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my ever growing bio got ridiculous to scroll...was getting pissed off trying to edit some stuff 😀
say, comment, shit on, praise, leave tips, ask questions, do as you will, enjoy, fawm on
If I forgot to tag it. Just assume it's all unsafe for work 😉


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  • @ustaknow May 6

    OK, this place I spoke of? is up. I'll leave it there, -- check it out, or not, either way, responds to stuff I've been contacted about, and in reaction to my FB acct deletion,

  • @ustaknow May 5

    😀 hahahahhahahahahaahahaahhah... 😀

  • @ustaknow May 4

    Good luck with the roof, -- might sound weird, but, pics!? I've always been that way, with folks around the world. Family in Austria, -- ALL pics of places, streets NO PEOPLE... and not planned, and not CV19 related... for/from say, last 5 years. I'd ask, where's all the people, and she'd say, "what do you mean". -- Wow, not like NJ... 3am and there's people. They are in the Salsburg area, and mid-day, no people ("at work" she'd say... oki dok!) must be nice.

    And yes, that's a good song basis, America:Disneyland.

    Oh for "Josephine" 😉 work in "ustaknow yah/me/you/[some word] a tribute, "kinda" 😀 hahhh!

    Most houses there are one level ranch (OK area?), so, no 3 story open frames like here with a 12 foot deep basement -- long way to fall. You'll just land on a cow or something, -- work first, party after 😀

    When I did construction, long ago, worked with many, from Polland guys, -- end of day, you knew they were there; would walk 8 in planks doing plaster work across nothing, high up... with half dozen Vodka bottles, empties and 3-4 very large, Pizza boxes, always, piled in a corner. I don't know how they did it. One guy, 20-ish feet up after "Lunch" 😀, mid 8" plank lit a finger sized joint and kept on sanding...

    So, have fun, be safe, - of course!

  • @billwhite51 May 4

    seven deaths in a cats eye is well worth seeing, nostly for hame birkin who is at her prettiest and hiram keller, who you may reember from fellini satyricon excellent directon but story is typical giallo many potentially brilliant directors were wasted on this junk when the italians got tired of their neorealist and art fims and it took a lot of sex and gore to get them away from their televisions. im usually bored to death by these movies but this one is a must see, if only for birkin, keller, and the direction.

  • @ustaknow May 4

    Hey, thank you for that email, - great stuff.

    If, or when my wife gets pulled in by something, then it's on 😀

    She keeps saying, - "what's up in Alaska"... just 'cause.

    Also, because of a Series we were watching "Deadwood", she wanted to head up there, just to have a look around. We, or me esp., are not Disneyland type vacationers. Yes, I'd love a NM Spa... but, aside from "hearing" about them, can't find one that fits the description of "Health Spa" (like fantasy Island? 😀 hahhh!) -- not to hard to please. But, anyway, our budget is considered well, first and we both like eclectic places. (When I visited family in Albany NY, -- fould a very cool old house, b&b run by an old widow who wanted the house since was a little girl. Was a "Doctors" house, he built, then a Mortuary since so BIG 😀 She actually restored it back but did the b&b "hotel" mod -- very well. Tough old broad 😀 -- love those!

    Anyway, anyone can stay at the Marriott, or Holiday Inn... but hey, when the Bates Motel has a vacancy and not a room of interest to Norman... why not! 😀 (kidding...)

    We caught a few loosers, e.g., Lake George, NY State... but once up there then figured out, how to do it next time.

    I think you get that. -- The lake house rental sounds really great. Key West Florida, at one time, maybe still?, you could rent a docked 35 ft sailboat to sleep on... cool docks, nice showers, great people, safe.

    Anyway, -- OK sounds like an interesting place if one is up to driving. Think is, if the Highways are "empty"? and straight, flat, -- who cares? The Cops are not Rednecks, asheholes? All was very cool in Utah, -- loved Saltlake and south of it.

    I'd love to make back to the more monument desert parks areas.

    Well, -- thank you again!

  • @ustaknow May 3

    Great weather yesterday. Overdid it a bit... wow. Today's supposed to be as well, but start off rainy, and no heat at all.

    -- Anyway, I had a moment, and went to the thread, in "Red" 😀 ... as I read (red?) it 😉 ... I did the elipse thing "[...]". Typically I delete all put a "." or just a " 😀 " with a yeehaww! As in 5090, many times I delete the whole thread, until that's turned off.

    As I said, long ago, esp on FB, I would periodically just go through and delete all, -- it's not an archive (for me, anyway 😉 ) ... so just usually never left stuff. (They may keep a copy somewhere, who knows... the Ai is HOW they, FB gets paid. FB is not "free", but leave it there.

    So, anyway, my point "here" - dude, as far as what I wrote, or yours skimmed again, -- I have no idea what a discussion with lyrics in a "SongWriting" forum for those threads would be flagged to lock.

    "Free For All", would be weird, but could have put it there. So, not to pull water under the bridge, back over it (if one can even do that 😀 hahhh)... but, for me, (me), makes me rethink the shifting here and the now limited access, engagement real writers ? may get.

    I'm now kinda looking back to another, old style, "Forum" on the Net that's been trying to remake itself from "krappe" for the past two or so years. One thing this fellow did (an old artist from Ireland, -- his retirement hobby?)... he took my recommendation to allow sub-groups, "Clubs" that can be private even, to keep out (some really nasty members he finally banned -- and I saw in other places on the Net under same ID, doing same krappe 😉 hahhh!).

    Anyway, if it goes well, just fyi ahead of time, I may skip 5090 since feel like rather than just happily posting work and being me, allowed to be "me", and feel safe, -- I don't (or less and less).

    Deleting FB has only been a relief. I woun't be surprised of they still follow up with me, since they have in the past, but, for what? I don't do the family thing w/pics even. So, fyl!

  • @ustaknow May 2

    Hey, if you ever have time, re: below and maybe just email that, if you even do. If not, that's OK!! Notta problem. But if did, - I'd research it and check it out. One can go "online" and NEVER be told, uncover this stuff. Even when in Dallas, -- all dem yankees, were like what? The Kennedy shooting site is over there... - not what I was seeking and 10,000 coffee houses with hipsters from NY selling Made in China souveniers... OMG! noooooo. So, while maybe a good? work place site (though Lockheed is not hiring, no matter what anyone says..., so a waste for that...), but noting else.

    We like places like "Gun Barrel" and south of that, that big lake. But, to move to a community like that and now know of "outsiders" would be "welcome", as I know well from NC Appalach... is risky. Reality is reality.

    I learned, -- enter a community where you can back out if have too, learn it, then "buy" in. You know, I know you know from how you write.

    Well, more yard work is waiting -- nice weather today FINALLY. Raining for days, nearly two weeks. I got a break and a buddy climbed the ladder to Seal my wood stove chimney, that inverted Bell, storm shield... well the old silicone I sealed it with years ago, finally split. Like 1/8 inch but all it needed with drivining. Stained my ceiling! But hey, it lasted beyond the time I thought I'd own this place. (It was to be one of my "last" flips, after marriage... -- but the economy went to heck... your heard about that? 😀 )

  • @ustaknow May 2

    I find it all very interesting. My wife and I don't like "traditional" time off trips? 😀 hahhh "vacations". Last time I took a V, 911 happened, so afraid to leave the country since it seems to need me so much 😉 hahhh. Anyway... (kidding.. of course).

    For example, we flew out to Salt Lake one year on the excuse of helping a family member 😀 hahhh... (so did that), -- then rented a big Dodge SUV (some huge tank, - love those, full auto- all, unlocked when got witin 5 feet of it, -- "new" then... real star-trek stuff). THEN hit the back, old hiways. Man, we had a blast.

    We "found" that copper mine (who knew?) -- but my God... scarey mountain to go up down on and at the top, NO Road Rails!... (illegal now for Bikers to go up/down, since road off due to the human optics?... very real)... anyway, at the top, I literally, physically froze... I'd heard about that. Happens in other situations too I was warned to be aware of. Anyway, took about 5 min to inch the last 25 feet 😀 hahhh... and had a GREAT time there... then went down smoking the Breaks! hahhh.

    We found an old time off the road, 1800's era or so, "town hall" which was as well the Jail (OMG, scarey full solidare cells by todays Stds), and other (very cool), and MUSEUM piece found weapons Rifles of some very FAMOUS outlaws... -- if cared to, I could reach out and touch them handing on the wall. I was impressed. (East Coast, all is locked behind glass and etc., NOT UTAH 😀 hahhh...) So many wide open artifacts, no CHILD "guards", your kid opens a vein by accient, -- it's your own fault! Same with Road Guard Rails... don't drive off the road! you ashehole! Why need Rails?

    Anyway, I'd love a list of stuff in OK one could ramble around and find like that, and Music related, - would be a top notch V for us. It's what we did in Dallas, then told Ft Worth would have been more the TX we were seeking, - cattle sales, hats, boots, poop 😉 hahhh... I LOVE "America"... not "Disneyland. Uno!?! 😀

  • @ustaknow May 2

    Just saw the link to the full concert hour and twenty three minutes, for CC there in TX.
    -- I'll have to let it run when not falling asleep 😀 hahhh!

    As tight as they sound, are, -- surprised... didn't make it to east coast radio. Tri-state likes SW - Rock, if can call it that, keep it simple.

    Oh well, -- bone yard's full, with no headstones, -- 😀 ... how it goes, and, always room for more, hahhh!

