Stoichiometric Records 6

Artist Bio

Influences:   Caffeine, craft beer, good bourbon, grapefruit IPA's, medium rare steak with garlic aioli, potatoes in various forms, cheese... This is starting to sound like a restaurant menu... Anxiety, my demon cat, my loving girlfriend, my forever evolving taste in music, science, things that scare me, disturb me, or rustle my jimmies, my strong dislike for repetition... Cosmicism, existentialism, humanism, weird shit I see online, fine dining, and breathing. But most of all, Spongebob references.

My music's youtube:

Like video games? Want to watch videos of someone playing video games and being bad at it? I have a Let's Play channel as a way for me to try to get better at games. Also because making these videos are fun. Check it out if you're interested (for those who appreciate the warning, I do swear a lot, and some of my jokes are probably NSFW):

My job has me working until 2 AM every week night, so hopefully I can get enough time in between to record. Sometimes I get Fridays off, giving me three day weekends, which would help if I get those this month.

Working on a "double feature" concept album this year, inspired by double feature horror and sci-fi films back in the day. The two parts will consist of the following:
1. Presumed Dead - a man wakes up in a grave buried underground, escapes and sets out to remember what happened to lead to his premature burial and seek justice against the culprit
2. I Abhor Reality - A nihilistic, temperamental man sees surreal visions and falls deeper into his lunacy, to the point where he isn't sure what is reality and what isn't.


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    Yeah Iā€™m well thanks! Nice to hear from you too šŸ™‚

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    Hey thanks for your comments Devin! I hope things are going really well for you!!

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    Thank you for your nice comment šŸ˜€

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    I wish you good fortune in the carnage to come.