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London UK   Jan 2020

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Influences:   Randy Newman, The Beatles (and various solo careers thereafter), Robbie Robertson, Aimee Mann, Jeff Tweedy, Tom Waits, Eels, The Rolling Stones, Freddie King and lots and lots of other stuff I can't think of right now.

Hello. Second shot at doing a FAWM. Last year was a joy. Shame about the rest of 2020. Hoping this year is a bit of magic in these most crappy of times.

Speaking of which, it looks like I'll be home schooling two small people through February. Which means 1) lots of acoustic numbers (note to self: scale back on the rock opera), and 2) random requests for biscuits or sliced apple in the background to a couple of songs. Apologies in advance. Looking forward to hearing the many brilliant songs from others, as ever...


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  • @bradbrubaker  1 week

    Hi there. Thanks so much for listening to Perpetual Winter. Wasn't sure anyone would even see my post with the impending site hibernation, haha

  • @yarimurray  4 weeks

    I just listened to Fight For You and wanted to pass along my comments to you as well (it's not linked in your songs). Classic yet fresh. Well done!

  • @nadine 4 weeks

    The honour is yours 😀

  • @nadine 5 weeks

    The final version of "Fight for you" is online now. Thanks a lot for your lyrics and your voice. You seriously rock! I'm sorry I could not mark you as direct collab, so I've listed all of you in the title. In case something's wrong in the liner notes, just write me.
    Happy Easter!

  • @wolfkier 5 weeks

    To be clear, I've sifted the 1600 songs down to 130 (big job in itself), 90 sure things, and the final 10 from the 40 remaining. Any input, I know you know what you're talking about, would be much appreciated. Just 3 minutes at a time for as many times as you can spare over the course of the coming year. Thank you.:)

  • @wolfkier 5 weeks

    care to help a little? https://fawm.org/forums/topic/11940/

  • @gm7  7 weeks

    thx for your kind and extensive comments on my songs(group efforts on some). Thx again
    Pls stay safe!!

  • @gm7  7 weeks

    #tit4tat...i'm good for 4

  • @katestantonsings Mar 11

    "That repetition on the chorus works so well, as do those close-miked, doubled vocals" Dang!! You must have a great ear to know these things. Of course I will listen to your music. Looking forward to it! #tit4tat

  • @radiobenedetto  Mar 11

    Duet suggestion for Carousel is actually really interesting. Thx for that!

  • @radiobenedetto  Mar 11

    David, I'm a fan. Really enjoy your stuff! Great sensibilities. Super creative, versatile, funny, and you can both groove and rock. Rare combinations. Really enjoyed your production, I can see why Nadine suggested we connect. I'm glad she did!

  • @serene123  Mar 10

    Thank you David.. not even sure what to say but thanks for listening to quite a few of my songs! Especially liked that you suggested 'michael' is a keeper as I've been wondering which ones to keep and work on more so that was very helpful!

  • @radiobenedetto  Mar 10

    btw, here are a couple of suggestions. If you like folk and storytelling lyrics check out "Johnny Got His Fun", upbeat and poppy try "Fascinator", acoustic and EDM blend "Midnight Oil", laid back acoustic "See Yourself, Weary as a clock," or dreamy "Carousel, Till the Final Sashay." Let me know if there are any of yours you wanna recommend or want specific feedback on.

  • @radiobenedetto  Mar 10

    Hi David, thx for your helpful comments on Slipped and Read the News. I had gotten into an extended discussion with Nadine about production and mixing vocals in particular. Glad she mentioned you! Totally down for a #tit4tat. Looking fwd to hearing your stuff.

  • @danvaillancourt  Mar 10

    Sweet! Can't wait to hear you utilize it! Different types/qualities of headphones will produce different results. 😀 Have fun!

  • @richaaaay  Mar 10

    Hi David...Thanks for the note. So glad to hear I tipped you off about Davy Knowles. I kind of just assumed you would have know about him. Although I think he is way under appreciated for his immense talent, so I wasn't totally surprised you did not know who he was. He's top tier in my book, as are you! My reference was meant as a high compliment...

  • @danvaillancourt  Mar 10

    Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful comments David. I really like your production choices also, so many thanks for your kind words on my production.

