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Seattle USA   Jan 2016

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Influences:   Bebel Giberto, Johnatha Brooke, Joni Mitchell, Dead can dance, Diana Krall, Ani Difranco, Beth Orton, Mazzy Star, Nirvana, Morphine, Wilco, Simon & Garfunkel, & Everything else that found its way into my subconscious.

Oh to be 21 again, or 25! I amuse myself by thinking I should name my first album 44. Joking aside, I learned to play guitar at age 21. Simple, very simple songs and sang only after lots of cheap wine. I get inspired easily and love to sing and write beginning sketches but struggle with finishing songs. Words happen but often they seem nonsensical. Thats why I am here, to push myself to write more meaningful words and to finish the songs! Thanks.

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