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Virginia US   Feb 2017

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Influences:   Joni Mitchell Townes Van Zandt James Taylor

Nine years writing songs and playing guitar


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  • @ustaknow May 6

    Just a brief follow up, if even interested.

    OK, this place I spoke of? is up. I'll leave it there, -- check it out, or not, either way, responds to stuff I've been contacted about, and in reaction to my FB acct deletion, https://forums.songstuff.com/clubs/31...

  • @ustaknow Apr 29

    So, I deleted as I said. And then my wife, in discussing it, got me wondering about a platform, my own again, -- which I keep telling here is really *useless to do but got me thinking.

    So, in true "artist" spit balling just say'in... 😀 only; since *many I see now, really don't like FB and there are one or two old "forums" out on the Net; which I've avoided *too until FAWM/5090 5 years ago or so... Well, some, or one I was on a year or so ago, didn't mind sub-groups just to keep it all alive (most are just dormant domains, ships hulls, sitting there like in a scifi 😀 hahhh!). Anyway, the main groups have their own special needs folks, like all of them do (where there's people, theres issues 😀 ), -but the sub-groups are their own. That I experience myself since experimented prior to at that time finding FAWM, etc. -now changing too, as things go.

    So, my point 😀 yes I have one:
    What was rattling round my head was a sub-group somewhere, not FB 😀 (like the one you reference), where as wifey put it, -Conservative, Christian (not literally, but her analogy for even agnostic freudian morality 😀 not legalism), Performing Songwriters, who have -

    (1) self published indie (for fun, *not profit), but serious writers who just write for the praxis of it as the basis for like ~10 years of so (long enough),
    -and since this second is a divider as you've seen, too?,

    (2) plays their own live instruments "singer songwriter" style, *not Karaoke, biab "auditions" for fame and fortune 😀 - "demos", *real bounce/scratch tracks from basic mix's, but real ones!

    For me, as always, NOT have 2000 members is my preference. More like 200 with 20 active, rotating as life goes.

    At any one time, I usually have at least 6 friends, oh my, "on-line friends". And all usually, Conservative, Christian, thinking types who want to "add value" and debate each others good work for value sake, -positively.

    So, just chucking that out there. I don't see any momentum anywhere, so just ideas.

  • @johncrossman  Mar 8

    That sounds like a worthy project in 2020! The concept of the song now fits the folk genre better anyway. The charge to change is a good folky theme. The blues theme might have to be... things keep changing and it makes me blue or... dang, now I gotta change? 😀

  • @andygetch  Mar 1

    You're welcome and I forgot to say hello and I (think I?) remember you from the Song Skirmish group a couple of years ago.

  • @rshakesp  Feb 29

    Pleasure - I read your forum note - so tried to give you something to think on 👍

  • @calumcarlyle Feb 29

    very true!

    Having recently learned that little secret, i now need to spend the next goodness knows how long figuring out how to pass that little secret on to others. It turns out language isn't sufficient to the task, even when its put to music! (sometimes anyway).

  • @ustaknow Feb 29

    Thank you for saying so, - my lyrics toward the end, admittedly are esoteric and from literally the "Headlines" and really are 5 min writes, and in this case, direct into the "new song form" here at FAWM.

    I do this when have no time, and etc. and something comes. I never thought I'd get past the initial 4 tracks, -- and so it goes here at FAWM.

    And yes, there is something about, if one was from certain parts of Appalachia, it will come through their music. I don't know if that's the case anymore. But, I know with myself it had an effect of sorts and esp I think if go "folk" only and in a "band" so to speak.

    I think many don't realise, - blue-grass, NOLA brass, country, appalachia, etc. But, then, "who cares" anyway 😀 hahhh!

  • @ustaknow Feb 29

    OK, good to know. Well, I remember your work. And, you have progressed, -- that's great!

  • @ustaknow Feb 28

    Your songs have that Appalachia tone. If you were the one last year who had the ID pic, wearing that big red ethnic dress? Anyway, if was you, - great progress; maybe see you at 5090 this July!

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 25

    Thank you for commenting on my collab song "In Her Garden", I appreciate it!

  • @davewermers Feb 24

    I found you on Soundcloud. I dont know why but when i look at your song on FAWM, I cant see anything relating to Soundcloud. I will give them a listen.

  • @davewermers Feb 24

    Thanks for taking the time to listen to my songs. It is much appreciated. It appears that you have music for your songs, but I cant play them.

  • @wylddandelyon Feb 22

    You're very welcome!

  • @davewermers Feb 21

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment on "I'll always have time for you".

  • @majormajormajormajor  Feb 20

    Hi, I totally understand about meter. One of my best friends used to argue with me all the time that everything is in 4/4, and although it's not always helpful to count it that way, it's not as though you can't. When I'm recording I always try to get a cheap and cheesy drum program in place of the metronome because I have trouble staying consistent playing along with a metronome. They often will make a slightly different sound on the downbeat, but still it's harder to feel the pulse than it is playing along with a drum loop.

    I don't know if this will help but here's an idea that goes one better than cheesy drum loops. One of the other FAWMers recorded a bunch of drum tracks for everyone to use:
    I think with so many fundamental parts of music it's all a matter of familiarity and so just counting along with these where there aren't other instruments to distract might be helpful. And of course you could write tunes with them as well. Among other things, sometimes a limitation like writing along to a precomposed drum line is enough to inspire. Good luck!

  • @cleanshoes Feb 5

    Thanks for listening!