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Artist Bio

Influences:   Wilco; Rhiannon Giddens; Paul Simon; sunshine, tall trees, and blue skies

First-time FAWMer, trying to write a song a day.

I've played piano, drums, and mountain dulcimer for a while, but now I'm teaching myself guitar and trying to write new songs while I'm at it. Seemed like FAWM was the perfect place to share them!

I'm a big fan of folk, pop, and Americana music, please let me know if any of my songs are blatant copies of a song already written (one that I've probably heard and I'm subconsciously copying)--I want to know if I'm not being as original as I think I am...

Thanks so much for listening, this is such a great group!

Songs (29)

#1 Water is Sacred, Water is Life or The River of Truth 10
Feb 1
#2 Food Fight 4
Feb 3
#3 Bad Luck 4
Feb 4
#4 A Beautiful Thing 3
Feb 5
#5 Nightmare Capitalist Dystopia 5
Feb 5
#6 Go! 2
Feb 6
#7 Everything's Annoying 4
Feb 8
#8 When You Were Mine 4
Feb 9
#9 Summercold 3
Feb 10
#10 Water Breaking Over Rocks 3
Feb 11
#11 Stay Right 2
Feb 12
#12 It's Alright 6
Feb 13
#13 Sitting in Sunshine 2
Feb 14
#14 You Make Me Wanna Sing (...ooh la la la) 1
Feb 15
#15 Those Indecision Blues 2
Feb 15
#16 One Misty Morning Has Broken 2
Feb 16
#17 Dallas County 1
Feb 18
#18 WY, Wild Wyoming 1
Feb 19
#19 Springtime 1
Feb 19
#20 SoulShine 2
Feb 20
#21 In a Golden Cave 1
Feb 22
#22 Yours Truly 2
Feb 22
#23 Aiydume Dumdade 1
Feb 24
#24 TBH 1
Feb 25
#25 There's Always a Bigger Fish 1
Feb 26
#26 I Got So Much, but I Need You 1
Feb 27
#27 (So Many Reasons For) Breakfast Food 1
Feb 28
#28 A Mean Old Man 1
Feb 29
#29 Time To Go 2
Feb 29


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  • @alg123  Mar 1

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by and listening, and for the lovely feedback on Another Hundred Miles. And congratulations on achieving a song a day - woh. Seriously impressive. I look forward to listening.

  • @jessica14 Mar 1

    Welcome to FAWM! Hope you had a good first round!

  • @andrewjtaylor  Feb 15

    Just watched some of your Just Call Me Al video on your website. Never seen the Mountain Dulcimer played before. So odd and so cool. If you post anything here with the mountain or hammered dulcimer, you should do YouTube videos. šŸ˜€

  • @brandondale72  Feb 10

    Thanks for checking out my song "Sunshine/Darkness". Time to check out some of your music!

  • @ampersandman  Feb 5

    Wow, many thanks for listening to my album! Makes me happy!

  • @jani Feb 1

    Omg I hope we hear some mountain dulcimer! Iā€™m thinking of recording some zither this year. Looking forward to listening. Best luck

  • @keithcuts  Jan 30

    Track one on the album sounds good šŸ‘

  • @w1n  Jan 30

    Welcome to FAWM, checked out some of your videos, really nice stuff, looking forward to hearing some dulcimer tunes this FAWM šŸ˜€

  • @natrin Jan 30

    Welcome & good luck! Just listened to a bunch of your songs & videos. So much talent! Congrats on the recent award & hope that you enjoyed FAI šŸ˜ Looking forward to seeing what you produce here this month.

  • @fuzzy  Jan 29

    Welcome to FAWM!
    Lookin' forward to hearing some dulcimer!

  • @guatecoop  Jan 29

    Welcome to fawm! I hope that you enjoy your experience here.