    I have two young kids home doing remote learning too! I had to use of any little slice of time I could find to do vocals, etc where the little people where preoccupied in one way or another.

    I love lofi microphones and I use them all the time for backing vocals, percussion, etc. In the past, I've used various inexpensive old public address microphones, microphones that were made to plug into cheap reel-to-reel tape recorders, telephone mics, etc and they all work to create a cool vibe and character. The headphone mic trick is really easy actually, I have one that I "made" a little more mic-like by stripping off some of the unnecessary parts/pieces and clipping some wires on an old broken pair to turn it into a dedicated mic... BUT you can actually plug any headphones (or speaker) into a preamp input and it will act as a microphone. [Try it! Thank me later. 😀] I used the headphone mic on something (usually backing/doubled vocals or percussion) on the majority of my tracks this year.

  • @nadine Mar 10

    Thank you so much! You definitely helped. Somehow I could imagine you both enjoy each others songs. I'm so glad my guess turned out right 🤗

  • @nadine Mar 10

    Hey David!
    Maybe you can help me and my new tit4tat friend @radiobenedetto on vocal layering and depth perception. You seem to be more pro here. I'm confused about vocal panning and reverb on his song. Somehow this heavy L/R difference sounds pleasant but I cannot spot if its rather close or far away. I am utterly confused on that topic. Have a listen here.

  • @trolls2 Mar 10

    thanks david! i have two streams going right now a 'fairytale project' and a 'shakespeare' one we'll see which one floats. i look forward to listening to more of your tunes.

  • @nuno  Mar 9

    Thank you so much for listening to my tracks and for the great comments. I can't promise to be as eloquent as you, but I'm diving in now. #tit4tat

  • @nuno  Mar 9

    Hi David - totally up for it - lets go for 7. I'll dive in later on tonight. Looking forward to hearing your songs #tit4tat

  • @trolls2 Mar 9

    you're welcome David and thanks for listening to my Homage to Leonard. I noticed your fairytale song and you might be interested in a song i wrote during FAWM called "Red Cloak' which is a take on 'little red riding hood'

  • @plushbaby  Mar 7

    Thanks David, much appreciated! there is so much good stuff on the site these days that so much stuff passes us all by, it's great that people seem to be hanging around this year to comment!
    We also have kids (although Tim hasn't had to homeschool and I have...) so feel your pain! Off to take a listen to some of your stuff now! 😀

  • @nadine Mar 7

    Never expected that #tit4tat made me find that profile and listen to all your songs by my own choice. I am mind blown!

  • @cleanshoes  Mar 6

    Thank you so much for your listens and comments!

  • @nadine Mar 6

    Thanks for stopping by and doing #tit4tat! I appreciate your feedback and it will help me a lot to find the right balance in mixing.

    I'm glad you also enjoyed the music. Especially "All Hallow's Eve" is that one track people either like or hate. I think that's mainly because they like either handmade or electronic music.

    Your comparisons are splendid! There's no way of getting the image of that Eurovision performance of Pyromancer with lots of pyros out of my head. The funniest thing is, that I can imagine @tfish77 doing this after listening to his 80s trash movie tributes (check these!) I'm not offended at all. I don't take myself serious 😝 Otherwise this song (and these heroic fantasy / medieval lyrics) could have barely existed at all.

    Programming can be really tough. It's not only about hitting the right midi triggers - it's also about arrangement; sorting out the amount of tracks which are actually needed for recording. I think my rock stuff will sound completely different with real instruments, but I am psyched to listen to it when recorded!

    I'm happy that you want to collab. I've already sent you a mail with the information on this "Fight for you". Hope you received it.

    Have a nice weekend!

  • @lizbrinker  Mar 6

    And...I’m down to one only. I’ll save it for tomorrow. I thank you for your very kind comments on my songs, @davidtaro . You take such care with your words. This nascent songwriter certainly appreciates it. Thanks, especially, for your comment on George❤️

  • @ferry0123 Mar 6

    Thanks for your visits and listens. And tips, good tips (re: Ancient times)!

  • @nadine Mar 5

    Great musicianship. You really made my day. Your production, guitar and voice is just top notch. Watchlisted you and will probably come more than once!

