minutes twisting the controls of that and the Earthquaker Devices Afterneath I had it hooked into.
    I love pedals 😁

  • @emkaydeebee  Mar 6

    Hey, have you signed up for the spintunes thing?...

  • @wolfkier Mar 6


  • @highmountain Mar 5

    Howdy and thanks! And that story you told about the bar cherries was funny without any quotation marks. Those horrible thoughts and the, in comparison, wholly harmless explanation. But, OK, maybe not a story you tell your grand children... And a kind of experience you'd better not have too many of... 😀

  • @bradbrubaker  Mar 5

    Great Vonnegut story!

  • @wrenarcher  Mar 5

    Your excellency!!! *Wren makes a dramatic sweeping curtsy and bow*
    Hi Dazed. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my lyrics for “It’s High Time” and commenting. I really appreciate it. Wanted to let you know I finally got a demo done on it!!! Really excited because I feel like I actually got a pretty decent recording. I know I still have a long way to go in refining my recording techniques and honing in on “finding” my voice but... practice, practice, practice right?

    I also wanted to thank you so very much for all your comments and encouragement and being part of making my first FAWM absolutely amazing! It just...

    It means the world to me. Thank you so much. Muah!!!

  • @wylddandelyon Mar 5

    Thanks for stopping by and listening to Jammin Hands. I want, eventually, to add more percussion, to better evoke the sense of him drumming wherever he goes, with whatever's handy.

  • @kathym  Mar 4

    Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my skirmish song "I Can't Wait". I save my archive and review and consider all comments as I'm going back over my fawm songs. Many thanks to you, again and again.

  • @kathym  Mar 4

    I'm finally catching up on all of the overdue thank you notes for having stopped to consider my song Sweet Louise. I take all comments to heart and truly appreciate everyone's comments. All the love.

  • @davidtaro  Mar 4

    Thanks so much man! That's comfortably the longest comment I've received all FAWM 🤣! Really appreciate the honesty - no way would I take it negatively or personally - just so grateful you took the time out to write so much. Has really made my evening!

  • @spikedirection  Mar 4

    I posted it all jumbled up on here, this is the right order.
    Listen to The Wrong Stuff, a playlist by The Spike Direction Effect on #SoundCloud

  • @berni1954  Mar 4

    Glad you liked my "Reagan-Thatcher" years. I think if I'd really turned on the vitriol in that song, those who might have reevaluated that time after listening would have simply dismissed my song as the ravings of a madman. But I totally agree with you that there were people who worshipped Friedmann and knew exactly where it would all end up and cared not a fig about that.

  • @wolfkier Mar 4

    You're right to like that one very much. It's a gem. I'll see you whenever you have the time and happily repay the compliment!

  • @nahlej381  Mar 3

    That’d be dope. I have a kill switch in my jet king and I have a strat I pulled the frets out of and my main guitar is a tele so we’re sorta birds of a feather on the gear. I’d be down to try something out th for sure!

  • @nahlej381  Mar 3

    I’ve listened to a buncha ur stuff but I’m tit4tat ya a bit more because u been saying all the things I needed to hear this year lol your tracks have been hella cool this year

  • @wolfkier Mar 3

    Yes please, definately add your name, it'll bump the thread and maybe get a few others onboard. Some terrific stuff there...

  • @amelea Mar 3

    Oh you betcha, I was out soaking in the rays earlier today... what an hour that was! I suppose the sun did actually melt the driveway's ice, but now it's all just slush and I don't know if that's better.

  • @themelgoexperience  Mar 2

    Thanks so much for all your detailed comments on my songs, I really appreciate it! Your sound is far out in the best way. I've enjoyed listening through some of your tracks. Do you know The Books? It has made me think of that. Maybe by next FAWM I'll also have a shovel with a pickup on it 😁 Cheers!

  • @emkaydeebee  Mar 2

    The number of adult students I have (retirement age) who tell themselves they can’t do it or that they’re rubbish, and it all stems from how they were taught by adults when they were little. The biggest battles are those inside their own head.

