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11207 US   Feb 2020

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  • @ampersandman  Mar 2

    Hey, thank you very much for commenting on my song. I just put up the lyrics and translation. Cheers!

  • @imaginary1 Mar 2

    Hey mate! Thanks for showing interest in my tunes man! What I've got on my soundcloud is whats out there of this type of music I do! There is a few songs up there from before FAWM ... But its a relatively new thing getting back into writing...! I did front an older band called 'Contrast' and we did sonic youth, shoegaze type stuff! We had an album called singularity. Currently I just play guitar in a psych funk kinda band called Bananagun, we just put out an album called 'the true story of bananagun' and were pretty happy with it! My girlfriend also has a band I think you would really like called Parsnip. But as far as my own tunes, this fawm was supposed to be my kick up the ass to do my own stuff again, and try find a new style I like writing in. Anyways, again, thanks for showing interest, and hopefully one day I'll put together a band and get some songs out there. Take care

  • @drdude Mar 1

    Love love love that song. Liked the movie a lot too. I will have to check out the book.

  • @imaginary1 Feb 27

    Whoa thats so cool, you watched the movie! Its real sweet, the book is super cool as well. The book is actually written by a lady who had consecutive dreams she was in 1901 when the whole storyline was happening. The dreams correlated with a police report that said 5 girls went missing at hanging rock in that time period... so the writer believes her story to be true... but the book paints a really cool picture of 1900's australia as well as being a cool story. Glad you liked the song!