  • @ustaknow May 2

    Hahhh... the "Cleveland County Cage / Bag of Wine" -- over his shoulder is the Cops I think? 😀 hah!

    In NJ they started those outside venues, -- block off a town side street. Not sure how to get involved in that. I'm not sure I like the NJ crowd doing it... -- I'll have to check on it.
    - Yeah, you need a good "schtick" on stage, have fun and all other will to. It is NOT like FAWM, -- "records" don't matter, -- performing does. Whole different skill set.

    He's good, like his style.

    I guess thats' teh back of a bar, veneu. What I mean, is the Town blocks off an entire cross street and different acts, buskers do their thing. They don't promote it well though, prior or after. My buddies band does it, but, -- they just don't pull off the open air venue thing. I think you need a good PA and pending on where they set up, -- don't have one. So, there's that too.

    Oh well, -- gotta get a bag o wine, big ole joint and a well oiled Okee girl ( I can say Okee girl, ? that's OK ? 😀 ) hahhh!

  • @ustaknow May 2

    It's great orig song venues exist, or did - that was 2009. Great video, at the Deli. Okee girls look friendly 😀 -- different from east coast crowd for sure.

    I am remembering finding a songwriting board, but was like a long time ago, -- maybe like circa 2000's was real easy to get along, - and I think it was that area. Well, somewhere in the southwest ... that narrows it. They were like, come down and perform, -- right off. (A little to far 😀 hahhh). I remember feeling like a, - gonna sound weird to say, but at that time and with how open, friendly they all were..., feeling like a phoney for some reason. But, circa 2005 only just started to write like I do now. --- Best thing I ever did was just start original songs and sticking with it. Only until then, after all those years started to feel like I could say I e.g., - played guitar.
    -- Hard to explain, but, you may get it.

    Anyway, time marches on!

  • @ustaknow May 1

    😀 go for it. It all sounds good! Probably not playing outside of first three frets anyway. If you think you'll be happy with that action, an adjustable is moot.
    -- Not setting for 12th fret. 😉

    If get the jackson in it, and "can", where it contacts top/bottom of inside neck channel wood, -- may, ?, metal shield the wood so does not "crush" with adjusting bow pressure.
    -- I have not taken many apart - you DEF know more than me on that. But look at the wear marks where it was, -- "middle" of rod too.

    I've found on 100% of my guitars, once the actions been set, that's it. Yes, on rare occassion, I've had to up/down a bridge. However, too, sometimes, pending situation, I just change String Gage. (My Guild T-bird, I got about a year ago, -- tremolo really sucks as orig design... did allot to fix it, but didn't. It raised the max of the min action setting. So, filed as far as I 'liked' on that custom saddle, then just went to custom gage, a 10gage set with a 9 E-string. For me, perfect, and below spec, and no buzz. I play enough to get sore hands, so the 9's work for me. -- No point to this paragraph hahhh! 😀 Nothing to with w/your 12 str. ... so...:

    I'm a bit OCD with string action and not being stuck with high action, esp on a 12 str, -- personal pref. I got buddies whom, if it don't hurt, it can't have tone..., uh, no. But hey, -- that's his underwear and he's gotta wear it.

    -- That vid. I figured you'd know. And, actully, fyi, you and he don't sound that diff., vocals; at least in that one. Wow 2003 ... long time.


  • @ustaknow May 1

    FYI. when I was "working" hahh, one "venue" 10x's worse... so to speak. Never busted one of them, just tried to keep'em from killing each other. No exaggeration. I cleared leather twice 😀 but, they settle down... stopped beating the poor fellow under the pool table with a full Bud 😉 ouch!

    Oh... fish stories... it was a 36 in Bass, really, nearly walked into the boat 😀 itself and gotta beer from the cooler 😀

  • @ustaknow May 1

    Yes, when in dallas, that one family member sent the other one home to us, and "er legs didn't werk" neither too. Must be true den! Oki Grass is greener!

    The Bass is overdubbed, -- never the less, nice line.

  • @ustaknow May 1

    Dah boyz from oklahoma roll dare joints all wrong -- Yee Haw! Love the Bass in it... gud stuff. TenneSea's gonna sheit when we take'em over too!! hahh. That's a good song. How'd that not make top 40 country I wonder 😀

  • @ustaknow May 1

    I found you video, -- sounds like you and from Oki dok!
    😀 hahhh!

    Yeah, that other site, -- musta been talking to someone else "new" and confused you. Anyway, -- you know that guy? Good stuff!

  • @ustaknow May 1

    Oh, and I figure that skinning of glass would add 2-3 mmm of back thickness, pending weight of glass. Boat glass, mold glass and body-work glass will/may all be different.

    The Poly is not to bad for a one-off job, if done outside -- even then remember your gloves and respirator... just say'in, just say'in.

    If done as i invision it, you'd just have a more of a "V" thickener on the back and not a bad thing? to some players. For me, I like the fat 50's profile. If you like a 12 str... you have the widest Neck a guitar can have as a 6/12 str and the backs tend to be thick. Your guitar is likely what scale? Is it shorter? Less tension and more playable, so may in the 24in range?

    Anyway, - to fine a point(s), was just saying. So from your buddy, don't get like (not sure of weights anymore) a "thick" sheet, and you'd want a tighter weave. They are like more for your proj 1-2 mm thick and with the poly then sanding... can stay at that. You just don't want to cut the threads when sanding and why, say, two 1mm sheet off set can be ideal.

    It's not a museum piece, but you get my meaning and why.

    Good luck ahve fun!

    I see you tore the Sides at the neck a bit... some old furniture can harvest their Laminates for repair. You'd sand the back to thin it if needed. Most old furniture, junk shop, is mahogany. You'd get a nice clean repair there.

    Again, me, -- just talking, sucking back beer while i watch YOU do the work here 😉 😀 hahhh!

  • @ustaknow May 1

    Anyway, your 12 str. You know I just brainstorm, spit ball - you seem to find it, if nothing else entertaining hahhh!

    Yes, I get the hand tool thing. I still have a Draw Knife and Adze from NC for making cabin walls. The draw knife I have now, is stout, but is like "cut throat" shaving blade sharp... makes it more for more delicate work, not skinng bark and making large flat spots.

    It came to mind early moring, thoughts of what I said... and thought, why laminate a full neck back. If the wood is not dry (rotted, so to speak, - hard, firm, stiff), -- one could just do one layer of glass and poly over, then feather to edge, even miss the edge (back off 3mm from Fretboard line)... could even go two layers of glass -- plenty! stiff and allows full Truss Rod movement. Feather to the heel and head-stock. It would never break again.

    Now thinking more intelligently... could even glass the truss rod pocket, got light, careful on the poly, use it to "level" the missing splinters. (Me I keep Rosewood saw dust around to mix in fillers...but more for outside seen stuff (superglue mix with dust of that wood). Anyway, my first idea was just "spit balling".

    When I looked again and "figure your ability!" - you could just dup the center/middle of the neck and laminate the heel and headstock like they do in China. But again... sorry to be long... then, that's when the 1-2 layers of glass just to the back of neck jumped in my mind.

    The Square Rod (old style trusses, can't adjust possible mixed with modern Threadded ones?) - anyway, likely a bad idea. The wood may rip internally not "bend the rod" since square. If one has a short Uke or Violin-ish neck, a tight route pocket with square steel, -- it may twist but it won't move its Box.

    My shop is not what it once was... gave away many tools and since almost "Moved" a few times got "filled" with packed krappe, (then repurchased when didn't move 😀 ) hahhh! So, it's not an ideal shop for more than "go for it" work.

    Good Work!

  • @ustaknow May 1

    I love mahogany, - repaired an old marimba, - hand tuning wood was interesting to do. The denser the better. In that repair, actully dense maple would have been better. I think the old marimba had a "weird" tuning and my first (only probably 😀 ) .... I went with the standard key I thought it was. Some semi-tones seemed off, but where what they were supposed to be.

    She said wanted to play in orchestra. Problem with that, static wood instruments then have to be tuned TO THEM. Like my NAF's (native american flutes)... they are in tune... I think you can work with a few "Cents" off and get a nice Harminonic... but some old NAFs, they are in not 440Hz... like 435Hz ish or just a full half step down which may not have been an intentional key change. Add in that it's wood... I am sure you know this I was just remembering "wood".

  • @ustaknow May 1

    I wish I had bookmarked, - the site I refer to is an actual like FAWM or the old style bulletin board. I'll have to look. Like you, I suspect, through the day I go a mile a minute and why I get so much done... and to write in "flow of thought", how else? So, like when made the post about the Russian Movie Laviathin (spl?) that toon the news cartoon of the virus came up, and... went into the post (gone, that got deleted)... But, not why I cite it, -- just I "speak" to folks online through the day, as if you'd walk up behind me, look over the shoulder and "talk" (write)... so, what's my point? Hahhh... - now I want to go back and find that sight, you may find it interesting... he had i "think" your "ID", and was all music and folks posting their songs and speaking, not like SoundCloud, like a "bulletin" board, but more like a Blackboard .com deployment -- had more structure. Well not important, leave it there 😀 ... I may have been speaking to someone else, -- who knows and confused links.

