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Pittsburgh USA   Feb 2010  

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Influences:   elephant 6, psych pop, chamber pop, pop secret

delicious pastries is a 5 or 6-piece retro pop outfit, depending on whether our tambourine player can make it to practice. he's supposedly going for a phD. we'll believe when we see it. 2015 is the year we tie the bow on our 2nd album. we promise you, it's coming down the pipes. it's going to be a doozy. a few of us are running a solo game during february too. check out our FAWM handles below

We hail from Pittsburgh.
Vincent Poprocky (Pony Signal, Anello @vincentpoprocky)
Dan Styslinger (Anello, Southside American)
Jonathan Chamberlain (New Shouts)
Jesse Ley (Mantiques, Black Tie Revue @goldeen)
Burr Settles (the Founding FAWMer @burrsettles)
and Dr. Dustin

FAWM is our time to scratch out new material, switch instruments, and get loosey in the basement. someone pointed out we've had a different drummer for every track so far. far out, really

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