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Influences:   hair metal, Wheat, musicals, comedy, 80's pop, fake music, movies

Musician and songwriter in a basement near DC. I love working on all sorts of genres. Especially a fan of one-off, themed albums. Currently working on multiple projects, including a singer-songwriter album under the moniker Bottle Episode with fellow-FAWMer, Marisa Paterson, and some hair metal songs under the moniker, Scoundrel. I also do some session work for independent singers, filmmakers, and podcasters.

When you pronounally discuss how intolerable you find my music and how awkward you find my personality, saying "He and his music are distinctly discomforting, so it's best to avoid him altogether" would be preferred.


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  • @nancyrost  7 weeks

    9505 5124 8706 1056 7483 66

  • @ajna1960  7 weeks

    LOve 'Chase the devil' - thank you for a fun collab !

  • @ajna1960  7 weeks

    I'm happy for you to just post it when ready πŸ˜€ Unless you need me to make any lyric changes for you of course !

  • @ajna1960  7 weeks

    Added you to 'Chase The Devil' !! Thank you !

  • @richaaaay  8 weeks

    So glad someone can pump out words quickly. Yours were great.

    That was my first skirmish but I agree it was fun. I was so impressed with what everyone else did. You and others made the music to fit the mood. I hadn't even really thought bout that...Rookie move. Although there's no way I could pulled off what you and some others did. Very creative.

  • @rbmarty000  8 weeks

    hey .. sure.. email me the lyrics .. I can send you .. or you can download the soundtrack and sing them.. I'm almost deaf now from spending so much time under the headphones.. so I don't do much fancy production any more.

  • @richaaaay  8 weeks

    The taxi phrasing was more of a screw up than anything. I was trying to stick to the deadline so didn't have time to edit. Just went full send. Funny that you liked it.

    On yours did you write it all out or ad lib some? Really hilarious.

  • @rbmarty000  8 weeks

    Thanks Michael.. You know how to make a Fawmer happy. So observant too.. I'm glad you liked Too Hot To Handle.. I'm not a very good performer, but writing is fun. Thanks again..

  • @richaaaay  8 weeks

    Dude, you crushed it. You could have given me a lifetime and I would not have been able to come with something as good as that.

  • @zecoop  Feb 18

    Yes!! Thanks for the very nice comment! I grew up with it as a high schooler in the 80's but only was a peripheral fan. I was on the prog (Rush/Yes/Genesis/KC) and weird music (Talking Heads etc) side of things. I had a TON of fun writing and playing the music for that song, so I was trying to be genuine. Very fun - you SHOULD make some!!
    (but in the meantime I will catch a few now!)

  • @ajna1960  Feb 17

    Yes I am happy for you to post your version of it πŸ˜€ My email is sheeaunmusic@gmail.com (Amanda West). Thank you !!
    I am in Ireland, so there could be a gap in response times !

  • @ajna1960  Feb 17

    Hi Sir πŸ˜€ Thank you for asking about collabing for FAWM on 'Don't Wait'. I do already have an 'outside of FAWM' collab for it, but she is very happy for you to also create a version of the lyric for FAWM if you wish πŸ˜€ So go ahead, and I am happy for you to adjust the order of the sections, as long as that first verse is still first, as the first line is there to punch in the gut so to speak πŸ˜€

  • @radiobenedetto  Feb 15

    Thx for the comments on Troubletown! I’ll give your suggestions a whirl. Looking fwd to checking out your music!

  • @wylddandelyon Feb 14

    I'm doing a card draw too--Dragonfae Oracle. You're welcome to stop by.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 14

    Hey, I got tape 5 and....a GIFT! Thanks for the cd! I will check out the tape and get on it tomorrow. Thank you!

  • @heidiserwer  Feb 13

    Oops. Meant to say β€œYou Are My Home,” which is the song that you commented on. Can’t edit from my phone though.

  • @heidiserwer  Feb 13

    Thanks for your comments on Distracted! I hadn’t considered that other meaning of tonic and really love the connection you made.

  • @mccannrs Feb 12

    Hey dude, thanks for the comment on my song! I'm happy to hear that you already came up with a verse for the tune! If you give me your email I can send you the track and any extra info you need. Cheers!

  • @zecoop  Feb 11

    Well on the left side you have the maracas that start from the beginning and then the egg shaker comes in later on the right. They both are going together for a lot of the song

  • @loveonamixtape  Feb 11

    Thank you so much for your kind words about King of Swords and about my music!

  • @nancyrost  Feb 9

    Sent - looking forward!

  • @zecoop  Feb 8

    Hey there - did you receive the tape? Hope it made it there ok. πŸ˜€

  • @heidiserwer  Feb 5

    Thanks for stopping by my page and for the update on my link. Fixed now. 😊

  • @ustaknow Feb 5

    Hahhh, yeah, jack white? made it okay to have 6 bands πŸ˜€ hahhh! More even. Why not.

  • @dragondreams  Feb 5

    Thank you loads! πŸ˜€
    I faded the track because I had no idea how I was going to finish it and time was ticking down! 😁

  • @zecoop  Feb 3

    Hey there - I put you second on the tape I just recorded. E-mail your address to me at zecoop at yahoo πŸ˜€

  • @marisappaterson Feb 2

    Can't wait to (hopefully) respond to your emails at an acceptable pace this month!

  • @zecoop  Feb 2

    I can put you on the tape with spot three open or you can wait for a fourth track to mix, or you can start one - just comment in the forum whenever you want a spot. That's usually how they are claimed. Anything that is open is fair game.

  • @zecoop  Feb 1

    Hey there! Thanks for the listen. Probably not going to do vocals on this one, as I like to do at least one pure instrumental surf song, but there will be others and if you like something let me know. Thanks for asking! For the 4-track thing, post in the 4-track forum thread and I’ll get you onto a tape (and probably more if you want). Are you comfortable mixing at the end, or would you like to be in the middle? If you want to start one let me know too!

  • @zecoop  Jan 25

    Wow, that was an awesome interpretation of Lazarus. What an incredible song and you really did it justice. Super full, lush and thick. And yes... the larynx IS arguably an analog synth! πŸ˜‰