  • @ustaknow Apr 30

    That's actually fixable. With a router or Saw Kerf, then like a Biskit (spelling?), or Wafer as deep as you can go after an initial gluing. Actually, After the gluing, you could, using a milling bit, - then - mill the back down to maybe 1/4 inch of where the fretboard would glue on and laminate a Maple splice and reform the back of the neck. So what's left is just the "template" of the old neck and 12 Str head piece, All anyone would see is like the Chinese necks where they meet the headstock, the oval feathered to laminate that on. Then route the Truss route again, -- two way, so have that going for it and no need to pre-bend/back bend for old style.

    I just cut down a hard rock red maple... man, a 16 in log 6 in across, -- didn't weigh it but must have been apx, felt like I should say 15 lbs hahhh! I was telling my wife (buring it wet for firewood) should'a made some Coasters at least 😀 hahhh! I love wood. Can't beat kiln dried hard rock maple species of some kind. Little piece like that couldn't be that much. I usta buy slabe off eBay actually. Mahogany was cheap. But for that w/12 Str I'd go maple. Or heck 😀 do a gluing and then CAST it!!! yeah... and do a Fiberglass Composite of it (be safe with the Fumes and glass) add some Box Steel Pipe L/R side then use that to splice instead of the Maple, same process 😀 hahhh!

    Or, maybe not... however you were gonna. Anyway, I can see why you bought it. If you can salvage the old paint job, -- gonna be a pretty cool unit and likely sound great anyway.

    Oh well, - I do carry on... so, yeah, as you can, time line it. Hey, if you got a cell phone, to like a 3 sec video... and compile them when done. Like Clay Mation!

    I'll have you working, eh! 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 30

    I'd love to see pics, - you're quite a craftsman. I have not built or repaired in a long while.

    Put'em up somewhere else maybe and link. You still have that other Music Group site? Put'em there or other?

    Awe heck, make a thread in "Anything goes" here! 😀 hahhh!

  • @ustaknow Apr 29

    Wow, - just looked at the Forums... hmmm, looks like whomever got Eric outta bed to lock that thread, -- killed the forum entirely 😀 oh my. Oh well.

    I did suggest he delete it (after fyi'g you first to save your work), -- I am known, for "cleaning" up, and deleting my own threads where I can, when done, e.g., 5090; -- and kind of annoys some folks. (They have to tell me they want it to stay, -- usually when went on about "Music Theory". My own "Groups" when had them.))

    I may not be a "popular cool kid"... however, I am "liked" for my consistency if not Massive Talent 😉 hahhh... and while folks may not know what's going on presently (the larger group, not the special needs kids)... word will get around. The reaction will be interesting.

    Also, folks seemed to "like" you to, (not sure why 😉 hahhh!), --so to speak, like any of us! So, - I was asked already (disappearing on FB now; they said it takes 30 days to delete, and have that long to change my mind, - no not gonna).

    I kept the explain, at minimal and just that the "Flow was interrupted, so ended it for me". "Could'a been handled better, if I even knew what happened?" 😀 (Eric was not reading our insanity, or mine anyway - hahhh!)

    So, yeah I did delete my FaceBook account, - not deactivated, deleted -- after the engagement in the FAWM group. It may have been accidental, to be fair (said don't blame the Admins since was left entirely alone; why not!). It's so easy to be misunderstood.
    -- But, it got me thinking, - why am I "here". Well, Uno!

    And no, I never used my special tech powers in any other way than "Work" (let them know their ID's were flagged to me when contacted FB 😀 hahhh! And I could return the favor, but won't. Big Brother does not protect U! as snitch! 😀 ). FaceBook's reviewed my ID "ustaknow" several times 😉 now, *11 years old with many Groups and "verifies" already 😀 HISTORY of actions!

    Well, FB is more strange now than it's ever been in the "age of Trump" 😀

    Old News now!

  • @ustaknow Apr 29

    I'll stop throwing out "Help" after this 😀 hahhh... I "know a guy" (great lyric line, "I know a guy", famous last words 😀 ), in Stillwater, Oki doki,
    - has a warehouse, but kinda far for you I think. I just checked, no job req's now, but said he paid something like, well, now I don't remember... (so help-full, aye!), -- but seem well above what some buddies ever made. (I have a close friend, this side of the country, has a Tree Downing business, but did Warehouse year round for the steady, and meds, benes - work in many (interesting stories, he told)), anyway, this guy in SW, if remember said he runs shifts 10hrs/day, 5 days I think it was, but too, only 1st/2nd, no 3rd (eh, who knows).

    Warehouse work, it's great so long as you're not have a bad day... much past 30's yo ish... how often is that. Hey, for all I know you're 29, so go to go! 😀 hahhh!

    Well, - you take care!

    You're not on FB either, - I'm extracting. Considering the delete account at this point. Deleted all other, songwriting groups, etc., all. I did their full download of "content" (save your data they do now) - gotta tell you, FB is NOT secure, even today (they never listen! 😀 ). And their new varification process due to the russioan hoax stuff, -- well, it is *not. Geese, and OMG. I may provide them feedback on that; they've contacte me previously. Anyway... in all this, I think I started to remember you, "cody"... from prior to you avoiding this place, and FB, (prior to your return this year, interesting; cop mind likely).

    If my mind was correct ? 😀 hahhh, I was like, "oh yeah... liked'em then too!" Funny how artistic talent wears a similar path.

    Anyway, my wife keeps pushing me to creat a "platform" again, for myself... and I keep telling her... uh, well, - no. 😀 hahhh It's like inventing the "Model A" when all are driving Toyotas... hard to make non-techs understand. Mix in the Music industry... hahhh... just open a grave yard and keep diggin holes! What that's like.

    So, derUgo!

  • @ustaknow Apr 28

    Here, in NJ, still thinking since know your applicable, Lutheir skills, there's a few manufactuing corps, like IFF, international flavors and fragrances, - many don't konw about, Keyport NJ area. That plant hires time to time, and J&J (johnson and johnson) in the Raritan NJ area, -- like that.

    I would not mention it except you spoke of being in the Maine,Rhode Island area... if not "vacation"?, and just know the east coast, you said you liked Camden 😀 hahhh!, so Uno NJ! Keyport NJ is "nice", ish. Lot's of house sharing folks do, or did. Prior to me marrying, I didn't waste money on a "nice" apt, -- shared a house so had a yard, garage and etc. Better for me. NJ "culture" if you know where/how to look. Otherwise, Apts start at $1200/mo! not, good.

  • @ustaknow Apr 28

    Oh, those Drummond jobs are factory, assembly, -- with your Music Craft, -- you'd qualify, and why I mentioned it. You'd go in with pics of amps and stuff 😉 hahhh. I dunno, was just say'in!

  • @ustaknow Apr 28

    Hey, wow, - I'm still here anyway 😀 hahhh - so, per your email - if looking for work, didn't mean music? confused in the context of how you write (kidding, kidding 😀 ) ... anyway. In dallas lockheed drummond on thier dallas site had a number of, e.g., solder missle harness' together for like 50K ish/year.

    The Helicopter division, all aka's and paper companies you probably know well? -- all had been looking, gotten new contracts, or -- how it was in August, September. Now with cv19, probabl still? Ft Worth also.

    I was looking in Alabama (and just as I applied, cv19 happened. I know I was under review, but, how do you hire during this.

    In my area (yours?) the Pharmaceuticals were hiring. The Plants for Merck in Bluebell PA are/is almost always looking. Don't know your back ground, just figured, - you never know.

    Me, my position is tough. I don't usually talk about myself in this career because many don't get it, or understand. It's also hard to find work, - I tried to talk Drummond into letting me take on of those Harness job 😀 hahhh... sit there and solder all day for 50K and go home to a house on the lake w/pool and 1/4 Taxes, -- OK! Me, I tend to get called when all heck is breaking loose, then reassemble the company and build those divisions. Remember Y2K millenial bug? 1999 to 2000 - I renovated, or did the oversight of all of merrill lynch, from satellites to wall street 😀 -- did it in 3 mo's. They spent 3 years, grinding. Remember Blackberry Devices, Mobitex, - I was the "guy" 😀 who signed off on any code running, period. Remember 911, we were so robust, DOD wanted to buy us, - almost mandated at the time. Got sold off and Cellular became AT&T Mobility in Atlanta.

    Not much call for Corporate Batman 😀 hahhh 😉 Being hands one, and very as you can see, -I'll mop the floors too and a style that sells in emergencie when all is blowing up. Still, the liberal over educated can't see me coming in the door, -they're th first to leave 😉 hahhh! Useless.

  • @ustaknow Apr 28

    OK, emailed you, back from that first one 😀

    Since, at the FAWM on FaceBook site two submitted my ID/Account for review and that's how it is going, - if you don't hear from, - they deleted me for objecting there when saw all the performance videos not supposed to be there, but in the songwriting one created long ago by someone else. Ah, that liberal double standard, indeed! 😀

    It's not a biggy, but a bit surprise, since I didn't thing Eric was "following" our conversations 😀 hahhh.

    Interesting how things unfold. Could'a been handled better, - easily.

    So, you take care if don't see me round!

    It was worth the few laughs left...! 😀

    So, feel free to let folks know, - not that I had a big following but, beginning of each project here, -- I'd get messages like "can't wait to read all the stuff you right!" and etc.

    And, why I commented, remember this is always a good "bunch" of folks luring reading, trolling 😀

    The membership here has kinda changed. ALL of my watch list was gone.

    So, derUgo!!! happy lockdown! well, so to speak.

