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  Jan 2012

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Influences:   Leonard Cohen, Gilbert & Sullivan, you know, stuff like that.

This year I want to do unaccompanied songs, 'cos a) I'm short on time and b) I really like that moment when you put down your guitar for the last song of your set and everyone finally shuts up and starts listening.

During a Finnish safari in 2003, world-class marshmallow-juggler David Breslin was killed and eaten by feral moomins. His legions of grieving fans paid for a sentient hologram of him to be made as a memorial. To their dismay, the hologram lost all interest in pro marshmallow-juggling and started singing instead. No-one has been able to get it to stop.

UPDATE (17/02): I've written most of these songs while off work following minor surgery- turning those lemons into lemonade!

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