    I hope you're ready to listen my sketches. No real guitars in here, but we'll record some for sure. That's the trouble of writing pop and rock music without playing these instruments. Depending so much on collabs, so I'm having my fun only after FAWM while mixing haha!

    By the way. Check "Fight for you", I think this song needs a voice like yours. If you have spare times and ideas.

  • @nadine Mar 5

    In for some #tit4tat? I gonna do at least 5, because I like various kinds of rock music. By the way: Your soundcloud link is broken.

  • @lizbrinker  Mar 5

    Yay! Sadly, there are only 5 more of yours to go. I’ve visited 9, and, man oh man, you make my head spin.

  • @nahlej381  Mar 5

    LMFAO! Of course k is Kanye! I appreciate that! Just listened to Emmanuel again. GD that’s good. Listened to a few more than once but I had to show that one off to a few people. Thanks again man. Look forward to our collab.

  • @nahlej381  Mar 5

    Ok I gotta ask...what is the K word your asking about invoking? Is it kilingon? Because if so then yes please lol I was stoned and read that like 4 times, confused and squinty eyed and I was like. FK it just ask. Please feel free to ridicule me as needed. But it would drive me crazy for the next year if I didn’t ask lol

  • @nahlej381  Mar 5

    I wasn’t gonna say anything but I love you TOO! Just told my wife we’re getting divorced then I’ll renew my passport...hope you have room for me I’m big but don’t require a lot of room lol

    It was a treat to hear your stuff can’t wait to work together on something

  • @nahlej381  Mar 4

    Well I peeped em all and I didn’t have 1 I hated...why couldn’t u do 1 bad one!? Lol big talent. Strong playing. Enjoyed it all. Had to listen to a few of em multiple times and show my wife. She agreed u bad as hell! Cheers!

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Mar 4

    Good deal! can never tell how people will take things. Most people I've known for a long time if I don't comment or just a thumbs up usually means I fully approve HAHAHA, especially this late in fawm, start running out of comments and feel like I'm just saying the same thing over and over.

  • @nahlej381  Mar 4

    Thanks for all your kind words! I really appreciate them all. Really digging your tracks so far can’t wait to listen to more!

  • @nahlej381  Mar 4

    That’s a stock vst synth in Mai tai in studio one

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Mar 4

    Thanks so much for all the great comments! I'll definitely get around to titting for tatting 😉

  • @kenmattsson  Mar 4

    @davidtaro Thanks for all your listenings and commenting on my songs. I'm working right now, so I'll take a listen to your songs later today! Thanks!

  • @wolfkier Mar 4

    Great! Enjoy! Both. If you think of anyone else who might benefit and bring more magic to the current 25, please consider giving them a nudge towards the #tit4tat thread.

  • @wolfkier Mar 4

    You don't have to do or even try for 50 during 50/90, you could do 3 songs, 1 a month, or more or less, and still keep in touch with most everyone you know here through the summer.
    In the mean time, have you considered joining in on #tit4tat? : https://fawm.org/forums/topic/11699/
    You'd get a heap more listens on these yummy songs of yours and discover even more awesome talent.

  • @fonte  Mar 3

    Haha, looking forward to it already! 😀 Trying to remember now that I CAN still do music, I can just relax a bit! 😂

  • @misterd Mar 3

    Thanks David for listening and the kind words on my song ‘ Trail of hope ‘ . Appreciate it !

  • @bradbrubaker  Mar 2

    Thank you for visiting my page and leaving such thoughtful comments!

  • @tukayandryan  Mar 2

    Thank you so much for your lovely feedback! Looking forward to listening more this week.

  • @fearlessflight2014  Mar 2

    Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to my songs and the lovely comments you’ve made. I appreciate it!

  • @artie Mar 1

    Your comment just cracked me up lol 😆 Thank you for that. I'd be down with Wes Anderson copping that one, as long as it was something Bill Murray was in!

  • @thedutchwidows  Mar 1

    You'd be wasting your time trying to make sense of any lyrics I write - they all get bent to fit the musical space. That line started off meaning something (linked to the way FAWM ends across the world at the same point, although at different times of day/night in each place), but that didn't fit or scan, so it got shortened to "time-aligned". Which helpfully rhymes with lots of other words!

