Stoichiometric Records 7

Artist Bio

Influences:   Overdosing on caffeine (my preferred method is coffee) whilst binge watching Filthy Frank videos, clinical depression and random bouts of high anxiety, the method of self deprecation, craft beer, disillusionment, true love and finding the true meaning of friendship. Also sarcasm.

My music's youtube:

Like video games? Want to watch videos of someone playing video games and being bad at it? I have a Let's Play channel as a way for me to try to get better at games. Also because making these videos are fun. Check it out if you're interested (for those who appreciate the warning, I do swear a lot, and some of my jokes are probably NSFW):

This last year I got a new job that sometimes has me working overtime and it's a night shift (3:30 pm to 2 am) so I may be forced to do all my recording and the bulk of my writing on weekends. Let's hope this doesn't cripple me too much, I haven't been doing so hot these last couple FAWMs. I want to get to 14 no matter what this year and make a comeback.