  • @ustaknow Apr 27

    Yeah, that "Communication Breakdown", - interesting effect with how the guitar came out. I konw I already commented. With a "big" mix... powerful track potential there, imo. Again, with bass, drum kit, and vocal harmonies. Thing is, the guitar has a clean upfront sound, -- would not want to loose that. (Interesting how that tracked.)

  • @ustaknow Apr 27

    So, "Trailer Trash" ... 5090:

    Nice strong start.

    Again w/o the lyrics wrote out, - can't really comment, -but with words as "Notes", sounds good.

    I can "hear" that one as a "big" orchstration, -- well, because you kinda do that anyway, all alone with how you play it, with right hand.

    Some harmonies, vocal, and vwahlah... top 40 Okee radio! 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 27

    OK so on 5090 -
    Lonesome Bitter blues, - first min reminds me of some familiar melody, but hesitate to comment specifically since, well, -- there's so many "progressions" no one owns... but, meaning, it was nice to have that familiar feel to it and on Keys! (Then evey time Chips songs auto play - his play count's gonna be high on SC 😀 hahhh! )

  • @ustaknow Apr 27

    Also, - let me know if you think we did anything wrong?

    Honestly, I am clueless, so for me, -- not at all. But heck, I'm open to learning.

    I know I was not welcome where the cool kids were play'in 😀 and since they all abandoned "here" for "better"..., I stayed here.

    -- Still had a few good laughs, 'till just now 😀 anyway...!

    Me, I don't need 100 people to love me, so to speak... 2-3 has always worked, 1 or 2 even.

    Frankly, it took them 6 weeks to figure out some place to go and then not go there either!

    I have not logged into slack and don't care to (last time was like 2years ago and zero were there).

    5090 Vocktobeer 😀 you got half dozen zongs.

    FaceBook - now with THREE (the 100 in 180 days?) ... no ones using those either.

    So, color me confused.

  • @ustaknow Apr 27

    Hey @dzd - just fyi, this is what I wrote at Erics soundboard. If you don't have all you wrote, just do a "file save as html" or etc.
    === === ===
    Hey Eric, - feel free to delete the thread. Or move it to "free for all" (maybe should have been there?, who knew in this context of FAWM over). If it was irritating anyone, your post is the first notion of it 😀 Who's "here"?

    I'm not sure how one defines discussion, but there was allot through muitiple threads, all understood as one conversation, - just fyi'in. I would not expect you read every word we wrote, - that would be crazy 😀 hahhh!

    The title was and then went, - in this CV-19 environment:
    [Thread Title]
    Lyric Only, Post FAWM work, pre-5090 LAT

    [Initial Comment]
    Yes, indeed a limited audience thread. Some I speak to here and there and everywhere were curious to have, see, review mine, maybe others writings only too... ...

    So, like I said, if locking it is helpful to whomever is bothered, then just deleting it, may be even more helpful, -- deleted it! Honestly, it won't bother me in the least; and likely "dzd" either (I would think he did not write direct and has a copy, maybe fyi him first? if choose to delete it.)

    All the best and hope all is well in this National Shut Down with you and your family where ever they may be.

  • @ustaknow Apr 27

    Hey, did you want me listen and comment on the 5090 zongs?

    Also, -- just now saw Eric closed that thread. I don't get it but, that's OK. Lyric dump? I didn't think so. I had just got caught up on what I had on my FaceBook. Those last two were it.

    I'm not sure, I'll have to re-read my thread OP that it was about songwriting. Also, the Category of the thread I'll have to check. Some of mine were deliberately crated under "Anything Goes"...

    I'm not sure why it would matter, or how it would bother anyone if no one is here, but there you go.

    Generally Eric does not engage unless there is an issue, so, my suspicition is someone was reading EVERY WORD 😀 hahhh and heck, I have no idea!

    If anyone read every work YOU or I wrote, HERE and THERE... well, they have other issues. That thread getting cut off, if helps "them", whomever that may be, well, then hey, delete it I say! 😀

    -- Geese...

  • @alboe Apr 26

    Ah thanks, sometimes I’m finding it hard to catch every finesse and then I get insecure about what is really being said or meant.

  • @alboe Apr 26

    Hey @dzd , thanks for listening to my song. Not being a native English speaker I’m not sure I completely understood your comment.
    According to you, was I somehow acting pretentious?

  • @billwhite51 Apr 26

    there was n better tmes tlevisio series. i got it confused wit smething else. ive never seen the viddor film il have to find it and check it out. he made a lot of god fims , both silent and sound.

  • @billwhite51 Apr 25

    Better times/ silent movie or television series?

  • @ustaknow Apr 25

    Oh, for me, and if not a "problem" for you (pics, not big HD, little ones), that 12 String sounds interesting (vintage special K 😉 as I like to say...) Back off, now neck? Wow, pics would be interesting... create a thread? and @ folks? CV-19 Renovations 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 25

    Wow, you listened to allot of songs and all of the track - lots of "green" (bandcamp means, mostly listened). I'm honored! Thank you.

    Hey, for me, I don't need 20K people, 2-3 who really like it, or, even, just like it, - gudNuf4me!

    OK, thank you again (as always, feedback's fine, just say why so I can consider it well for the good time spent engaged on my behalf! As I say, "anyone with $5 for a CD is *qualified to provide feedback-comment" 😉 )


  • @ustaknow Apr 24

    ... cut off from below, cont:
    ... two conversations. At the end he was referring to the other topic.

    But, no, I didn't take it as he explained and likely talked into that krappe... always bad for him. Probably told by someone, "oh they won't understand "Analgous Supposition"... so, say what he said. But, yet, who knows. I watch his stuff real time and in full context.

    He does "mess" with them, anyone can see that. Anyway, he never said, "inject draino" 😀

    When simple common courtesy is fully off the table, -- this is what you get. Thing is, if a three year old calls me a "poopy head", - I'm not gonna defend to the 3 yo that I am not a poopy head, you know! 😀 It's Bait, better off not taken, imo.

    He can be himself, just when he's asked stupid questions, me, -- I'd ask one more time, "that's your question?", -- then end it. Those folks will catch on by the 3rd-4th time... I'd start with the CNN folks so they take the beating in the mens/womans room afterward 😀

    Here's an analogy 😀 :
    It's weird, you can pay for the wedding and by them the house, but throwing up/vomiting on the wedding cake is all they remember and even talk about 😀 😉 -- just how it goes aye!

    The man could shit gold and pee champagne and they'd arrest him for litering... -- oh well.

  • @ustaknow Apr 24

    Wow, you listened to allot, thank you.

    Blue Dogs Don't Bit was one of those things that just sort of happened. There was a dog, always barking on Bill Whites tracks. I told Bill it was likely singing with him, - barked when heard him. So, how I am, -- a bit off 😀 came up with some stuff, but with a dog in it. So, it mostly revolves around allot of Bills sensitivities with music. The last track, was again, me, likely a bit manic 😀 hahhh! came up with that and just me goof'in (so to speak) with the music.

    Then, as you can see, I love graphics and it's all mine or re-done from public domain to be mine and came up with that Cover and etc.

    It's very eclectic stuff; a fusion of many bits and pieces.

    Let Bill know you liked it, - he may appreciate that, hearing it. For a while he and I did allot of stuff based upon esoteric ad hoc back and forth; but it's been a while. He's engaged a few folks for periods of work, -- how it goes.

    Anyway, -- good to hear what folks react to; it's NEVER 😀 hahhh the ones you think it will be!

    Again, wow, that's allot of listening.

    So, Brandi ... was an old girlfrind, or "Brandy"... I like a good Rye now. No more "Josephines" for me! 😀

    And yeah... Botox... hahhh...

    I don't give Trump a pass on that, I watched, but knew it was analogous... brain storming. He should'a just said "that". Make folks afraid to suggest an idea and risk being shamed, -- bad thing.

    I worked at Bell Labs, in a think tank division... and 35 men would sit around a table and "spit ball", no holds barred! Because, I might say something "stupid" that spawns an idea in someone else which leads to a solution.

    I had wondered about runing blood via a UV-C since the "Replication" is the issue. Once attached, it's done. But, - what's it's cycle?

    What ashe-hole said. lets land on the moon and for what?! Stupid ideas... let fly?! Fly you say, why? Men don't fly.... they do now.

    See?! Anyway, Trump don't care! 😀

    I rewatched and there were 2 conversati

  • @ustaknow Apr 24

    Hahhh, those three tracks ... and all the way through. Well, RLL needs the "Album Art" to make more sense... but I replaced it since I hated seeing it (the Christians on their knees in orange jumps with the A's in black on the beach...) Folks want to be "professionally outraged"?, how bout that!

    The other was a "lighening rod" song 😀 (Office of congress wants to see me...)

    "When the dead come to play" - got done with some good feedback "here". I had a "keep/delete" question on it actuallly. And the 2-3 who if they do comment, has "meaning" said, e.g., keep the Intro... and etc. Yeah, the mix is what it is, but, with again, harmony singers, 3 beautiful thick black female back up singers maybe! ? 😀 ... with a little white dude in the middle, as backing vocals? hahhh.

    Well, anyway, thanks again. Those were good to see looked at and full listens no less? What you been smok'in?!

  • @ustaknow Apr 24

    finally got to the end of your posts 😀 hahhh - thank you for going through the bandcamp... I'll check the Stats to see what you may have hit.

    Anytying "political", is krappe, and just poking back since some "here" are such "asheholes" and really, to me, phoney... someone who really "cares" - write a poliical song very differently, - not for a bunch of likely sock puppets, anyway.