  • @emkaydeebee  Mar 2

    Aw I feel your pain! I teach piano (among other things) and would never use a ruler!!! (Obvs!) Teachers in the past have a lot to answer for.

  • @emkaydeebee  Mar 2

    Ha ha, that’s hilarious! Would those repressed memories involve recorders and B-A-G perchance?!?! Thanks for listening to Contemplation, and for all your support this year, have really appreciated connecting with you!

  • @heliosonorous Mar 2

    Thanks again for all the comments and listens and congrats on so many tracks!

  • @sunfire Mar 2

    Hey! Congrats to you too! Job, well done. It was fun. No worries on the other tunes. If it moves you at the 50/90, that's cool but no worries.
    I'll surf in and out of the site between now and July to look for signs of life and activity.

  • @schmex Mar 1

    Thanks for listening to Unauthorized Autobiography. I didn't intend it, but I'm hearing the surfer cowboy vibe!

  • @candle  Mar 1

    Tell you what, I'll let you beat me at 50/90 😉 It was a blast & thank you for all the listens, comments & great conversations. Yeah, I'm done. I'll have to find something to do until July LOL

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @ustaknow Mar 1

    Thank you for that! 😀

  • @looprication  Mar 1

    Paraphrasing Dylan Thomas, "I think 54 tracks in FAWM and then adding a placeholder is piggish"

    Congratulations on the win, you're beautiful.

  • @outinpublicdrummer  Mar 1

    It's been a LONG month! We had a crazy snowstorm and I was making an album/playing live with my band lmao. That's my excuse.

  • @trolls2 Mar 1

    thanks for listening to "The Best Thing About It".....

  • @djohnson  Feb 28

    Thanks for the comment! Glad you posted because I'd actually forgotten to cut off a good three minutes of silence and false starts.... It might work now

  • @dragondreams  Feb 28

    My sincere apologies! I'll correct that error when I can log back in on the Castle account. My tablet isn't letting me do that at the moment!
    And thank you for being a part of that insanity! 😂

  • @nadine Feb 28

    Thanks for your comment on "Dont tell me I it hurts". We will let you know when the final version is ready. May take some time.

  • @candle  Feb 28

    He likes it. It's better than Fortnite 😉

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @ustaknow Feb 28

    What that little dohicky thing a mahbob on that? 😀 😀

  • @candle  Feb 28

    Yeah, it's my son's favourite video game at the moment:

    Thanks for the listen & the comment (as always!)

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @berni1954  Feb 28

    Glad you liked my "Beetles" song. Congratulations on joining the 50+ Club 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • @fuzzy  Feb 28

    You have too many songs for me to listen to them all, and that makes me sad. 😞
    Thanx for all the wonderful comments and support, tho! 😀

  • @candle  Feb 28

    The X-Box Controller MIDI thing is finicky, it seems. Glad Buzz sees it natively without MIDI. Makes my life easier (well, it will once I get a new music laptop 😞 ). But you could probably get it to work. Just takes a lot of trial & error - and probably watching a lot of Youtube videos to get the kinks worked out. But then, if you run it through Buzz, you could control it with the X-Box controller via Peer Control quite easily. You'd just have to figure out how to get Buzz to talk to the pedal. But if it's MIDI (which it sounds like it is) IX Magic is probably your ticket to getting that thing buzzing (in more ways that one) the way you want it to. I mean, Magic has allowed me to do what I do - and I've only tested the tip of the iceberg with Magic's capabilities. And I know that IX is busy right now on another Magic update, so I can't imagine what new abilities that amazing Buzz machine is going to have when he's done. If you decide to go the Buzz route & need some help, just let me know.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @trolls2 Feb 28

    thanks for the visual aid!!

  • @candle  Feb 28

    Hey, you caught up! Congrats LOL 😉

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @ustaknow Feb 28

    Okay! 52, was it 4x's(fawm)=56 the goal?

