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Influences:   Mississippi John Hurt, Simon & Garfunkel, Blind Blake, Beatles, Blind Boy Fuller, Metallica, J.S. Bach, Beach Boys/Brian Wilson, field recordings of rural African-American musicians/singers in the 1930's, Syd Barrett, imported/craft beer, coffee, sleep, etc.

Cheers from Winnipeg, Canada! Go, Jets, go!!!

My modus operandi: I noodle around on the guitar and come up with ideas and riffs that catch my ear, and then I cobble those ideas and riffs together into something (hopefully) slightly catchy and coherent. I can't read music and don't know anything about music theory, so I've been wingin' it and playing by ear since I was a teenager. Sometimes I even feel compelled to add poorly written lyrics. Haha!! I don't take this whole music thing very seriously. It's a nice outlet and I have fun - that's what really matters. :-)

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