    For me there's one or two "nuggets" I like and would love to have a real, full band behind. To "produce" anything "real" is just to much work; so don't entertain the idea, not beyond what I do in Audacity.

    Most of my stuff has *always been "visualised" as with harmony singing, never single voice solo.

    So, like 2-3 years ago, started to just "go for it" on my own tracks. I sayd, "modestly", -- it has caught on "here" 😀 .... along with the Nashbill Tuned multi guitars panned full L/R...

    That's the kind of krappe here I don't get. Folks used to fight me on manual miixing and "WTF" are you saying? on the "album FB production thing".

    But, justiffied now.

    -- meaninless, just saying.

    Most of the better demos are NOT band in box, but, simple dup'g and old fashion, mixing. Less IS more. What do that think the plug in are doing anyway for them? Find out, and then do that, yourself, - I said.

    Go ahead and record at 0db (at Red) ALL, then Compress too and see what happends? (sounds like sheit most often, -- know WHAT the tool does), that keep one from using a Wrench instead of a Hammer 😀 hahhh!

  • @ustaknow Apr 24

    Says 75W at 16ohms... which by direct inversion if used at 8ohms but you'd need another (real/*faux 8ohm load to get it there), would in theory would effect its RMS output. I'd ask them direct though for that spec. so never confused and staple inside the cabinet.

    Anyway... if THAT's your speaker... you'll be above to run your amp at 11 😀 with full fidelity, I'd "assume" ass -u- me 😀 Can't wait! So exciting to get new gear and be inventive with it! (Well, for you, hahhh... not me.)

  • @ustaknow Apr 24

    Yes, I don't even see my Redcoat there. And mine is 175W... RMS. Oh well. I think of all my stuff as new the day I bout it, so many years ago... and remember it that way, like a photographic moment. I guess they backed off on the Redcoate to 120 (assume RMS) not peak... who knows.

    Now, I'd love to pull it, but all that unscrewing will have to wait.

    That's a BIG magnet on your and it 12inches?

    Well, not knowing what you paid, not asking... but, does not look like a new label though like new cared for speaker! Nice! The pic is dark and can't see detail - but if not on the lable like that... wow. Hard to imagine there didn't stamp it somewhere, ink it even.

  • @ustaknow Apr 24

    Hahhh.. killed that line of thinking, they are ALL blue lable now 😀 hahhh.

    You know what, -- send a pic to their support email! Find out from them direct!! 😉

  • @ustaknow Apr 24

    I was gonna post and you reminded me, I have a Patriot, Redcoat - and that's the Label, -- bothered me when said RW&B.

    If your's is, and I'd have to pull from the closed back single bottom... that could be... anyway... you can look up the Em's Patriot Line...

    Mine is 175W RMS 😀 hahhh, 300W peak in that single cab. My feeling is you are gonna love it w/ur amp. Esp, if do distotion, pre amps.

    You could get away with a "Tube", Mic preamp after the amp output then to that speaker. usually a single 12ax7 and add that possible vibe to it. Those mic preamps used to be cheap and were just a preamp circuit like you find on any tube amp... takes the Line Voltage and boosts it.

    The Speaker OUT... huh... maybe not on that hole... but the HP out jack.

    You got MANY options with this.

    Now, I'm curious, ... will look up the old Patriot line... don't think there were to many options.

    I had a feeling it may not be a "Blue". Oh well... good is good is good!

  • @ustaknow Apr 24

    OK, - the pics don't show it, but the spec say "Distortion" as option. It looks like a great head. Inside, well built. Hey, 50W, - all you need. The headphone jack and be made Direct Into Mix board too... no Mic unless want to color of the speaker, etc. Great!

    I guess we'll be treated to some flagrant solos forthcoming aye!?

  • @ustaknow Apr 24

    What that 50w vox, -- "rock" version? Cool, if what you mean.

  • @ustaknow Apr 24

    Otherwise i have a nice 2x12 with Celestions... of some fav flavor... gotta have a look. I used to run that w/one of my home made 5w tube amps... pretty cool club sound, loud but not LOUD...

    I need to get inspired, -- feeling a bit off, so that may help!

    Just gotta unpile the krap piled on it.

  • @ustaknow Apr 24

    Hahhh, you had to open it. Looks heavy duty, nice! I'm sure it'll be great.

    On the speaker, - that's just a guess from me and if you care. Treat it like a 50w and you'll die with it 😀 hahhh!

    That makes me want to pull out some of my cabinets. I have a nice Sunn Lead bottom I should see if still work 😀 hahhh, I think -- 4 - 12 inch speakers. which I love... I remember going into Manny's in Manhattan, and he said, 4-10's is standard... but, we found 4x12's.

    I remember then, I had a 100W "Earth" tube head 😀 hahhh, no it was a "Plush" head and Earth bottom... never find that again. I sold it when went to College, - needed money and things tended to get chucked out when I was not "at home"... sold that and my Bike... and had a 4-door chevy nova, in line 6 cyl I hand painted Green w/girlfriend... Auto Paint, but only had a brush, so that's how it went on.

    Hahhh! hillbilly. But at least was finally all one color. Looked ok. I think i used laquer too, so technically could have sanded and polished it too! - no.

  • @ustaknow Apr 23

    Yes, 😀 most daughters, well, the apple don't fall far from the tree... I figure 😀 !! I'm sure when her fruit when "just ripe", was pretty good! I love an old Wine... but, a new beer can be more fun Uno! 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 23

    I realize you know all this, -- I was just excited for you. It's nice getting new gear... usually play for next two weeks every day 😀

    Anyway, that's a good match, amp to bottom!! Gonna sound great I'd expect!

  • @ustaknow Apr 23

    If you're OKay (not OK, I know you're OK 😉 ) -- with googling and want to know for "sure"... look at the Speaker Basket, the Vents in the back. Aside from Magnet size, so like if a 200 Watt Blue Eminence Legend the Magnet will take up the back of the speaker 😀 hahhh.

    - Not fool proof, other to be helpful? -- but makes sense, looks like the 50W Blue Eminence has 6 Basket Slots in the Back, the Frame (you know what I mean? that holds to paper and magnet. I call it a basket 😀 )

    - The 75W Blue Eminence has 4 Basket Slots. You see any? numbers on back at all, stamped in the metal frame (may/may not)?
    So, e.g., 1275 is the 12 Inch 75 W;

    GB128 (kinda stupid, but) Guitar Blue 12 inch 8 ohm... (doing to many drugs that day?) 😀

    If really not sure, also, -- the Weight of the Speaker in total can be matched.

    You can always search model numbers and with "pdf" so:
    GB128 PDF and other and bring up stuff like:

    Is Net 8.1 lb for the 50 W Magnet weight is 38 oz.

    The 75 W Net weight is 7 lbs Magnet Weight is 34oz.

    Ironic one may find "louder" can be "lighter", but that's a generalization.

    The thing is "Tone" takes "Power". I think I have a GB128 somewhere. A low resistance speaker may be more "efficient", less power to move air... but, "tone" will be like AM Radio. Double the Paper weight and etc., it's like "Compression"... waiting for enough full tone Hz to make it move.

    😀 or something like that 😀 hahhh... smoke a joint and think about it, -- it'll be clear.

    Anyway, both are nice and "guitar" speakers. Tone is like Underwear... YOU gotta like it! 😀 The 75W may "like" hi-vol distortion more? Less "clean"... +- so to speak.

    Well, I went on, so derUgo! I was trying to help. Remember "RMS" is 1/2 power and usually the constant/continuous. Peak? maybe 2x's that... I wouldn't try. Actually, I'd run any speaker at 1/2 RMS to RMS in general. So, a 50 RMS like 40ish.

  • @ustaknow Apr 23

    So what was my lost point there below?
    1) I have waaaaayyyy to many amps and bottoms
    2) Your Vox can produce that mid way, dirty "distortion" to creamy "fuzz" but possibly? Not one or the other. Vox tries to be distinctive and I do like their solid state sound.

    Side Note added in prior to posting:
    I also LOVE, if can find one? a B200H "Acoustic" Brand Head... hahhh, good God, I use it for EVERYTHING, acoustic, elec and Bass into a Ashdown 2 8's I think it is, some "Blue" named speaker. Both likely not offered anymore. The Ashdown being, I think 50W "EFFECTITVELY" (IMO), regardless of spec of 200 Watts:

    It could do well with a 2-12? Celestion setup... I'd have to check that since can actually do that. I suspect it'll be clean and with a Dist Pedal, do the pedal justice. Anyway... back to your spec post...

    I love distortion for solos sometimes, but drift to "fuzz"... more. So, if someone says they "Like" your amp (this Vox model), -- why? 😀 As I say here on FAWM, like is not "good" 😀

    But that is a good amp, used is like what $100? $250 new?

    I'd bring my bottom to the shop, or use Amazon/Musician Friends, so can "bedroom" demo it for "accurate" in studio tone. "Live" in a Bar... who knows... and then just Mic it to the PA anyway, right?

    Usually in a "Venue", any non-noisey, clean clean or distortion usually works if thinking that far? So many places either suck the sound in soft surfaces or nicely bounce is Cement Block, Metal walls 😀 pending your Region of Redneck Bars?

  • @ustaknow Apr 23

    I pulled up the Wiring Diagram for your Vox... standard transistor and 50 watts, huh, they could make it 150... that's not the issue...

