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SG   Jan 2010  

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Influences:   I guess I am a prog rock boy at heart, not that I write prog rock. I have an eclectic music collection that I listen to and influences ooze from there.

I am originally from Birmingham, England. However, I have been living in Asia for many years. Singapore is where I call home these days (for now)...

05-Feb: Started working on some ideas. Creativity engine not firing on many cylinders at present.

13-Feb: Had a window of opportunity over the weekend to complete some songs and post them. Work overload at present, so waiting patiently for another window to continue with song ideas. I came across some interesting challenges I may give a go. I missed the bad ass riff one, shame. But I was able to listen to some of the great entries.
17-Feb: posted some more tunes in the window presented to me. Still not inspired to write any lyrics, so everything posted so far is instrumental.

I have been using GarageBand on my phone to help trigger ideas again this year. I have moved several of these ideas from the phone into Logic on my computer and built around the structure created....everything so far just instrumentals.

Thanks for stopping by and checking my stuff out.

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