    Make the last one epic! 😀 mind blowing, brains and etc. all over the guitar and stage. (Like that one guitar 😉 )

    - I noodled with that Christ's Mass song; wound up re-write a bit but put the "folk" chords to it just to have it and some commented curious.

    If had time and motivation, I've added Bass, Xylophone, Harmonica (?) (I got one last year and never used it... I will). I experimented a bit more minor vocal backing -ism, all manually done ("All...", I liked the sound, and less effort than the singing I was doing... well, not that interesting 😀 hahhh!)

    Anyway, - look at all that above. To bad, you're not in a band. Don't you love hearing that 😉 😀 hahhh... I no, I dew... 😀 jahh hawww.

  • @cts  Feb 28

    Holy crab cakes! Uh, congratulations on getting to 14 and, wayyyy beyond. I'll definitely be back to check out your tunes. I wanted to say thank you so much for your support this year. It's really appreciated.

  • @gb9  Feb 28

    Thank you for your kind comment on 'Dancing Feet' 😀 one should always and absolutely must dance 💃🏻🎶 💜

  • @lennie  Feb 28

    Thank you for your comment on my moon tune.
    '...You shouldn't hurt anything just plugging it straight into an interface if it has a stereo or even mono output, or even a headphone output, but also don't listen to me...'

    Obviously wasn't thinking clearly: I can interface through my Zoom H2. I already did something similar in a class with: microphones>Zoom H4>DAW to get analog to digital about a year ago (so much less daunting now remember). My H2 is the 'pocket' version with only a single minijack input - but that means I can use the single stereo headphone output from the keyboard as you suggest (rather than bother with the 1/4" or DIN).
    "Those are some nice onboard voices!" Thank you. More cheese than Safeway in places but nice layering options.

    "I quite enjoyed the little tiny cloggers dancing around under the moon!"
    Afterward, I started to notice them on other's recordings (particularly where the take includes voice) and realized I was being a bit fussy.

    Perhaps I should sample them for themselves now.

  • @andygetch  Feb 28

    actually as I understand the origin tale, the band name was 'Dawn Of the Buffalo' but people kept calling them Donna instead so the name stuck. LOL

  • @andygetch  Feb 28

    haha on the hang on one chord for 20 min from my jam band comment. My wife and I saw a group called Donna the Buffalo at a music festival in 2013, and a couple times since. Don't know if you heard of them but watching a live video of theirs last night I noticed that one and two chord vamps is alot of what they do LOL. Plus my 12-string song I was plugged into my acoustic amp with a fair bit of reverb and chorus plus GB effects, thanks for the art comparisons!

  • @gb9  Feb 28

    Thank you so much for your appreciation and kind comments on 'Well-meaning Dangers' 😀
    I agree with your thoughts, they rarely mean well, it is always about control with them.

  • @yam655  Feb 28

    I definitely got some keepers in the latest batch.

    Re: timestamps. I'm not surprised that they listed me as doing about 30 in a day. I was slacking off and needed to catch up. I really wanted my average to be two songs a day, but I was nearly 14 songs behind at the time. It was nice to know I could do an album in about a day while still getting it all transcribed, though.

  • @berni1954  Feb 27

    Loved your comments on my "Greatest Fear" song. I think I produce some of my best work writing to a deadline, so I am obviously a skirmish junkie.I used to work with an "improvisation-based" theatre company and would often have half a day to write a dozen songs for a show. It is where I honed my skills (such as they are). 😊

  • @yam655  Feb 27

    After a full night's rest and another album's worth of songs, I think I talked myself down from the additional 100 song goal. Just because I _can_ do it, doesn't mean I have to.

    You're getting close to that 50 song goal! You can do it!!

  • @berni1954  Feb 27

    Glad you liked "Dolly's Dilemma" very perceptive points you make, sirrah.

  • @ustaknow Feb 27

    If get a chance, post to whatsapp that video track of your part, - prior to the mix. Synth bass notes randomly generated, he said? Anyway, I'd like to hear that.