    Thanks for all the comments this year - it definitely helps keep the chin up! You've smashed it this year - all 14 of your songs are absolute, nailed-on bangers! Muchas felicidades!

  • @artie Mar 1

    David, thank you for your comment on my song, "Space," and getting me to come over to your page. Your songs sound beautiful... I'm just listening to "Broken" now. Congratulations on hitting your 14!

  • @fonte  Mar 1

    Yeah, my favourite ever gig was a Prince afterparty. It was insane. He'd just done a 3 hour set of all the hits. Comes on at 12 am with the band and jams for another 3 hours. Crazy. Great to get to know your music this month, give me a shout if you fancy collaborating on something next time 😀

  • @wolfkier Mar 1

    Two songs in on day! It's almost like when we first fell in love! LOL!
    Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement today and across this month, I'll be back to repay your kindness in a few hours after my head clears up some. Congrats on reaching 14! Cheers, my new friend.

  • @princesssavania Mar 1

    Thanks for listening and commenting on 'Oh, My Darling'! The Dante line is one of my faves as well! I don't know the exact kind of drum that is at the start-- it was a loop in a Bolero song kit in my DAW, so I'm gonna guess a conga.

  • @richaaaay  Mar 1

    Have you happened listen to @hamiltonpoolhall? Pure treat if you haven’t...

    Thanks so much for all the support and kind words

    I’ve gone back and listened to a number of your songs again, some many times. Emmanuelle in particular is so fantastic from every standpoint. So relatable. I don’t mean to isolate that song and imply I like it better than the rest of your work. I’m not sure it is of a different caliber but it’s so darn good. When it pops up on my SoundCloud scramble I just smile and think “alright, here we go...” Thanks for all the gifts...

  • @ayehahmur  Mar 1

    Ah man, I've now edited the lyrics sheet for the leviathan song to remove the chords. How terribly gauche!

    In all seriousness, thanks for all your support this month. It means a lot.

  • @emkaydeebee  Feb 28

    Thank you - It’s been one hell of a month! Like you said somewhere, feel a little broken now, but in a “I’ve given it my all and I’m damn proud of myself for that” kind of a way!

  • @fonte  Feb 28

    Well done David. What a fantastic set of 14 songs. Really enjoyed listening, and very inspiring. Yes, Randy Newman is amazing isn't he, I've seen him live a couple of times too. I listened during FAWM to the piano version of 'Marie' - my god what an incredible song that is! He'd smash it on FAWM. Thanks for the Prince comment, that really made my day. Also saw him live several times and he was phenomenal. Anyway I'm jabbering on now, cos like I finished my last song and I have nothing to do now...😄

  • @richaaaay  Feb 27

    If you want, shoot me an email. There's a link on my profile page.

  • @richaaaay  Feb 27

    David, you really crushed it. I'm so impressed. I'm psyched to listen to your songs on SoundCloud throughout the year. You may regret offering to collaborate with me next year but I'm not gonna let you wiggle out of it...I'm so interested to learn how you do what you do. You may come to regret your offer but I won't...Fantastic work!

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 27

    Thanks so much, @davidtaro ! Coming soon to a song near you☺️

  • @thedutchwidows  Feb 27


  • @ayehahmur  Feb 26

    David - thanks so much for those comments. Found Footage is definitely one I'm proud of lyrics-wise. In terms of the rhythm and repetition it's hard to disentangle the musical needs from the poetics because when I'm writing lyrics I often pretty much hear the melody at the same time. So it's both. Sort of. Either way there was definitely a need for the repetition. It just didn't sound right once.

    Thanks for that, it's a huge compliment.

  • @hbusse  Feb 26

    Wow, thanks so much for all the encouraging and gracious comments! I love to hear what people are taking away from my music!

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 26

    Good job it wasn't Kensal Green then (where she actually lives)!

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 26

    Ah sorry, don't think I was clear. It's my sister who lives in that neck of the woods, so I know it pretty well. Looking forward to getting down for a visit whenever we're allowed.

  • @richaaaay  Feb 26

    I'd be absolutely honored...

  • @richaaaay  Feb 25

    You kill'd it with Love Like a Loaded Gun. I would actually argue that every one of your songs is off the charts. I keep coming back to them to listen again and again. Really special music you are creating.