    I hate hearing folks struggling for gear... to get on my bike (exercise bicycle), sitting the rear wheel on rear wheel tensioner I was using a hand wired from a friend, Marshall 20 watt he stuck in a plywood box (never covered it), ( - and made so well, is a perfect Step 😀 I finally got my single step ladder from the shed the other day) ...

    Those, if even Marshall OEM and pending type of Power Tube Used, -- most of those are a "dirty" overdrive, esp with a pre-amp tube, tube pre-amp 😀 hahhh, and for me best into a high Ohm load (IMO! for what that's worth).

    So for example, I'll deliberately if can, put a 5 watter (Fender Champ, "standard" for all amps like this - 5F1 circuit into a 2 - 12 Celestion 16ohm (8-each so in series, if in parallel 4, or if have two more speakers then 8 ohm, series+parallel for that).

    Each build of this type depends if using a Tube Rectifier 5y3 (and not a non-tube rectifier circuit, for "Sag" when warmed up, in the "Tone"), or the Power Tube of EL84 ~or~ 6V6 --- E's being "british", 6's being "AmeriKan"!

  • @ustaknow Apr 23

    I'd need to know the spec, what black star cab/bottom? What speaker? I'm a fan of a few, the it can matter, sometimes, - depends.

    As for the vox mv50s -- I never met a Vox I didn't "like", never hated one. I've said, though I am surrounded by vintage tube heads and many I made or obtained from friends, - all my demos if use guitar, mic is from the Vox Mini5, headphone direct to Mix board, or SM57 Mic to Mix board.

  • @ustaknow Apr 23

    wow, u r in the outer burroughs there 😀 hahhh. reminds me of minisoda... so flat, straight, no trees, no hills, put the car on cruise and never touch the steering wheel or tap the brakes since no on else on the road and all straight line.

    yesterday they got hammered! I hate seeing that.

    so, 3 hours from Oklahoma City -- there is nothing to do out there, right?

    I lived in a county in NC that had 15K total population and had been that way since the civil war, and even today, - same families. "outsiders" come in to die and get burried, not marry and breed with them 😀 😉 I say politely...

    An old, old business woman in some mountain community, NC - owned main street, super super super cool old woman said, "I wish you'd stay, we need the new blood... pick one" she said. 😀 hahhh, yeehaw!

    If she had a daughter I might have considered it.

    I'll leave it there as to the why-nots, - definitely "impolite" conversation and sad even.

    I suspect you need no telling of such things 😉 the characters in my songs are real, "Josephine", "Kimbo" - great girls! no kidding, and wonderful backup in a street or bar fight, esp if a ketchup bottle is handy for them to bludgen with 😉

    Oh well, fish stories, fish stories...

  • @ustaknow Apr 22

    Wow, you had some nasty storms yesterday, today, pending your city. Closer to Dallas was these half-tornadoes they showed. Weird weather. Us here too 70mph, then Sunny! then dark, then sunny... 4-5 x's yesterday. Sideways rain and hail.

  • @ustaknow Apr 20

    Don't you love USELESS "fact-oids" like that below 😀 hahhh! My heads full of them now.

  • @ustaknow Apr 20

    Closed at or hit -- $37/barrel 😀 that's <-$37>.

    So, they were paid $0.88 per gallon to take it. Probably because it takes more than $.088 per gallon to store it 😀

    So it seems, +- e.g., Saudi's cost is ~9/barrel to "produce" and put in a barrel eng to end; -- USA ~10/barrel (2x's that from shale)... cost to store in salt mines (below ground storage) is 3.50/barrel, above ground ~ $16 ish/barrel. I'll assume a Tanker Ship is more, and to have it float somewhere w/crew. So, that $37 maybe near the no place to put it cost 😀 hahhh! I'll take a few gallons!

    Big leap, - the numbers are all over the place, found this from 2016 "...[PER BARREL COST not gal], -- limited crude oil storage facilities caused crude oil storage costs to rise to $0.90/barrel on Feb 2016; compared to $0.10 per barrel in Aug 2015. Crude oil storage costs rose nine times in six months. The costs are even more than the long-term storage costs in the Gulf Coast.Feb 2016"

  • @psyt Apr 20

    Thanks again. ♥

  • @ustaknow Apr 20

    Ah, it was "Saving Grace" that series, - actually, may be "OK" if never seen but not worth a re-watch, - I tried, I only made it to what ever the half way is for it, - then it got very very "chick" oriented; absolutely lost me. I don't really remember how it eneded either but got so turned off, - didn't care 😀 hahhh... maybe I should go back and skip ahead to the end. I think the end, if remember, made no sense?

    Anyway, - that show kind of showed Oklahoma as an "Oassis" - from city to farm land, deer hunting with there Magnum Pistols no less 😀 hahhh!

    Well, maybe now? businessess will relocate back now.

    I tell yah.... it didn't have ot happen. When NAFTA passed and all of the Carolina's went dark from the Milliken plants closing, - they never recovered.

    The Greenville Spartanburg Airport tried to keep ahead to accomodate BMW -auto. Firestone -tires came to SC, so did Haier (China Frig) ... still went to poverty level and stayed there. Sad.

    Then, you've seen me write? - in my "work" - railed against "Off Shoring", predicted, 2007 - 08, then told all, it's be no less than 7 years if not 12 years. So, in 2017 it seemed to magically end for some reason, - not sure what that may be, overnight. So, 2017 - 2008 is 9 years. NINE YEARS... imagine that.

    GM - went bankrupt, and is STUDIED if you get an MBA, or study Finance on the Phuck Job that was/is, and still. Most have no idea... no understanding of that and much more.

    So, - we'll see I guess. No one listens... if you all did what I say, all would be OK 😀 !! Uno! 😀 hahhh!

  • @ustaknow Apr 19

    So, what's good about Oklahoma, where, how and why? I'd love to know.

    There was an old TV series about an Angle and some old blonde actress, - can't remember the name of it, revolving about the Fed Building bombing. That's all I know about your State, and from Texas, to drive up for Music some large venue for concerts. But, seemed like was a 2 hr drive from Dallas?

    Anyway, now I'm curious 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 19

    I had no idea Okalahoma was like that. Wow. This is why I love hearing from folks around the country, - world.

    I know I was stunned to see the prolific homeless in Dallas. Even folks sitting on Highway medians, at lights... and as happened, stepping into traffic to cause an issue. A guy did it to me. But me being me "knew" he was about to step in front of my car. The wife was stunned.

    He just was quick stepped back up on the curb and did a ballet move the other direction as if maybe I hadn't see him (?) weird is mild. I say allot of bizaare bahavior there. But, was all on, or about the Highway overpasses, intersections and near the many large stripmalls.

    Even pulling off into a stip mall, so to speak, LARGE 25 acre shopping mall every half mile 😀 - you had to wait for the "chick, footing herself' across the entrance, back and forth in a wheel chair... for some reason - would not touch the Wheels and push like most do, (or I had to when wound up in one 😀 hahhh!, so I know)... no, she "foot pulled herself 6 inches at a time" for some reason. And, looked ready to go ballistic if you did any other than wait. 😀 Nice!

    In that regard, Texas was worse as I've seen, even by NY, NJ standards of "not good".

  • @ustaknow Apr 18

    You felt at home in CAMDEN? O M G! 😀

    Scarier than Newark, or Trenton even...

  • @ustaknow Apr 17

    Oh, also, fyi, - I left that Zong on 5090 to see how long it takes 😀

    So, "here" - we had how many, ?, "lets keep it going?" (suggestions). So, now you'll see where I get my numbers, -- out of ~ 2000 +- there's 10% or 200 that "engage" (compulsive voyerisms 😀 ) Then from the 200 +-, 2% or so +- engage-engage, so maybe 2-4% ish, I just say 2%. 2% of 2000 (I use that number too, is ~ 40 ish. So, that's how you get the 3-4, maybe 5 groups of 3-4 (8 ish pending level of "engage"), -- it's all voodoo marketing anyway. But you get my drift I am sure!

    So, now we have half dozen groups of 200 people, SAME ones, and NOT doing there what they were not doing here 😀 However, I'll guess?, some niche finally found itself? on FB? Gud4Them! 😀 Geese. But, look at the membership, tell me I'm wrong 😀

    Add in, I am shocked who is admin'g that group. There is a "usual" 2-4 and are ony for a very narrow group of folks who do NOT know how to engage ALL and wind up doing something STUPID 😉 😀 (Those, will "allow" me to join, then "speak around me" - as if I don't see that? 😉 hahhh... it's fun when bored though! You probably see that.)

    That in turn, eventually provokes someone and you get, what you get.

    I know you know all this, or quickly learning... - just keep engaging and avoid the exhausting folks.

    I set up "Lightening Rods" for "Self Identification" - yes, I been doing this so long, most don't even realise it, and it works. You probably to smart not to "see it" 😀

    Some of the most interesting, nice and engaging folks I ever had dinner with were 180 degrees from me, hardened criminal violent offending family folks 😀 😉 who knew not to make stuff personal and kinda liked seeing that in others. Not getting personal made it easier to "give a pass".

