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York UK   Jan 2012

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Influences:   Leonard Cohen, Jake Thackray, Chopin, Haruki Murakami, Shaenon K. Garritty.

David Breslin is a Boltzman brain, formed from quantum fluctuations in an interstellar gas cloud in the year 5000 trillion and one. He likes singing, but there is no-one to hear it in the dying aeons of a frozen Universe. Hence this time-link to the primitive early hive-mind known as FAWM. Greetings, flesh-beings.

UPDATE: this year the gaseous entity is letting you hear his orchestration homework. There are no orchestras left in the year 5000 trillion and one. [sigh]

UPDATE: People of Earth, thank you for the baritone ukulele. As I strum it in the endless blackness of the Boötes Void, it warms my heart to a toasty 0.7 degrees Kelvin. The shipping was reasonable, considering.

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  • @liz561  Mar 1

    Thank you so much for your generous comments! What a boost of confidence for me. It has been fantastic getting to listen to so many talented people through this venue and I can truly say that your compositions were at the top of my list. I am still in love with your lullaby.

  • @pvk2020  Feb 28

    Thanks for listening. Glad to have someone actually get what I was shootin for. When I heard the bassoon orchestra, which was amazing, I got the idea to construct something over it. Selecting the 12 bar blues was an easy path. And, yes I like it when this digital music world sounds live.

  • @kenmattsson  Feb 28

    Thanks so much for your comments on my The Infinite Game lyrics. I'm glad that they speak to you, and it's insight to me that someone in your circumstances would be especially touched by them.

    I've been amazingly impressed by your compositions here. Keep playing by your own rules as you're making tremendous creations!

  • @pvk2020  Feb 28

    You are such a good musician and composer

  • @mikegtz  Feb 27

    These are very nice songs and it's nice to hear them here.

  • @emkaydeebee  Feb 27

    Thanks so much for your comment on “Where I’d Like to Be” - so touched!

  • @berni1954  Feb 26

    Glad you like me and Liz's "Linger"

  • @infilktion Feb 21

    Thank you for your comments on "Bridgemen". "True Lies for Pattern" is based on the second book in that series.

  • @nadine Feb 21

    Thanks for explaining! Ha, I do not have the slightest idea about classical music... but now I understood what you meant! Thanks for showing this to me!

  • @prsongsmith  Feb 21

    Thanks so much for the kind words about "Birds of Galway Bay"! Really appreciate the feedback, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  • @nadine Feb 20

    Thanks for your comments on "Wrench in the works". Can you please explain what you mean by "Dance of the death"? I don't know this work but I'm curious.

  • @nerdjealous  Feb 16

    Hiya thanks for your lovely comment!!

  • @berni1954  Feb 14

    Glad you liked my Whaling song. I used to be a semi-pro folksinger in Britain in the early 1980s and specialised in sea songs. Indeed, I even had an entry written about me in "A Dictionary of Sea Song". I couldn't afford a copy at the time so the publisher who put it out and the author is long forgotten.

  • @prsongsmith  Feb 14

    Thanks for the kind comments on “We Only Get So Much Time” - really appreciate the encouraging feedback!

  • @cindyrella  Feb 14

    Thanks for your comments!

  • @povosos  Feb 13

    Thank you for your comment 😀

  • @feb21sundari Feb 12

    Thanks for your comment. Yeah, times are hard and it s interesting what people think what things are essential for daily survival

  • @feb21sundari Feb 12

    The kamalen Ngoni might be called a sisterinstrument of the Kora but the difference is: the Kora is diatonic and the Kamalen Ngoni pentatonic (normally). I wish you a creative weekend 😉

  • @nahlej381  Feb 12

    Appreciate you givin it a listen!

  • @miga  Feb 10

    Thanks for your kind comments on "Followed Down"!

  • @berni1954  Feb 8

    Glad you liked my "Is Your Ride Clean" - the inspiration was just a remark I overheard from one surfer to another. Surfer's slang is almost impenetrable when you are new to that world.

  • @caseewilson  Feb 7

    Good to see you old chum! Hope life is treating you as kindly as possible at the moment x

  • @nerdjealous  Jan 29

    Hiya! Allthabest for FAWM 😀