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New York USA   Jan 2013  

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Influences:   Toadies, ZZ Top, Tom Waits, Blue Grass, my Great Aunt Hellen Cook, Monster Magnet, Howling Wolf, Little Walter, Blues Explosion, all the drifters and rifters of the dirty blues.

Web developer by day, harp slinging blues man by night. Lead singer of the dirtiest blues band in NYC: Uninvited Guests:

2015 I did a concept album, Tales of a Robot Dystopian future. Featuring a cast of characters in the last Radio station, a robot overlord and a cast of other robots. Can check it out here.

2016. Detective noir, post destruction of human society. Played a lot of Fallout 4, and there is a character in there whom inspired me.

This year, think I will focus more on zombie junkyard Rock / Punk / Blues. Concept album for Zombie Dave and the Goretet.

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