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98052 US   Feb 8


Artist Bio

Influences:   Feist, Sade, Rilo Kiley, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Singer/Songwriter in Seattle originally from San Diego who also spent some time singing South Korea.

It's very clear I'm a first time FAWMian. FAWMer? FAWMist? Fawmtonian?


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  • @elsahay  Mar 21

    I'm organizing a FAWM concert in Seattle on May 5. Let me know if you are interested in participating. More info at https://www.meetup.com/SongwritersInS...

  • @meatcoup85  Feb 26

    Thank you for your kind words 😀 loved all of your music so far but need to check you latest! 😀

  • @audrey  Feb 26

    I know it's kinda late, but welcome to FAWM. At my first FAWM I only wrote three songs, but I get better every year. Hope you're enjoying it so far. This is my fourth year, and I love it here. There's no more supportive community on the internet than FAWM. Enjoy. 😀

  • @quork  Feb 14

    Thanks for your comment! I had a lot of fun writing and working on it.

  • @quork  Feb 8

    Welcome! Hope you have a successful FAWM.