Declan IOM 15


Isle Of Ma UK   Jan 2016

Artist Bio

Influences:   Psyche, pop, indie, punk, new wave, soul, electronica, jazz, folk, country, jazz...although these are just labels.

Trying to recreate the greats without sufficient resources, aptitude or dedication in the hope of discovering art and amusement in the gap between success and failure.


Instruments: Various Korgs, a casio organ I got from saving coupons from cigarette packs in the 1990s, 70's electric organ, Teenage Engineering gizmos, other gadgets, IOS aps, Jaguar copy, blues guitar, Kalimba, some FX pedals, kazoo, harmonica, various percussion things.

None of which I can play.


6th FAWM

Preferred pronouns: he, his, him.

Please note the rock hands next to my user name only indicate that I donated to FAWM, they don't represent me or my music, in any other way.


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  • @dragondreams  Mar 1

    Thanks, Declan!
    I love the idea you have about scripting some guidance in chunks... maybe next year (even though I said never again, I've eaten and slept since then).
    And thank you for being a part of that insane project. 😀

  • @reklov  Feb 23

    I think It's better to cancel our collab. I'm not happy with our communication. It seems that there's too little interest on both sides.

  • @richardmasters  Feb 21

    Hello, I've emailed the wavs. Sorry for the delay

  • @richardmasters  Feb 17

    Hello Declan - I have done my minute of the EQ. How best to get it to you?

  • @reklov  Feb 17

    I cannot see which words of your lyrics are building the chorus - or shall I leave the song without a chorus?

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 16

    Got it! Thanks! Should be a fun one!

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 15

    just checking in for exquisite corpse segment, if you've sent it it may be in my spam folder, but will check.

  • @reklov  Feb 12

    I'm so sorry - just fished your lyrics out of my spam folder right now! So there will be a delay...

    By reading your words I now know what you have meant. It's (for me) the normal way to get a closer musical idea, do the music and afterwards write lyrics.

    I must admit that I don't understood your lyrics at all but I sense an overall dark and negative atmosphere to them. So I think of an equally dark piece of music to accompany it. What style and genre would you find suitable for this? Sort of goth rock in 4/4? And yes, I think it's a good idea to add your vocals by yourself.

  • @reklov  Feb 8


  • @reklov  Feb 8

    Sorry, I'm German and my English isn't very good, so I don't understand your question clearly. YOU are the lyricist and I try to put your words into music.

  • @reklov  Feb 8

    Hi Declan! Just waiting for your lyrics for the random collab. Do you have something nice for me?