dustymason 7


18960 US   Feb 2007


Artist Bio

Influences:   simple machines, moon pies, highway miles, barking dogs, homegrown tomatoes, love, the actual moon, and other confoundingly complicated machines.

FAWM Class of '07

I am a self-employed stonemason, stone carver, and (dabbling) sculptor.

Songs (7)

#1 World's End 1
Feb 23
#2 Forksville 1
Feb 23
#3 Cabin Fever ZONG
Feb 23
#4 Fifty-Nine ZONG
Feb 23
#5 Endless Mountains ZONG
Feb 23
#6 02/26/1962 ZONG
Feb 23
#7 No Signal ZONG
Feb 23


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  • @steffan  Feb 13

    I pity the fool that fought for the losing side in the war on drugs!

  • @elainedimasi  Feb 11

    Heyy thank you for stopping by! A little quiet over here in the stoneyard? That can be ok 😀 Hope you're doing fine!

  • @charliecheney  Feb 11

    Yo-yo-yo representin' the 18960! Miss your scraggle-bearded face and wry-aspirations of breathy sardonicism. Love you mister.

  • @patfee Feb 10

    ah yess, the spanish moss plugin.. always a go-to for that damp, sullen echo.. im doing good man. still down in nola of course.. back to writing some weird music.. dispensing oscillations into the void.. thinking of making an album called 'God On Ice' .. it has a nice ring to it.

  • @fiddlerblick80  Feb 9

    Hi Dusty!

  • @steffan  Jan 24

    Music this year?