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06482 US   Jan 2011


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Influences:   Springsteen, Lightfoot, Costello, Croce, Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, Hiatt, Shostakovich

The sound of Darryl Gregory’s music is influenced by the fact that he has played so many different genres of music and has gone through many changes as a musician/performer/composer. When you start out as a classically trained trombonist and spend a decade or so playing in symphonies and big band jazz bands, that sound doesn’t just fall by the wayside. When you become interested in Indonesian music and form a group that creates their own instruments and does free improvisation as their basic form, that just doesn’t fall by the wayside. When, at about the same time, you play guitar and bass in several rock bands and create your own recording studio… Well you get my drift.

Darryl’s sound is an amalgam of many different worlds, yet it is still recognizable as American roots, rhythm and blues. His lyrics are evocative and tell a story that hooks the listener in along with compelling melodies and beats that make the toe tap and the head bob. Whatever the influence, the music is primarily guitar-based and lyric driven, but beyond that pale anything goes.

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