    As I warned many in those days, - don't get personal - , once you do, folks will go to extreme effort to phuckUup 😀 -- Right?!... aye! 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 17

    Wow, sorry to hear that, re: shipping. I've been fortunate, only delays, no lost. And yes, the USPS regionally is iffy. Here, it used to be stellar; now, not so much. We had postal carrier that did bizarre stuff and allowed! Little krapped like, walk through a garden, not the path and made a worn path - saved them, maybe 6 steps. So, had to put "stuff" in the way. Then, one took to delivering to the "curb" anything not a letter. So, a little box, -- look, it's way out there at the street like trash dumped from a car with diapers, bottles, branches, and your package 😀

    When I live in Newark NJ, (not a good city, fyi 😀 ), the guy used to band all the mail, 3 floors to the house, 3 Apts, and chuck it to the house from the sidewalk, - 35-40 feet? He was not a good shot, -- when I finally moved, I happed to look, side of the house, - wow, PILE of bundled mail that had been there for years. Bills? Probably 😀 hahhh. I remember speaking to the Post Master directly. He said, yeah, well, it's that or you come direct and pick it up, - no delivery 😉 (It was a bad area and he said he was afraid - it was not that bad, "i" lived there... hmmm, well, maybe it was that bad 😉 hahhh!

  • @ustaknow Apr 16

    Yes, the whole LEO thing, - it's true what you say; you can tell (?) I think, while I had fun and my time was interesting it was only going to end one way or another and neither "good". It's a shame too. I actually read, post grad high school day, long ago, a little book of "predicting" future jobs (not any mainstream book, some obscure one found in a library in the Blue Ridge Mtns some where 😀...) and said, -- it would never be a good job, going forward for all the reasons that, -- it is in fact true, shitty 😀

  • @musicsongwriter  Apr 15

    Thank you for listening to your tragic mind and suggesting to create your lyrics. I composed my piece about grieving. It's very sad. If you feel connected it will be great to collaborate. Please feel free to get in touch via the fawm if you like (contact button).
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Take care.

  • @ustaknow Apr 15

    Pink - interesting marketing on that.

    You know, sometimes, they way you "talk", (in some of this other stuff), --I wonder if you are/were LEO 😀 Just say'in, just say'in...

  • @ustaknow Apr 14

    So, something happened with you for real, with LEO's? Or, an angry girlfriend harrassing you?

  • @ustaknow Apr 14

    So, were those lyric fragments, or you did something to someone yesterday during storm watch, lockdown? (Not sure how that's possible)

    Stand your ground can be messy.

    Saw a video of one, - got off, at first then, declared not in imminent danger. He was claiming, "reactive" 😀 danger, presence of mind and that "it" was to continue.

    The jury saw the other guy step back, and context, and locked him up 😀

    Truth... whose truth 😀 Hindsight is not 20/20, it's 50/50 😉

  • @ustaknow Apr 14




  • @candle  Apr 14

    Hey, thank you for the great comment on Granular Suspension (on the Rocktober site). I've wanted to control synths with my guitar forever, and when I discovered WDE's Note Detector Machine for Jeskola Buzz, I knew I finally had the piece of kit to make it happen. It has been a bit of a headache to setup, it took a lot of experimentation to get it to where it is now. But I view my "Live" Buzz Setup as an ever-evolving beast that I tweak as new ideas come to me & new Buzz Machines are released. It's a fun & very creative process.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @zecoop  Apr 13


  • @tcelliott  Apr 13

    Just saw your message on my board (shows how often I go there, usually straight to the boards.) I completely understand what you're saying re: avoidance and respect that decision. Thanks for letting me know.

  • @ustaknow Apr 13

    Cable - oh yes, I remember those days. Then the guy with a Satellite Dish the size of a VW Bus, was the area "guru", - also had a 2Meter Radio antenna in a back yard 50x50 in size, with pool and barbecue 😀 hahhh! (Those were the folks to know!) 😉

  • @ustaknow Apr 12

    I looked into a dedicated satellite for data and was told, it's one of the slowest. I used to work allot with UDP/IP the cousin of TCP/IP, actually "Mobitex" or folks know as Blackberry Devices, and our Satellite connections worked flawlessly (all those .gov pods in the sky free to use). Anyway, data is data, and Cache'd and Compressed and not a "bi-directional" voice conversation works well. Even w/Conversation, what do you care if there's a 0.5 sec delay. If the Cache is uncompressed and streamed in a logical flow it won't matter. Now Sync it to a Picture/Mouth and is a japanese karate movie from 1960 😀 )

    Oh well.

    Ya, I had a great ISDN connect via the phone company and even at the end of the "line". But, they started to let certain services go. One day, "BAM", - zero throughput. I went from ~50Mb Wav Files in 1-min or so to an hour and fail!.

    I had a Pole Guy out here 3days... then said the deal. Some folks in "Pockets" are offered "air phones", or it nothing. They won't fix the Switching Station issues.

    So, litterally had the phone line removed from the house, Amish Style 😀 hahhh.

    Then got pissed at the Cable company, trying to rape us for $90/mo... and demaning hand delivery of their box back to their office! THEN, tried to buy their way back after Satellite took off for TV. Offered over $500 contract buy outs.

    I went out with Branch Cutters -- climb the ladder and snipped the cable from the house, they refused to remove 😀 They still leave a 6 ft stranding danglnig from the street wire. 100 Trucks can drive by and none get out to "tidy up".

    The Cell Phone Hot spot with dedicated phones was the last great through put here if not back to Cable, - then all throttled back.

    I did toy with getting a T1 - but it's not a commercial area and would likely not understand what I was asking for. Truth be told, "functionally" the ISDN connect "felt" as fast w/all the sheit running on a Browser and days of FTP long gone 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 12

    I posted to forum, two threads 😀 fyi.

  • @ustaknow Apr 12

    Yeah, wrap Facebook (pig for bandwidth and poorly coded, truth be told), wrap a 5-6 HD Video, "song", or HD song and add a Kazillon more users and yeah, bandwidth.

    Folks will upon initinal connect be OK, then the Provider will throtle it back and Parse out the access.

    And, lots of it is just me, my local bottleneck(s).

    I put up, even, 3 hotspots, 3 diff phones to see, -- many like a T1 line, then half a day later, - sheit 😉 all 3. Each PHONE of course is it's own onramp. But I am sure if even 3 different Carriers, same stuff.

    Unless the "cable" company is keep it open and can. I dunno, have Satellite which is, the slowest 😀 hahhh. The neck to the Inet is the issue, once on, - it goes. The cell phone hotspot used to be, should be one of the fastest. Not anymore.

    How you connect? Cable?

  • @ustaknow Apr 11

    So, I put up a new thread:

    For post FAWM and pre-5090 and quite blunt 😀 so, we'll see how that goes.

    Feel free to post lyrics or as you like. You are one of the honored not "cool-kids"? Well, you're allowed if even really Cool 😀 hahhh!

  • @ustaknow Apr 11

    Oh, as far as writing and sharing, I'd love to... I kind of had, put up the Lyric Only on Bandcamp and in the "vi-rus" challenge 2 forums. Can't see Reads, on Listens 😀 but, no comments either. (Then they complain no ones intereseted? Explain that to me? (rhetorical 😀 ) I won't say any more, since I a sure folks know how I feel, right? Don't want to risk a WTFAU then a sour note here 😀 - I would push back if happened.

    Anyway, - I think theres a good bit and some I feel have good potential. I'm kinda surprised. I'll go back and re-read, and say, "did *I* write that? hahhh! To stay organised I do on text/note-pad, then post to "me only" on my FB account (the only thing I kinda use it for, since Email was to messy). So, when I get "ready" I go down the FB Thread one after the other and see if Musication occurs.

    Should "we" put up another thread "here", "PostFawm Lyric Only" and stipulate only for the non-cool kids 😀 or limited to just 3-4 😀 ? (I just can't hold it in ... appologies, - childish maybe, but I know persistent push back has molded the culture over time. And the ones that would push back, learned not to 😉 so to speak).

    So, would likely only be you and me and the one or two others that may comment. ALL DO READ, that I promise you. There's always #20 or so online lurking, reading ALL at anyone time, - never doubt that. Even these SoundBoards 😀

    I had an interesting "incident" I comment from time to time post 5090 forum LONG "open" (of course) discussion thread.
    - One of the cool kids, "here today" pipped up and said "WTF"? This is TLTR. You shouldn't be writing this much, here, now. 😀 [Nice, aye?!] That one regrets that. Never appologised, HAS CHANGED, so Kudos for that, but is one of the Circular Handshake Crowd 😀 aka, "cool kids" 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 11

    When a southern boy says "got the first turkey" of the year, my mind says, with a 10 or 12Ga, or was it a chevy or ford? at the Pigly Wigly? or SmackMe 😀? To much work for me to process that, even chicken... I'd have to try the 5+ at a time with a 25gal boiling pot if that really works to let go the feathers. I been handed Pheasant, whole, and as a hoof hunter, I'd never hand anyone a "deer" unzipped, you know so chucked them out. I saw Apalac boys process Doves in field, w/thumb up the middle and unzipped them, that made sense and not worried about the meat. So, you'll have to explain 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 10

    Audacity is free, GNU software and simple. The online manual and forums has anything I've ever needed. Gotta get and add the .dll for the mp3 save as, just a copy and paste into the directory.

    Gotta use what you like and works for you.

    I don't knock the full blown studio software, however for me seemed more intended as prototyping and orchestration not to product a releasiable track.

    Many artists have tracks they can't play live, period, since a record is a record, period.

