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Spinning A US   Jan 2020

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my ever growing bio got ridiculous to scroll...was getting pissed off trying to edit some stuff 😀
say, comment, shit on, praise, leave tips, ask questions, do as you will, enjoy, fawm on
If I forgot to tag it. Just assume it's all unsafe for work 😉

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  • @ustaknow Jan 14

    Hey, not important, but, hahhh, that Octa pedal, went back and "triple" checked the 9v batt. thing, - one song and done.

    I did my last track and figured, "great"... we'll see. I didn't time it but, short work.

    Next day, didn't even light the LED 😀 but, -- gud2no... got a functional through signal, if even slightly overdriven, - interesting. I don't use pedals really but only remember getting cut off, no signal throughput if - dead batt. or 2low2go.

    I love it though. - Functional in a way I didn't expect and the way I expected... yeah... but wifey does not like "face melting noise", her face cringes, 😀 hahhh! My last dog was like that too, loved "smooth jazz", but any "face melting", not at any volume. She, the dog, was funny to observe with stuff like that.
    -- Interesting stuff, well, 2me 😀

  • @fuzzy  Jan 5

    So who are you gonna be this February?
    @dzdandcnfsd is also you, yes?

  • @ustaknow Jan 1