Driftwood 14


02703 US   Feb 2016

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Influences:   Not while driving or operating heavy machinery.

I FAWM therefore I am...


Multi collab: https://fawm.org/songs/124393/


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  • @wolfkier 1 week

    care to help a little? https://fawm.org/forums/topic/11940/

  • @gm7  4 weeks

    I'm good for 4 for #tit4tat

  • @radiobenedetto  4 weeks

    Likewise. I will do my listening .

  • @radiobenedetto  4 weeks

    Hey, wolfkier suggested we connect. You down for a #tit4tat? I'm good for 4. Any you'd recommend? I my side the tags are pretty descriptive of what you'll find. If you like fingerpicking and lyrics, Jonny Got His Fun is my best. Tight songwriting i think Slipped and Read the News and Fascinator might be best. If you like acoustic EDM combo Midnight Oil. Laid back vibes try Weary as A Clock, See Yourself. If you like fingerpicking and experimental electronica Rise of the Blazing Arrow parts 1&2. Dreamy . . . Carousel or Sashay. Anyway lemme know if there are any in particular you'd like feedback on.

  • @gnashattack  5 weeks

    Hey hey, thanks for the listen on "Speed Up!"

  • @audrey  5 weeks

    Thank you for all the kind words about my music. I really appreciate it. And you have a great 2021 too. Stay safe too.

  • @wolfkier 5 weeks

    having fun yet? 😀

  • @richaaaay  5 weeks

    Hi Neil, thanks for listening to The Avenue. I'm game for some tit4tat. How about three apiece. You've commented on one already. For the remaining two I'd recommend you choose between Marco?, The Cyclone, The Rock, Little Monkey or Howl'n.

    I just listened to The Jury but if you have any particular recommendations let me know...Thanks!

  • @kathym  5 weeks

    I'm still catching up on sending thank you notes for your having stopped by my song "When it Snows". I am so touched by the support and comments this song has gotten. I played this at a zoom open mic even though it's not quite polished and it was well received. I will be back in touch if I get the demo up in case anyone is around to listen. Your time and support mean so much to me and I really appreciate your having taken time for me. 😀

  • @ferry0123 5 weeks

    Thanks for already listening. It's been a pleasure to comment on your songs. They are quite intense at times, so to fully grasp it, I needed relistens, and in doing so the songs did grow. #tit4tat

  • @ferry0123 5 weeks

    Hello...would you like to exchange some listens with me?@wolfkier mentioned and recommended you in the #tit4tat song exchange experience 😀

  • @nadine 5 weeks

    Thank you so much for listening and commenting on my songs!

    The piano on "Nuff Said" will be replaced by clean vocals. I hope I receive answers to my request on vocals/rap to finish this song. It will be lots if fun!

    You made me rethink my arrangement on "Angel In Jeans". What about throwing the harp out? Or some part if the choir? I plan three vocals layers without adlibs. Your music has less tracks and works!

    FAWM was too short to finish all those in appropriate quality. Beeing only a songwriter, producer and keyboarder I am very dependent on collaboration. It will take a while until everything is recorded and then I'll get it mixed and mastered. It is a pity that half of my fun has to be postponed somewhere after FAWM, probably summer or autumn. People will never know that I'm really into layering and full band arrangements! If you're interested how the final versions will sound, you should follow me on SoundCloud. But I'll finish my album of electronic music first (March, April) for the sake of separate concerns. "All Hallows Eve" will be a part of this one for sure.

  • @highmountain 5 weeks

    Howdy, Driftwood! Thanks for your comment! Hope that love of concept isn't of the culinary kind! In these crazy times, you never know. 😀

  • @nadine 5 weeks

    Came here on the recommendation of @wolfkier and I'd like to do some #tit4tat to push up your stats. Feel free to do as many as you like. Beware of not real guitars and rough mixing - I hope it rocks anyway.

  • @wolfkier 5 weeks

    HI, thanks so much for your #tit4tat clean sweep of my work earlier. I'll find a nice open 30-45 minutes sometime later today and come back and repay your kindness. I hope you've already had a few people initiate #tit4tat with you. Also feel free to initiate a few other #tit4tats in the meantime. I might suggest maybe drop in with a first feeler with @richaaaay, @seppo ,@ferry0123, @davidtaro, @dzdandcunfsd. You'll find them very interesting, I think and they're very generous quick with their responses.

  • @iwilleatyou 6 weeks

    Thanks for the listen!

  • @arinushka 6 weeks

    Thank you for listening 'To Sleep'. (I hope you slept well after that).

  • @thefinalfrontier  6 weeks

    As I strummed that guitar lick, I asked myself: "self, is this an Isbell lick" - it might BE from Southeastern.

  • @nadine 7 weeks

    Thanks for your comment on "Embrace the storm". Yes, this song is heavily influenced by 2000s power metal! I heard a lot of this stuff when I was in that age.

  • @persaab 7 weeks

    Thank you for the comment.

  • @cblack 8 weeks

    Thanks for the listen and comment! The guitar actually gave me the most trouble, strangely enough. Until I realised I needed to play mostly low notes for this song. 😀

    And it's funny that you say the music suits the lyrics... That first verse in particular, there are 8 lines of lyrics, but the drum pattern repeats 5 times! I don't know why, but it just worked like that lol. 😝

  • @thefinalfrontier  8 weeks

    "Fuel" is one of those ones where you tell yourself "OK, got the idea saved now, I'll come back and re-track it cleanly in a better key" and just never get around to it.

    The names Dinah and Earl came out of the void, no particular source.

  • @audrey  Feb 10

    Thank you for your kind words about my song "No Hurry". I appreciate you giving it a listen.

  • @raygungirls Feb 9

    Thank you so much for checking out songs! Glad you're enjoying them. I still have about 3 weeks more worth of creations to come!

  • @mmmmarcus Feb 8

    Thank you very much for the comment on You Fucked Me Up! Glad you liked it!

  • @wacha  Feb 8

    Thank you for your very kind words on "Right Inside Our Door".

  • @sunnymae  Feb 8

    You made me laugh 😀
    Thanks for your comments on season of sorrow.

  • @faststrings Feb 8

    Hey Driftwood, many thanks for your comment on Snow I appreciate it!

  • @berni1954  Feb 5

    Thanks for your positive feedback on my song "Beginning and End". Neat that you spotted the underlying structure. I'm a great believer in structure. 😁

  • @gm7  Feb 5

    Thx for the comment on " Old school blues".

  • @haim  Feb 5

    Have a happy fawm man.

  • @ustaknow Feb 4

    Hello! Happy FAWM2021!

  • @celineellis  Feb 4

    Thanks for stopping by and listening! really appreciate your comment about the ambiguity as that was something i was aiming for!

  • @tukayandryan  Feb 4

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Looking forward to hearing more of your songs 😊

  • @thefinalfrontier  Feb 3

    I think I should have teased a few more electronic elements early in the tune, and used a slightly different timbre for that synth solo, but...FAWM