    One artist I've found interesting to observe (funny to say) is Taylor Swift, - she has 3 versions of every song, Stadium, Small Venue and singer-songwriter and I really do prefer the SS version if not SV ones. I'm not a 14 yo girl 😀

    Early one, according to her, many years ago, -- she took over the business side, "no one made me" I believe she said. Now she has from nearly short sci-fi shorts to etc. I love to hear her sing off key and kind of sheitty... - she dosn't care. (Actually, key change she missed, etc., pretty ugly sounding 😀 ) But real.

    But hey, nothing beats "When the Levy Breaks"!! 😀 hahhh!!!

  • @ustaknow Apr 10

    What daw do you use? Me, - audacity w/mp3 dll added in.

    I've used or tried to use'em all. It comes down to "you" more than anything else. I've been pushing the old fashion track maniplation since I been here and see it's caught on. Proof of better is, "how you do that", - well, not a plug in. So, that's the bottom line, - how's is sound and not "Plastic" like, frankly Garage Band. It's like autotune, - you can't here it when used? 😀

    Anyway, I used to have my favorites but got blasted away by Windows Updates.

    So, now Linux Mint and Audacity and done.

    Long ago and far away, I used large tape then at home multi track Reel to Reel, then Cassette, and not Audactiy as if "analoge" or tape. Same technique, - who cares if t a hardrive and not wound plastic sprayed with magnetic material 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 10

    Hey, - it's not important, but only just now read through the "keep it going" threads. Then candle is told it's a no go? It's just mind boggling to me. Then read the "#..." it and link it. I don't get it. Then you got groups of 3-4 speaking to groups of 3-4 by only taking those 3-4 and all wondering why nothing but new suggestions come up. Mind boggling. Well, that is a broken piece "here" and has been since I joined. I was just "mind boggled" at seeing it now, in all of "this" in this CV-19 context. And, too, you said you saw the, "not for all..." non-inclusion stuff or get the drift.

    Anyway, oh well. I'd say, the original idea 😀 is what is working the Vocktober (in the Rocktober site 😀 )

    I had bunch of links to point folks to it but deleted it all when saw all the othere and did not want to then confuse anything. Again, oh well. 😀

    I looked at the 100/180 and its predictably that same chunk of folks who will then only speak to their 3-4 folks. And, for some reason, seams, easily put off and eager mostly for the "circular handshake" stuff only.
    - As if selling a used car, to a used car dealer with a full lot is the "music business" way to go 😀 - uh, no. 😀 not.

    Well, I got some Bandwidth issues resolved today, so hopefully can do some more music. We'll see. When "stressed", making music is not on my mind. I can write, but not always into Composing.

    That 5090 demo, -- had a nice feel to it. You vocal pitch is in a unique range (in a good way). Keep it "natural", you'll keep your following, well, imo. 😀 for what that's worth, who knows 😀 hahhh!

  • @ustaknow Apr 10

    Saw your track on 5090 - got to it. Good one!

  • @ustaknow Apr 9


    Priorities, priorities 😀 That's what'll start the Apocolypse/Revelation with China... "Leave it to Beaver" will get pulled and Bam! No Joy!

  • @ustaknow Apr 8

    That was interesting 😀 hahhh! I don't mind/care. Most folks here would not, but you probably know that.

    As far as dogs, - yeah, Iove them dearly. However, it's good to know how to fight them and it isn't by running or pulling away. For sure, control the head, - like a snake, the rest can't hurt you.

    Also, as with Pits, you don't want to be mid-jaw. I'm no expert and don't want to ever find out, but was told, - push in hard and keep pushing, then I guess if can cover the nose; if it wants to breath it'll have to make a choice. The thing is, your next decision is to finish the job, - running, still off the table.

    Anyway, - not sure where that nighmare came from 😀 but again - "it don't bother me none". Just be, again, careful what you're smoking, - if borderline anything, that Sativa can put you over the top. You may not believe it, - don't make it not true 😀 As I was saying, saw it happen this August when in Dallas.

    Well, derUgo! ... I gotta get back to work-work.

  • @candle  Apr 8

    Thanks for that. I don't really dabble in MIDI much, tho I have been doing more of it lately. Yeah, we should hook up on a track some time.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @ustaknow Apr 7

    Yes I"ve had those Epiphone valve jr 5w with I think it's an 8inch speaker? It's the Fender Champ. All are the 5F1 - hard to beat. I made every variation there was and came back to his wiring diagram all over the internet. I'll sometimes put in a "fuzz" switch, shunt to ground and there is a feedback loop you can put in too but, a bit to phasey if remembering correctly. Plain old overdriven break up using a Variac to down the input from 120v to maybe 90v - haven't done it in a while. But loved it for the bit 100w heads, the big Transformers with low voltage can sound pretty good if don't overdo it.

    - That War of the Worlds (french? tv?) - anyway got to episod 8 😀 not sure when the next gets recorded. It says "season finale" so #9 well, if you like that stuff, -- I recommend it. If follow closely, #8 takes a turn 😀 (no spoiler) but, one could anticipate it.

  • @ustaknow Apr 7

    Loomer Pedal, - didn't know you were looking at that. You're accumulating lots of stuff, - gas attack 😀 as they say... - I side stepped that.

    I really need to sell some stuff; it's rediculous.

    I mean, I got any one item during/for a project and figure, hang onto it, since why then repurchase and deal with that (I'm very very very exacting, so to speak when comes to certain things, like - the guitar neck has to line up dead center (or I can make it that way), pickups, strings all and be able to play a flat neck w/o buzz - I'll do the setup but has to be *capable (many are not 😀 can't fix, poop 😀 ). So, stressful for the seller if not me 😀 ) hahhh!

    Still, I got stuff I can get rid of. I figured I'd likely give it to a wanting/needing kid - NONE of those around these days! 😀 hahhh...

    I hate eBay... you can DETAIL as I did, used to sell lots of HM Strat parts, so like, "ashehole, this is an HM Strat Neck, it WILL NOT FIT YOUR guitar if NOT an HM Strat..." and what does the ashehole do, buys it, and complains it won't fit - square heel 😀 IN THE FRACKEN pic too!) so much fun and not worth it, so don't sell, keep due to that.

    I have many friends though, they SAY -never had that experience? So, huhhh, I dunno! 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 6

    I've kind of left the forums here, - fyi, - too 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 6

    Oh, I only just saw, you-all's response about FaceBook - yeah me too. I only mention that one group since, while there's a number of "members", like 4 people use it 😀 Me, and 2-3 others.

    Yeah that group I see there, are the usual suspects - I'm glad they found each other for that. And, there's likely a few I could not see anyway 😉 since blocked a long time ago.

    I saw you have some kind of your own music site anyway too you admin. So, keep that up, - gudNuff 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 5

    I tried to move to NM. Never happened. The hospital/university (the whole city Albaquerky 😀 ) job didn't come through.

    I was eying Las Vegas too, - would love to have move up to LV Lake - well I think I would. Looked nice, very nice and out of town. I like the Henderson area. But looks like the only place to work is one of the two university/colleges or a casino - the universities, in what I could see, are kinda not run well, well, it seems.

    Eh, I'll stick to the Lockheed Martins and etc. (Texas?), and either go to the Moon, (I'd go, really, I would!), - or help make good shoot'n missiles - either way 😀

    I was trying to get back, down south. Alabama looks good. North Carolina/Blue Ridge Appalach, - looks like it went to heck. My old area is taxing itself into annihilation - lots of 3-4th generation families can't afford to keep the farms - paid for long ago - in the name of "tourism". That's kinda weird. There's not much there, so a sudo-ism area really. The wife needs a "city" of sorts too. Mountain life won't work for her 😀 ... oh well!

    So, Ibanez acoustic you said? Cajon too. Sounds good! So, you're living with extended family? Garage or basement? 😀 (I'd take the garage, detached I hope 😀 )

  • @ustaknow Apr 4

    Oh, and I meant - Cannabis ("Hemp") Sativa and Indica strains as the "two, not CBD vs THC. One's geneticaly neutered 😀 the "Hemp" and is a "Strain". Nevertheless within "Hemp" you have as well Sativa/Indica -- less, far less of an issue than in the High % Cannabis. For e.g., a friend in Dallas this year, -- man, I thought he was doing Meth... nope, really high grade THC Cannibis, -- Indica strains generally provide a sense of deep body relaxation while Sativa strains tend to provide a more energizing experience. Same in "Hemp".

    Another friend "here" 😀 was telling me - did some modern "Pot", hadn't smoked in decades and thought he dropped LSD! 😉 hahahahahaha... that's from an "experienced" person. I've had so many "warn" me - I'm not interested in getting delerious or sedated... like I tell close friends and family, - when it matches "Orgasms", then I may try it 😀 hahahahah. Uno!!!

    - Yeah, as I said, the whole farming thing, "we" never engaged, or not with locals doing every other Tomato Plant and keeping it local/medicinal. For me, personally, I only went after "violent" and "criminal" (strong arm; beatings;fraud; "bad checks" 😉 heyyyy: Fraud 😀 - you know, "real crime" 😀 )

  • @ustaknow Apr 4

    Oh that FB group, is entirely for folks who want to put it up "somewhere" and separate, "entirely" from the other. Like 2-3 people even post much. 😀 me - and put up that Bromo Quinine lyric only thing 😀 -- to many folks are apocolyptically challenged. (Just buy QUININE - like Hemp, -- it's legal no Rx needed, no CV-19 LINES for the Synthesized versions 😀