    Thanks for your comments today. So meaningful...

  • @rshakesp  Feb 25

    Ha, thanks - yes I was on fire for the first part of the month - been doing a couple of collabs to fill in the time and also trying to do lots of (reasonable quality) commenting because I know how much it means to me - I stole our guest room from the family for FAWM so I have a few of my bits lying around thought it would make a fun photo - I’ll have to get all my kit out in one place one day 😂

  • @psyt Feb 25

    Thanks for the comment. 😀 My percussion are a mix of samples and synths, but mostly samples.

  • @phoenixash Feb 25

    Haven't heard so many of your songs, but what I've heard really impressed me, better than most of what is on the radio, hope you can get lots of attention you surely deserve it!

  • @ajna1960  Feb 25

    Hey David ! I really like your songs, and if you are ever interested in collaborating, inside FAWM or outside, I would love to have a chat sometime.
    Rock on !

  • @brisk  Feb 25

    Ah, thanks for nice comments. I'm finding guitar songs easier at the moment. I have two or three piano ones on the go but trying to get them over the finish line in three days feels like a tall order when I can just pick up the guitar...

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 24

    Thanks, @davidtaro ! I’ve been married almost 30 years😳 Bliss, Nothing But Bliss was an honest love letter to my husband. I’m so glad it resonated with you!

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 24

    @davidtaro thank you for your comment on Come On By. I love that one. @richaaaay is quite the composer.

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 24

    Hey, @davidtaro ! Thanks so much for listening to The Twelve Bar Blues. @richaaaay really knocked it out of the park.

  • @oddbod  Feb 24

    Thanks for your comments David, it's much appreciated. It's probably a bit late in the month now and I'm running out of steam a bit but maybe we can collab next time if you're about?

  • @sbs2018  Feb 23

    Thank you for your awesome music and comments this FAWM!

  • @richaaaay  Feb 23

    David, totally appreciate the encouragement. If you come across any stuff you really like, feel free to let me know. It's been so fun listening to all the music here. I'm a rookie FAWMer and I am trying to take it all in. One other song you might appreciate is Ordinary Women by @wobbiewobbit. So funny...yet endearing. She's from your neighborhood.

  • @richaaaay  Feb 23

    Don't worry about checking out my songs, I'm a hack (Liz is not. her stuff is very worthy). Come On By is definitely worthwhile. I'd recommend you listen to @joana01's Here With You. Curious how you respond to that.

  • @richaaaay  Feb 23

    After listening to more of your work I gotta say, I'm honored you stopped by and gave my songs a listen. Thanks...

  • @brisk  Feb 23

    Ha ha, thanks for the stalking. I hoped it would sound fun, that was certainly how it felt. I am terrible at this production business - I had decided that the vocals were definitely much too high, so if they aren't that's funny. I am getting in to high- and low- pass filters though, they're great fun aren't they? I had totally ignored them up till now.

  • @richaaaay  Feb 23

    Hey David, thanks for listening and the nice comments. You are getting some nice tones, from what I hear on Blue Sky Blue. I mostly just go direct into GarageBand. I gravitate towards the cleaner tones, Chicken Pick'n, Country Gent and Clean Echos.

    You sing wonderfully. Really great stuff, the piano, tone, composition, etc. Just listened to Broken. Gonna check out some more. So much talent here.

    I did a collaboration with @lizbrinker that I really like. It's so nice to hear someone bring to life my music. If you happen to stop by again, give it a listen.

  • @thedutchwidows  Feb 23

    Thanks for the comment on the attempted desert puppet song. I think it is the drums that are the (biggest) problem with it, but I just run out of patience and couldn't be bothered to fix it. Easier to move on. There will be no post-FAWM revisiting of any of these songs - I never write down what I play, and when I come back to them later, I can never remember. You'd think I would learn, but no.

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 23

    Thanks again for that comment. Weird song, it came from blank page to recorded in a couple of hours and it's certainly the darkest one I've done this year. And yes, that's the Wurlitzer EP sound I use some times. My keys have an amp emulator so you can crank up the crunch a bit...and I mean it'd be rude not to!

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 20

    Okay already! It's all done.