  • @tunecat  Feb 27

    Thanks for your comment on my track .. random.... The "horse sneeze" is a sound on a virtual drumkit .. a human voiced percussion of sorts on the app "Figure" (which I really like and used to use frequently).

  • @ampersandman  Feb 27

    Thank you, much appreciated! 😁Glad we got it done in some shape or form.

  • @estebanlartigue  Feb 27

    lol the rumbly piano break sounds better in my head! skirmish play too!! fingers all over the place

  • @candle  Feb 27

    I'm intrigued at what you might do with it. But, whenever you get time. We still have until Sunday for FAWMing 😁

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  Feb 27

    I've been listening to a thumb drive of songs I've dumped over the years. A lot of FAWM songs I've DL'd from FAWMers over the years, a whole whack of Foo Fighters Albums, some Radiohead as well as the complete Conet Project recordings ( I've been listening to it in my car when I've had to go into town or when I'm dropping off or picking my son up from school. It's a crazy mix of songs that I mostly haven't listened to since I first downloaded them. There's a even a few of my old FAWM tracks on there. Anyway, what I was trying to get at is that I hear these songs & some of them remind me of when I first heard them. But I usually can't place it & have to go & look at the track's Metadata to figure it out. So yeah, I sort of get what you mean when you say you need to figure out those songs.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  Feb 27

    You could probably do your own wild "crazy slide" intro & then into the main part of the song. I mean, the chord progression is pretty straight forward. It's C - G (twice) for the verse & then F - E for the chorus ending on an Am before going back into the verse. Boy, I'm impressed I remembered that. LOL

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  Feb 27

    As I said in the forum thread, have at it. I don't think I've ever had anyone cover one of my songs (probably because they're too chaotically improvised - hell, I have a problem figuring out how to play them afterwards LOL).

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @estebanlartigue  Feb 27

    lol was this the last one ? not sure if i can go to bed or there is another one lol

  • @amelea Feb 27

    I saw your comment on my soundboard about "That the set you traded your girl for?" then clicked to go to the song and was immediately faced with my cover art... that made me laugh so hard. Thanks for the comments! And now I can feel less bad about thinking it sounded like a tele 😁 Also thanks for thinking New Kid On The Continent droned on and on for hours while only being 1.5 minutes 😉

  • @yam655  Feb 27

    Okay, I'll do it. But I'm blaming you! 😉

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 27

    here are the chords Dm, Gm, A, Dm
    Bb, E7, A, x 2

    Then inverted

    Gm, A, Gm, A, Gm, A ,
    B, C, Dm. It was meant to be Bb but i made a mistake and didnt change it

  • @yam655  Feb 27

    Are you saying you think I should aim for 100 more?

    As I said, it's only 7 hours with breaks. Totally doable over the weekend.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 26

    Cheers for the listens and comments!

  • @cts  Feb 26

    Congrats on crossing the 14 mark (and then some). I'm kinda kicking myself because I thought I had commented on a few of your tunes and I see that isn't the case. I will rectify this inequity tomorrow morning as I am so ready for bed at this point. Thank you for your support this FAWM. Much appreciated.

  • @candle  Feb 26

    Can't say I'm hating the acoustic stuff, if I did - they would not be posted. I'm actually enjoying them. It's sort of nice to think outside of my normal FX/Loop laden M.O.. Plus, I think the raw emotion of these lyrical songs comes across a little better when the music is stripped down. But then, I guess it all depends. At any rate, I'm glad I've found a way to keep FAWMing, even tho I'm not really letting you catch up to me. Sorry 😉

    Thanks (as always) for the listens & the comments - never mind your ongoing support!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @schlimminycricket Feb 26

    I redid the demo for Hole pt 2 so don't be too shocked if you go back for that re-listen

  • @emkaydeebee  Feb 25

    Ha ha, I consider that an achievement! Mwah ha ha haaaaa!