  • @rshakesp  Feb 20

    Hey thanks for your kind commemts - and glad you spotted that actor line - i was particularly pleased with how that came out.

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 20

    Heh, it's not an intentional plot. It's more that I had time to work through a couple of skirmishes today but wasn't in a position to go ahead and record them. They're almost there now. Just got a vocal to redo and then I'll put them up. Maybe tonight, probably tomorrow.

  • @brisk  Feb 18

    Thanks for your comments. In particular I had "I have smelted deep and long/ underneath the power tone/ I have seen the sunny side of luck" earmarked as "utter bilge" but it turns out its poetry...?! Ha ha, you and those other chaps have convinced me that all the bits that were slapdash and 11.30pm are actually the best bits of the song! I'm excited about my next one. I have tried to do a sub-two minute song, but I'm not sure how much more fiddling it needs.
    [edit: also - The Edge comparisons, or even mentions, are hilarious considering I barely know which end of a guitar to blow into. It was my Tele, with some kind of delay set to 150% of the tracks bpm (as in 60/bpm=a number, and 150% of that number). I guess this is his secret weapon??]

  • @crutherford  Feb 18

    it is always delightful to hear from you.
    thank you for commenting on my latest nursey rhyme ditty.
    i'm thinking of changing the last line.. something less obvious - a little more nuance.. it does kinda bang you over the head.. i am ruminating
    i'm also thinking of changing the tag from sad to dramedy..
    now i'm going to dive into your songwriting world - which is always a delight. 😀

  • @thedutchwidows  Feb 18

    Very kind of you to say, but am not even an amateur dabbler in this musical lark. The standard of stuff this year has been super high - there are loads that I would happily pay money for and some that I have paid money for. Your 'meat and potatoes' song falls squarely into the bracket of "would definitely pay for that". In fact, "would definitely pay for a whole album of that".

  • @anaezia Feb 18

    Hehe thank you and I was actually kind of inspired by the don't stop believing song so Yess 😁😁😁

  • @majordanby  Feb 17

    Sorry, technology isn’t my strong point. I was debating with my 4 year old whether he should have a shower or not. He won.

  • @majordanby  Feb 17

    Thank you. I haven’t seen Dan since the summer, so recording like this has been funny. I would usually guide Dan through a vocal. Saying that, Dan made some changes to the running order that I really like, so it all works out in the end.

  • @majordanby  Feb 17

    Thank you. I haven’t seen Dan since the summer, so recording like this has been funny. I would usually guide Dan through a vocal. Saying that, Dan made some changes to the running order that I really like, so it all works out in the end.

  • @fonte  Feb 15

    Thanks mate 😀 I had fun singing lockdown love, but then just had this moment when I was singing the chorus where I suddenly thought, I wonder what the neighbours are thinking.... lol

  • @midwayfair  Feb 15

    Hey, Dave, I had a listen to the alternate version of Fairytale Blues and I think that definitely solves the issue I brought up. Another thing that might work is a single note in falsetto, which might still give it that lift without being too on-the-nose. Hard to know what the right call is without being able to just flip between takes in a DAW, though, sometimes I'm not great about imagining exactly how effective something is until I can listen to it passively. Anyway, I'm sure some post-FAWM clarity will let your own ears tell you exactly which one's the right call.

  • @brisk  Feb 14

    Thanks again, it's very nice to hear favourable Eurovision comparisons on "Tell Me What To Say" - it's weird how I just can't tell which choruses are catchy and which are not when writing them. I hadn't realised this one would get such resounding thumbs ups. If we are going to go down that route then it probably it would benefit from a full-on ABBA style production...

  • @emkaydeebee  Feb 14

    Ha ha, thanks for your comments on No Weather for Outdoor Games! So yes, I wrote it as a child, probably about 10 or 11 years old I’d guess? Re using my son’s voice, he graced me with five minutes of his time, so I had to take what I could! But yes, I did also like the idea of using a young voice becoming current 😃

  • @brisk  Feb 13

    Ahh, thanks so much. You know how to give a man a fillip.Yes, on to the next. I started about five in that dead space between King for a Day and Mantra, and it would be sensible to go back to them and finish them off, but the thrill of the chase is such that I'll probably leave them in the dust. Will listen to your new one in a bit. Excited!